An (almost) year in review...I’ve been out of shape and overweight, super fit, and now I’m at a happy fit-but-enjoying-summer body. It’s been a LONG road to get here. I’m stronger, leaner, and smarter about food. I’ve done shakes, reducing calories and more. Now, the #fasterwaytofatloss has given me the tools I need to know what to eat and when. I know that working out smart is better than working out long and every day. In 8 days I will turn 39 and be in the best shape of my life. Bring on the last year before 40!



CHANGE takes time my friends! I know in our “microwave” society that we’re all looking for shortcuts, quick fixes, and hacks to make life easier. And I’m all for that when it comes to most things in life, but not in regards to our health and wellness.

Over the last 2 years I’ve had to work really hard to dismantle the black and white thinking and all-or-nothing mentality when it comes to food and exercise. I’ve had to learn how to balance the trips, the parties, the holidays… and how to not let the hard days send me into a downward spiral. I’ve had weeks and months of no weight-loss but I pushed forward and kept at it knowing I was doing this for the long haul and not for the immediate gratification.

I don’t post this for the praise because I’m a human and I still have plenty of issues. I post this to show you that YOU CAN DO THIS. Change is possible and your battle with food or weight can be managed, if not overcome.

You don’t have to do the FASTer Way to Fat Loss like I have (although I’d love it if you would because I really believe in it), but do something for yourself in taking a step forward to reclaim your health this year.



Being uncomfortable is necessary to make a change happen. I was stuck in a tough place for a long time after I finally kicked it into gear postpartum. My body felt completely foreign to me and everything that used to help me, wasn’t doing anything. I felt as though I wouldn’t ever be able to get off of that treadmill of anxiety and exhaustion that I was facing with my diet and exercise regimen. That all changed for me after I found the FASTer Way.

Not only have I completely gotten my health back on track, but my energy, happiness, and wellness are better than ever before! When I’m a healthier person, I’m a better wife, mother, and friend.



I cannot WAIT to share more with you about my journey over the past 4 months! The girl on the left was eating 1000 calories per day, working out 6 days per week, and EXHAUSTED! I was depressed, moody, and overall unhappy. I was trying to get healthy but I didn’t really know the right way to do that. I thought I was eating the right things (reduced fat, low calorie, etc.). I was not feeding my body the right foods, or enough!

The girl on the right has tons of energy to get through the day, confidence, amazing sleep, and no more cravings for the crap foods! I eat almost 2000 calories per day! Eating the right foods at the right time leads to the right results! I cannot say enough good things about this new life I am living. I just needed someone (or an amazing entire community) to hold my hand through the process! This has been the easiest change I’ve ever done. And it’s totally maintainable FOREVER!



Time to get real… I have been a yo-yo dieter my entire adult life. I’ve tried every diet and workout plan out there. I would be “all in” for a couple weeks and then go back to my normal ways. That was the story of my life...  until the FASTer Way, I was slowly but surely putting on extra unwanted weight. I was getting to the point where I didn’t want to be in pictures, I didn’t like the way I looked, or the way I felt. 

In March (after my New Year’s resolution had already failed) I found the FASTer Way to Fat Loss and of course I wanted to try it cause that’s what I do, right? I am so glad I did, it’s a life changer!

It has taught me so much about fueling my body with the right foods, at the right times, and for the right reasons! I thought I knew a lot about nutrition but I wasn’t even close!! People as me all the time, “What kind of diet are you on?” You guys, I know I sound crazy, but it’s not a diet! It’s a lifestyle and it’s totally sustainable! This program teaches you not only nutrition, but how to give yourself grace! I have not even been close to perfect! I still enjoy treats and don’t feel deprived. We focus on progress not perfection! I love it so much I became a coach. I am truly passionate about inspiring other women to take control of their health, YOU are worth it!

Since starting FASTer Way to Fat Loss in March I’ve lost 20 pounds and more than 16 inches, I have more energy, my mood is way better, and I no longer suffer from the stomach issues I always just assumed were normal!

What are you waiting for? Sign up now! You won’t regret it!!

My health and fitness journey… The woman on the left weighed as much as an NFL player for decades… she was always tired, had no energy, didn’t sleep well, hormones were out of whack, wasn’t happy, and felt awful about herself! No matter how many weight loss program she tried… she failed time and again!


The woman on the right… has energy like a 42 year old, hormones are balanced, she is sleeping, is happy and feels strong and confident!
At the age of 62, I joined my first round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss… my results after 6 weeks:

  • Lost almost 17”

  • Lost 11 lbs.

  • Down two pant sizes

  • Down three dress sizes

I wanted to share my struggle with my health and fitness journey so you can see that even after holding onto 265 pounds for decades at 5’2” … that there is a LIFESTYLE program that is based around whole food nutrition, carb cycling, intermittent fasting, and specific workouts designed to increase your metabolism and BURN FAT! At any age!



This community of women is so supportive. It’s all about progress over perfection and they will celebrate your wins and lift you up when you need it!

Is this story all about weight loss for me? NOT AT ALL! I have gained so much more! I have gained confidence, joy, and even launched a business I have been talking about for YEARS! The foods I eat make me feel nourished and strong and provide the energy I need to get rough my day. And the workouts? Well, those are strictly for my mental health (being a mom is no joke and I need to be on my game at all times!). I have been following this lifestyle for close to 9 months and I know I am in for LIFE! I have currently lost 40 lbs and about 26 inches overall.



Left, the day I started FASTer Way. I was 7 months postpartum and continually gaining weight, despite doing everything (paleo, a few boutique workouts here and there) that had worked in the past. Embarrassed and wearing baggy shirts to hide it. Desperate for someone to drag me out of the weight loss noise and confusion and give me a healthy, sustainable solution. On the right, about 8 weeks later. Holding much less fat, mood balanced, more energy, eating more than ever, doing a few 30 min workouts per week… HAPPY. Amanda Tress cracked the code, friends, trust me, I cannot stress this enough.



I know, it didn’t make sense to me either! I always thought I needed to work out more and eat less to lose weight and I tried just that when I started gaining weight during peri-menopause—only to gain more weight.

That’s why I’m glad I learned a new way. I’m losing weight and eating 50% more food! That’s just upside down but I’m so glad because I know I can’t keep exercising more and eating less. I would end up being the Grouch Monster. Don’t become a Grouch Monster!!



It took me a bite to build up the nerve to send these in. I started my first round of the FASTer Way on Dec. 31. I was floored at my results! I lost 30.5 inches overall during my first round! I feel so much better!!! I started to feel comfortable in my own skin again, I’ve learned to fuel my body properly and, oh my word, how my mental clarity has improved. I decided to share because for many months I followed @amandatress on Instagram and would see the before and afters and think, these look too good to be true! But guess what, this is my new lifestyle! It was not too good to be true, it was a blessing!!! Thank you so much for your passion to empower others!



Most people that know me know that I’m super private, but I’m stepping outside my comfort zone in hopes to empower more women to get off the insane cycle of endless diets, over exercising, and never feeling that you’re enough.

About eight weeks ago I started on a journey hoping to lose some weight. Little did I know I was going to find something so much more! I believe in this program so much that I interviewed AND was accepted to become a Certified FASTer Way to Fat Loss Coach. I’m in the middle of my certification (which is no joke, time consuming, and extensive!) so I can help and support others looking for a sustainable way of life! Ladies, their motto is ‘Progress over Perfection!’ We support each other, we love each other, and we learn to love ourselves again!



Let’s get vulnerable for a minute. The mom on top was exhausted, living on caffeine, cranky, and just plain tired all the time. I had accepted that as a mom and a woman over 35 that a slower metabolism and less energy were just the way life was going to be from this point on. My youngest was 18 months old and it was obvious this wasn’t just a postpartum period like I had tried convincing myself. Something had to change!!

Thankfully, a friend of mine introduced me to the FASTer Way to Fat Loss. My main goals going into the program were to have more energy so that I could be the mom I used to be for my kids. I got that and so much more!! I have so much more energy now, I’m sleeping better, I haven’t had sod/coffee in several months. Also, in my first 6 week round I lost 11 lbs and 13 inches! I was not expecting that at all!! This program focuses on whole food nutrition. No gimmicks, no pills, or special foods. It’s a sustainable lifestyle. I work out at home with no special equipment, nothing fancy or time consuming.

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 10.29.50 AM.png


Thanks, Amanda, for creating this wonderful program!! I went from 35” to 32.5” at my belly button, 30” to 29” 2 inches above my belly button, and stayed the same 2 inches below my belly button. Overall, I’m thrilled with the way I feel, how my clothes fit so much better, and how much more deep sleep I’m getting! It was worth all the workouts, and saying no to unhealthy food choices!!



Six months ago today I signed up for FASTer Way to Fat Loss! That’s six months of hard work, sweat sessions, eating alllll the things, building confidence, establishing a better relationship with food, hating 10-1s (but loving the results), letting go of guilt, and straight up THRIVING. It’s sustainable, y’all. I had no idea how different my life would look just 6 months later—but I’m so thankful. And I cannot wait to see what the next 6 months hold!

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 12.07.53 PM.png

“Ooooooo!!! This post makes me incredibly nervous. Be kind y’all. 😱 That girl on the left was exhausted, not sleeping well, having lots of indigestion & heartburn, feeling winded after the smallest amount of physical activity. She was scared of how bad she felt, and worried about where she was heading if she didn’t make a serious change. That was me just 3.5 months ago. I was ready for change, but the very last thing I wanted was another unsustainable diet.

Thank God for Amanda Tress and the FASTer Way to Fat Loss! I’ve found a new way of eating and working out that has literally changed my life.

Not only am I focused on whole food nutrition, but I’m working out on a regular basis. This girl is doing heard that right, SPRINTS!! On top of losing (at last weigh-in more than a month ago) almost 30 lbs and more than 25 inches, I have loved what I’m learning about how to fuel my body for a lifetime. I am not deprived and I’m eating ALL THE CARBS & FATS!!! I’ve loved it so much that I interviewed, was selected, studied and passed my exam to become a certified FASTer Way Coach!! Y’all- a health and wellness coach! I mean, LIFE CHANGED!! And now I’m on a mission to help others begin their own transformation.

Friends, I’ve been living the #fasterwaytofatloss life since September. The woman on the left felt hopeless, defeated, so very tired, and had no confidence. The woman on the right is who I am today and the opposite of all those things. I have found the answer to sustainable fat loss and balanced living thanks to @amandatress and her program. I have all the confidence and energy that I need to fulfill my roles and guess what...I’m not starving myself or spending hours on a treadmill or at a gym! I have more muscle than I ever had in my life and the energy is surprising despite being a mom of three 🤪 these results are two rounds of #fwtfl and one month in membership.
I’m not focusing on fat loss as much any more but rather on continuing to strengthen my body and keep my milk supply. There are no gimmicks to this program. No pills, wraps, meal plans, or products to buy. The FWTFL program teaches you everything you need to know and keep you nourished and flourishing to be the best version of yourself!

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 11.05.28 AM.png


Picture 1 to 2 = calorie restriction and hour long exercise 6 to 7 days a week⁣
Picture 2 to 3 = The FASTer Way to Fat Loss⁣

I used to weigh 254. I have one picture. I avoided the camera like the plague. I had given up and had convinced myself that I was Happy. At the end of 2015, I caught a glimpse of a picture of me and my husband at that weight and was mortified. I decided to to start trying to lose weight. I have tried every diet, but if I had to sum them all up, they were all restricted calories and tons of exercise. ⁣
From 2015 to the first picture in 2017, I went from 254 to 245. Two years of low calorie diets and exercising an hour and a half daily and I lost 9 lbs. From 2017 to April of this year, I kept going. ⁣

Plateauing, cutting more calories over and over again. From the first picture to the second, I went from 245 to 225. I lost 20 lbs in 2 years. I was disturbingly obsessed with the scale. ⁣

I was so frustrated! The second picture was in Mid April this year. Three months from picture two to three. The FASTer Way to Fat Loss gave me all food groups back, gave me rest days, and gave me shorter workouts. I eat 2200 calories a day, I only exercise 5 days a week, my workouts are 30 minutes, and I have an amazingly supportive community that has my back.⁣

Julie Wagner Giove

I just finished my first round of the FWTFL and I could not be more pleased with my transformation....emotionally, mentally and physically. This is the first time since I was 16 that I have felt true freedom and enjoyment with food. I have embraced the intermittent fasting and carb cycling lifestyle and I just can't imagine doing anything else. I was desperate for something sustainable...something that taught me how to eat and enjoy REAL food ( not rely on shakes or bars)...something that would help me maximize my time at the gym. This program has encompassed everything that I needed and some stuff I didn't realize I needed :)*

Click HERE to watch her story on Facebook

About 10 pounds and 23.5" gone!


Kelli Starke

I was super scared to start this program. It seemed so intense but was excited for the challenge and to get results. Well, I ended up loving it! I feel less restricted on this program and get to eat a wider variety of food. I used to eat pretty healthy but I would restrict myself so much that I would go on these binges on the weekends having no self control. I would wake up the next day feeling horrible inside and out. This program helped me break that cycle. I never felt like I was missing out or deprived of anything because I had the built in treat within my macros on Saturday and got to eat yummy food all week! I realized I was over exercising and under eating. The workouts are a lot of bang for your buck, using your time and effort to get results fast. Since I began the program, I've been able to increase my weights significantly and feel stronger. I've had many people notice a change in my appearance and ask what I'm doing. I ended up losing 10 pounds and inches everywhere! This truly is amazing well rounded program that has become a true lifestyle change for me. I've loved having all the support, encouragement, and accountability in the Facebook group! Thank you to Amanda and the coaches for a great experience!!*

Bethany Wilston

I started this journey because I was missing something. I've worked out for years, run half marathons, and tried all kinds of programs to help me lose weight and keep it off. I wanted life-long, optimal health. Amanda's program has given me that missing piece. IF has been wonderful, but when I started I was skeptical. Not only have I reached a weight I haven't been in 27 years, I have lost 6" overall in just 6 weeks. I've gained strength, increased my speed on my runs and have gained confidence in myself and how to fuel my body for my activity levels. Getting macros is so important and even more important that I have personal integrity in what I put in my mouth and how I take care of the only body I will ever have. So grateful for this lifestyle FasterWaytoFatLoss!

I lost 6 pounds and 6 inches in six weeks!*



Victoria Lundy

It's hard to see where I started, but I ultimately decided to share these, hoping I could be someone else's inspiration! My life has always been full of activity, I grew up very athletic & loved moving my body. As the years caught up, the back pain set in & finally ended up having back surgery. I've spent the last 2 years being "careful" with my back, but not with my body. I made these last 7 weeks about loving my body & building up to make these changes. This program has drastically changed me. With this program, I've lost 20 lb & 15 inches overall, but in a healthy way. I ate big, clean meals & learned to love the process! Everything was perfectly laid out & explained! I honestly attribute the majority of my success to my amazing Facebook group, keeping me accountable! Can't wait for another round!*



Judy Gibson  

Oh my goodness where do I begin?! I'll start with my mantra that got me through the tough workouts and motivated me toward my goals which I was determined to meet!

"Accept where you are and the responsibility that you’re going to take yourself where you want to go!"

I accepted the fact that I wasn't going anywhere with my over excessive workouts and lack of nutrition, and the stubborn fat deposits forming on my tummy and hips that weren't going anywhere no matter what I did. I was finally coming to the conclusion that at 53, going through menopause, I could no longer count on that the genetics given to me would sustain my body anymore. It was time to get serious and figure out what in the world to do about it. That's when a forever friend Lisa Cole changed my life by introducing me to the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program. Her results were incredible! She was fit, happy, and in control of a sustainable fitness/nutrition program—and I wanted in. It was just what I was looking for. I signed up and her sister Jennifer Morgan was also just starting the program. Jen and I have been forever friends since 1st grade! ❤️ Her results were also amazing and all she kept saying was "I am soooo happy!"

Their happiness was all I needed to take the plunge and I dove in with a vengeance! Amanda says if you follow the plan it works—and honestly, that is what you have to do. You have grace when you fall off the agenda, but it's easy to pick yourself right back up with the added encouragement of your group. The workouts are tough but doable and you can modify to meet your athletic needs.

I went into this wanting to come out with the best body I have ever had and that is exactly what I did. I am lean, strong, fit, but most of all happy!

So I can happily say I have taken the responsibility of getting myself where I wanted to go with the help of Amanda Tress and the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program!*

Judy Gibson


Jennifer Pearce 

Our journey started years ago when life decided to throw us into emotional turmoil. As a couple, we desired and longed to have children. Our hopes were shattered when we found out the little girl that we had prayed for had a terminal disease that was not compatible with life. We lost our little girl on Thanksgiving Day. We both began to lose sight of our physical health, as we were in survival mode. Emotional eating took over. A couple of years after we lost our daughter, my father-in-law committed suicide, which again sent our family into a spiral of unhealthy choices as we were trying to cope with tremendous loss. Our physical health was of no importance as we were trying to heal emotionally. We were consumed by many unhealthy habits that temporarily made us feel better. Fast forward a couple of more years, and I was diagnosed with an extremely rare tumor in my low back. After my first surgery, the tumor returned aggressively within 3 months and my treatment options were small. At this time we realized that our health is nothing to take for granted. We had 2 small children that needed healthy parents. After years of abusing our bodies with unhealthy foods and lack of exercise, we decided to get serious about our health. Shawn worked out and I struggled to find a program that would actually work. Shawn was not a "program" type of guy but I needed structure and something to follow. I had tried so many things and nothing seemed to work. I was struggling with chronic pain and I seemed to never be able to complete anything because my body wasn't allowing it. I found the FWTFL program on a blog and started researching. The premise made sense to me, but I still needed direction. Shawn bought the first round for my Mother's Day gift and I knew this was my last hope. I was amazed that within the first 3 weeks, the pain in my low back and hip was so much better. My body was allowing me to work hard and I was getting stronger. I think the progressive workouts combined with whole food nutrition was key. My body was responding well. I wanted to continue because I knew it would only get better! After the first 6 weeks, I was a changed person. Emotionally, I felt amazing....for the first time in years. I felt confident and I could see awesome physical changes. I signed up for the second round and this is where Shawn entered the picture. He was so impressed with the changes I saw in the first round that he wanted to give the Men's Group a shot. I think for us, we wanted the physical changes in our appearance but it became so much more. My body was actually healing from the chronic pain and THAT was the selling point for Shawn. Because I am still battling this tumor, I have MRI's every 4 months. My last scan showed that what I was feeling was real. I have been battling bursitis in both hips for years. My last scan show this was totally gone. That is a huge win. This program not only gives you results physically but it allows your body to be as healthy as it can possibly be! Shawn was impressed and decided it was time for him to take control of his health as well. Together, we endured the loss of our baby, the loss of a father, and we have battled for my health. Together, we ate clean, never missed a workout and pushed each other to be the best, healthiest we could possibly be. Together, we will continue to make healthy choices and live a life that will push others to do the same. We are both thankful for the knowledge that Amanda shared with us. It has given us the ability to take control of our emotional and physical health. We are two grateful people that share a passion for life and we do not take our health or each other for granted! We appreciate this opportunity!*

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 9.20.34 AM.png


I am the woman who has struggled with weight since college. I am the woman who has never felt comfortable in a pair of jeans. I am the woman who gained 20 pounds my first year of marriage. After seeing pictures of our first Christmas together I decided to join a gym and eat low carb. I lost the 20 pounds and then got pregnant with our first little boy. I am the woman who gained 58 pounds during BOTH of my pregnancies. I am the woman who struggled through fad diets, running, starving myself, and never seeing any benefit from it. In January, my family moved from South Carolina to Knoxville, TN. We left our support system, our church, our friends, and our family. My second little boy’s first birthday was quickly approaching and I had not lost but 10 pounds of baby weight. I was tired, lonely, and well.....depressed. I followed Amanda on Instagram for at least a year thinking how amazing she was, but I could never look like that, right? WRONG! After my little boy turned 1 in April, I took the plunge and signed up for my first round of FWTFL. I was determined to do whatever I needed to do to be healthy for my boys, my husband, and for myself! I did sprints with the stroller parked under trees, I planned workouts during nap time, I preplanned my macros and my meals. Honestly, It was the EASIEST program I had ever been a part of! I learned so much about myself. I am a STRONG momma. I am a HAPPY momma! But, most of all, I am a HEALTHY momma! I have lost a total of 30 pounds and 35.2 inches! I have learned so much about my body and health, and I can't wait to see how far I go! I LOVE the FWTFL lifestyle!*

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 9.18.55 AM.png


On January 1st of this year I weighed in at 244.5 lbs and knew something had to change. My husband and I moved to a mostly paleo lifestyle and I quickly lost 40 lbs. By the time summer hit I was bored and cheating way too much and had even put back on some weight. At that time my sister was doing the FWTFL and had phenomenal success. I decided to join her for the August round and I started the program weighing in at 212 lbs. Once I got the hang of things I fell in love with the program. Hitting my macros daily was a fun challenge for me and I loved the variety of workouts and they way they built up over time. I noticed results almost immediately, especially in the stomach area. I only missed 1 workout during the whole program and grew to love my sweat sessions each day! I weighed in today at 194.5 lbs. That's 17.5 lbs of fat gone. My measurements show a 17" loss. It's just mind-blowing. I'm 10 lbs under my lowest weight since having kids and I haven't felt this good in years. I am so thankful for this program and for what it has taught me about how to fuel my body properly and how to push it beyond its limits. The accountability groups kept me motivated and challenged and I can't wait to start round 2 and see even more results as I stay committed to this program!*

Denise Hicks

I am 56 years old. For the past several years I have put everyone in my family’s needs before my own. I work 2 jobs and have very few days off. I am overweight, always tired, and have lots of pain. I have tried about every diet out there without any long-term success. 7 weeks ago, a friend told me about this program. I decided to make an investment in myself. I can't believe the amazing results. Almost immediately I had more energy, had better more restful sleep, and my appetite has been reset. I now know when I am actually hungry. This plan of carb cycling, intermittent fasting, and workouts is so effective. I lost 14.2 pounds and 17.25 inches. But I gained a new appreciation for myself and that is totally worth the investment. This is not a fad diet for is my new and improved way of life. Thanks Amanda, for giving me my life back.*

Angie Reay

All my life I have been active. I have struggled with food most of the time and finding a balance. Since having two kids, I wanted something that was effective and without spending 2 hours in the gym. These workouts are AMAZING! I have done Amanda's programs multiple times and this round I felt stronger. I was able to lose 8 inches and 6 pounds. I look forward to continuing an IF lifestyle and having balance in my life. Thanks Amanda! XO*

image1 (2).JPG

Rachel Staycheff

After having 3 kids (6, 4, 2) I have been unable to effectively lose the belly fat, hip fat, and leg fat that I gained throughout those pregnancies. I had resigned myself to never being able to look at my legs from the back in the mirror again—it disgusted me so much. But, now I can happily look at my backside in the mirror! I never thought it possible! I had success with weight loss doing the Whole 30 and that really helped me to eat much better and determine some intolerances, but never have I seen the drastic fat loss changes in my body in such a short amount of time. I have dropped 2 sizes in pants—the shorts I bought at the beginning of the summer look like clown clothes on me and I will have to give them away.

I'm more toned and I can pull my skin away from my muscle (whereas before it was fat). I love that I DO work out hard, but it's not the kind of hard that I used to do—where you work out until you want to throw up, or can't sit down for 2 days because you're so sore. I couldn't do that in this stage of life so this program really works for me. I was able to jog (and I HATE running) the other day, because I had the energy and the muscle strength to support that kind of movement. The only negative thing about this program is that I have to buy a ton of new clothes!! :-)*


Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 8.59.25 AM.png


I don't even know where to begin! The FASTer Way to Fat Loss has truly been a life changing experience for me! I feel trimmer, have more energy and am eating so much better! On top of all that my clothes are fitting better, and I am feeling more comfortable in my own skin. When I started this journey, I was super unhappy with the way I looked and was definitely uncomfortable in my own skin. Now I am so proud of the work I have put in, and even though I still have work to do, I know I can do it. Having that confidence is huge for me! Focusing on the nonscale victories has been huge for me! However, weighing in today and doing my measurements has been fantastic, too. I am super impressed with my results! Over the last six weeks, I have lost a total of 16 pounds and a total of 13 inches! All after just one round! I can't wait to see where this lifestyle will take me!!*

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 9.05.29 AM.png


To understand how far I have come in these 6 weeks, you would have to understand where I started. I weighed 210 lbs. This is the biggest I had ever been. I was lazy, never worked out and ate like crap. When I got married I weighed 140. That was 12 years ago. After having 2 children, like many moms, I just let myself go. My diet consisted of lots of fast food and lots of junk food. My daily routine included stopping at a fast food restaurant for a biscuit and large sweet tea every day on my way to work. I knew I was slowly killing myself. I was completely disgusted by the way i looked and felt, but I never made myself do anything different. In the past I had done all of the fad diets....weight watchers, low carb, low calorie, whole 30. I could do anything for a few weeks, but knew it was not something I would maintain in the long run. My weight constantly went up and down. About 8 weeks ago, my new friend Stacy shared with me about this program. She showed me her before and after pics. She assured me this was life-changing and that I could do it. After much thought I jumped in and I am so glad I did. For 6 weeks I have worked out consistently. I have eaten so much better. Because of this I feel so much better! 

There are so many victories to celebrate. I am stronger, I have lost weight and I have become more motivated. In the past I have struggled with lower back pain to the point of not wanting to get out of bed. There are times that I haven't been able to bend over to tie my shoe. This is completely gone. My kids are seeing me make my health a priority....something they have never seen before. I am sleeping better, have more energy and not just wasting my life. 

I know that I am not where I need to be and there is still a long way to go, but I feel like I have the knowledge and the ability to keep going now. For the first time ever, I am hopeful that I can continue this healthy lifestyle and be a good example to my children. 

Thank you for sharing your program it truly has been life-changing for me.*




I was four months postpartum with my fifth baby in seven years when my girlfriend Katie posted about this new program she was doing and how much she loves it. I had been stuck for weeks with no progress and was so tired of feeling so drained and uncomfortable in my own skin. I have gained {and lost} 70 lbs with all five of my kids. Not from being lazy, or unhealthy, it’s just what my body does. But, five babies and losing weight looks a lot different. I was older, my body was tired, and I felt like I was never going to get this weight off. I tried the programs and foods I had tried in the past and instantly felt unmotivated and burnt out. I knew once I saw her results and talked about it with her I had to try. It was the best decision I could have made. Six weeks later I’m down 16 lbs, 11 inches, 2 pant sizes. Most importantly, I have the energy to keep up with my five young kids, teach my kindergarteners during the day, and finally feel comfortable in my own skin again. I’ve already gotten some of my girlfriends signed up for the next round, and I can’t wait to see where I am after another six weeks! This program changed my life when I truly felt like I wouldn’t ever get myself back. Thank you!*


Carolyn van Arkel

Last night I went to bed totally excited, like Christmas excited-excited to get up, measure and photograph my "after" results from my first round of FWTFL!! I never imagined I would get to see results like what was right in front of me in a million years!
But back it up just a tad.....I started following FWTFL after a post I read on Seersucker + Saddles. I followed for a while, like months and months. It's easy to make excuses not to do something when you're afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Well, April rolled around and I turned 38. I realized ANOTHER year had passed by and I still wasn't in the shape I wanted to be in, so it was time to think about my priorities. You see, my plan was to be "fit for 40" but at the rate I was going 40 would be here and everything would be the same. I knew we had a couple vacations planned for the early summer so as soon as those were out of the way, I pulled the trigger for the July 10th bootcamp. Since the beginning I was super psyched to learn and take in as much as I could. It didn't take long to start noticing changes in my mood and my energy, and even in the physical changes my body started having! The best part was the confidence that came with all that and the determination to keep at it. Its almost (no, very) addicting to get in good health with results to show for it! Once you get a taste of it you want to have more—more of those body changes and certainly more of that "I can actually really do this" feeling! I never thought I'd have the willpower to do all that Ive done these past 6 weeks.

I know for a fact that I am not done here, and as I said before, the overwhelmingly positive support system that is the FWTFL program has me coming back for more. My next comfort zone challenge is spreading the word to other friends, family and anyone that wants to make a change in their health and lifestyle. That is one BIG reason I am signed up for another round. Now that I’ve gained the confidence to show the results of my hard work I really want to help in making a difference in others' lives!

So lets get down to the nitty gritty:
Since my initial weigh-in back in July, I have gone from 136.4lbs to 125lbs!!!!
Here are my measurements too:
Waist at BB: down 3 inches
Waist above BB: down 2.5 inches
Waist below BB: down 3 inches
Butt: down 2 inches
Calves: same
Bust: down 3.5 inches
Upper arm: down 1 inch (although it feels like a lot more!!)
Upper leg; down half inch (again, they look and feel completely different)

So that's my FWTFL story, guys...for now. I am so so glad I took this step to a healthier life. My body, my mind, my husband and kids thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Looks like "fit for 40" will be here a lot sooner than I expected and I welcome it with open arms!!!



After clearing the tear ducts I am finally sitting down to share my successes. They come in many forms weight loss, inches lost, pain lost, and shedding emotional sadness carried for many years. I have given birth to 2 amazing kids and always stayed fit during pregnancies and post pregnancies, but my body seemed to work against me. I was spinning my wheels with workouts eating clean and getting no results which equaled a defeating dull pain and being embarrassed of who I was in my own skin. After 6 weeks of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss I can honestly say I have been transformed. My mental and emotional transformation are the highest on my list as these will continue to push me on this journey. It is a journey to be the best version of myself and provide a modeling platform for my children. One of my biggest joys is hearing my almost 2 year old asks me gym or run? When I put on my sneakers. In addition, the 9 lbs I have lost, and most importantly 13.25 inches shed, are not a bad prize. Thank you for this program that allows me to see results, live a healthy lifestyle, and even have some treats when I deserve them. I can't wait for the next chapter!*



I cannot say enough about the FWTFL. Thank you a million times over for this amazing way of life! This program is unlike any I have ever seen. It's not just another gimmick. It's a lifestyle that changes your physical as well as your mental well being. Amanda's program sets you up for success. It is tried and true. 

I will forever be indebted to the FWTFL for all the knowledge I have gained regarding how to live your healthiest life. What I have learned through these past 6 weeks is invaluable. I am beyond grateful. 

I have recently gone through a couple of years of health struggles, ranging from two broken feet at once to ovary/uterus issues that landed me in the hospital several times and ultimately resulted in a major surgery. Those times lead to some difficulties and struggles since I was ordered to be in a bed for long periods of time. I found myself struggling with depression. Something I had never experienced before and if I'm honest, was completely devastating. It was hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel after struggling for so long. Those were some dark times. I tried many things to pull myself out of fog I was in without little to no success.

It's SOLELY because of Amanda's program that I have gained back my physical and mental strength.
After completing a round of the FWTFL, I have broken through physical and mental barriers that seemed almost impossible before. I owe it all to the FWTFL. I have been pushed and challenged and it has brought out a fighter in me that I never even knew existed. 

During this program I have lost inches, gained muscle and confidence, and I feel better than I have in a long time. Not only have I experienced all of those great benefits, but my journey has gone much deeper than that. A weight has been lifted from my shoulders where sadness once sat. There is happiness, hope and laughter back in my days. This program goes full circle. It changes EVERY. SINGLE. ASPECT of your life. It's truly amazing. I want to pay it forward and give everyone the opportunity to have their life impacted in the phenomenal way mine has. Everyone needs to have a little Amanda and FWTFL in their life.*



I found Amanda’s Instagram page months ago through another page I was following. I snooped around to see what it was all about and tucked the information in the back of my head. I have tried and failed so many diets in the past and my health has been affected each time. I grow more tired, more fluffy, less motivated, and more discouraged. But I can't live there—I have 2 young daughters and I don't want my food and body issues to become their food and body issues.
The weeks leading up to my finally deciding to try this out, I was falling asleep in the middle of the day. Sometimes I would literally have to pinch myself so I would not fall asleep on a client! If the kids were home, I was too tired to play, too tired to get dinner started, too tired to get baths going. It was hard. Hard on them, hard on my husband, and hard on me.
My body was constantly achy—full body aches and I had a headache 4-5 days a week. Each day, I felt like my body was falling apart more and more yet, I didn't have the courage to sign up for the program quite yet.
Another month went by and my feet started to hurt in the heels. It didn’t go away and I didn't want to go to the doctor. I was pretty sure they would take blood work and I knew where that would lead—high cholesterol, high a1c levels, high blood pressure. And I couldn't hear her again, tell me that my weight was slowly killing me. The last time I went down this road with her, I did a food replacement program and lost 40 pounds—and gained an eating disorder. So, I was not going to the doctor but something had to give. My body was falling apart, I was not being as active in my kids lives as I wanted to be, my intimate relationship with my husband was non-existent all because of how I felt each and every day.
So I talked it over with the hubby and we decided to invest in this program. For 6 weeks, I would find time to work on me. So I signed up right before Amanda closed the group. And I haven't looked back.
There have been major obstacles along the way—mostly ones of my own doing and past disordered thoughts that pop up, but I have stayed the course. I have learned the program, asked questions, posted pics of myself after working out, shared in the group and gained so much support along the way. It has kept my mind in a healthy place. I was worried at the beginning that this wouldn't work just like so many other programs before it. But when I woke up this morning, I actually didn't care what the numbers were, I know I am not stopping now. Whatever they say, I will keep going, keep investing in me and investing in my family. I am a different me than I was 6 weeks ago, not just physically but mentally. I feel stronger and braver than I ever have. So thank you for this opportunity to be part of this program. It saved me in ways you may never know!*



On May 22, 2017, I started the FWTFL with a little skepticism but a whole lot of determination. You see, I had tried so many different workout programs that left me discouraged. I wanted to try this program and honestly, this was my last attempt before giving up. I couldn't justify spending money on one more program, but my husband surprised me and bought if for my Mother's Day gift. I am 44 years old. I had all three of my babies after age 35 and then in 2014 was diagnosed with a rare tumor in my low back and it had grown into my hip. After surgery, I struggled with chronic pain. Within 3 months, the tumor was back and growing quickly. I had treatment, which again, left me with pain and nerve damage. I honestly didn't think I would be able to work out successfully again. With a pocket full of courage and an enormous amount of faith in Amanda Tress, someone I didn't personally know, I set out on an adventure to regain my strength and health. Little did I know my life would be changed forever. The combination of healthy, whole foods, strategically scheduled workouts, and tons of community support has proven to be the perfect remedy for my aching body. The chronic pain in my back and hips started to dissipate. By week 3, I couldn't believe what my body was able to do. I never thought I would do squats and lunges again but the progressive workouts allowed my body to strengthen as it healed. Yes, I can tell a physical difference in my body but as a woman that doesn't take my health for granted, the increased strength and decrease in pain has been my biggest success. I would have never believed that in 6 short weeks, I could run sprints, do walking lunges, squats with heavy weights and push ups on my toes. I will be forever grateful for the knowledge Amanda has shared with me. My life has forever been changed. Thank you is not adequate....I'm stronger, faster and healthier!*

Jody Bohannon

Following two successful spinal surgeries in the last twelve months I have struggled with not only residual back pain but pain throughout my body. I was not sleeping through the night, partially due to pain. Pain dictated nearly every choice I made every day. Although I was successfully managing my weight according to the “charts,” I had no energy, no vitality, no strength, and no vigor. I needed help. I am so thankful to have stumbled onto FASTerWayToFatLoss because everything has changed in 7 determined and disciplined weeks. This program has educated me on nutritional choices. I now use the right foods to fuel my body at the right times. Within five days of changing what I eat I was running sprints. I am now lifting weights, running, sleeping through the night. I am no longer a slave to pain as most of it is GONE. What remains I am successfully managing.

I have taken control of my body through educated food choices and a fitness program that has changed my body. In seven weeks I have dropped two clothing sizes. I am especially pleased with the loss of fat from my belly and my back. My arms and shoulders are becoming sculpted. While I have lost 10" throughout my body measurements I have gained control of my health. While these quick results have been very rewarding and satisfying what I have learned over these few weeks is invaluable and I will be implementing the principles for the long haul.*

FullSizeRender (2).jpg




I joined the August FWTFL group knowing that I was ready, both mentally and emotionally, to make some big changes. Two small kids, a full-time business, and just life in general have been so busy for the past several years that I have not consistently made the time to prioritize my own fitness and health. I knew I needed structure and accountability, but also the freedom to LIVE life and enjoy the things that are important to me (such as a glass of wine on occasion, dinners out at restaurants with the family, and fun social events) without constantly feeling deprived. I’ve tried those other exercise and food plans and just could never make them “stick” long-term because they did not fit my life.  

I am so thrilled with this entire program. I have loved learning how to track macros, carb cycle, fast, workout efficiently and effectively, and make intentional choices with my food so that I could hit my goals and still have the flexibility to enjoy my birthday weekend festivities, lots of dinners out with friends and family, and my favorite foods from time to time. I am also so surprised at how much I have enjoyed the workouts in the program. I have never incorporated weight-lifting in my exercise routine and I am LOVING it! I haven’t missed a single workout in six weeks, and I can’t believe how quickly I have seen significant changes in my body (hello, biceps!!!!!). 

In the past six weeks, I have lost 7.2 pounds and now weigh LESS than I weighed when I got pregnant with my first child. More importantly, I have lost 7 ½ inches from my chest, stomach, and legs, and I have gained MUSCLE tone! My clothes are fitting so much better and I have much more energy and confidence. I am so thankful for the chance to learn from Amanda and Casey and the other coaches and participants in this program. I am not yet where I want to be, but I now know how to get there!!!!!!!*



In October, I heard about the FWTFL Program through my high school friend, Beth Chappo. I had been doing CrossFit for over two years and felt stronger, but I was seeing no change in my body. My problem area was weight around my mid-section. I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with my son, therefore I am more prone to develop diabetes later on in life. I knew I had to get rid of my belly fat in order to prevent this from occurring. I told my husband about the program and said I am going to sign up and do this. I don’t think he believed that I would follow through with the program (especially during the holiday season).
Guess what? I stuck with the program and saw amazing results after round one. I lost seven pounds and almost 13 inches. I did the at home version of workouts during round one and my husband would occasionally join me. The FWTFL is a lifestyle and not a diet. How many other programs out there can you lose weight over the holidays? I worked out less, ate more and lost weight and inches. Win!
I also learned to like to run during round 1 and I always hated running. I attribute that to the sprints. I now run at least one race a month and ran a 15K in March.
I then signed up for Round 2 and 3 because I had friends who also joined the FWTFL program. Again, my husband would occasionally join me for a workout, but he was not fasting or tracking his food. After three rounds, I lost 15.25 total inches and 13 pounds. I turned 40 last month and I have never felt better and had more energy.
Then May comes around and Amanda and Brandon introduce the FWTFL Men’s Group. Yeah! I talked to my husband and he immediately agreed to sign up. My husband is a fireman and had just finished two months of non-stop studying for a promotional exam. He didn’t gain weight during that time period, but he lost muscle tone. I knew this program would be perfect for him to get back into shape. It has been so much fun to have my partner and best friend work out with me.
If you could only be a fly on the wall in our kitchen each night after dinner. We are both on My Fitness Pal planning our food for the next day and weighing and measuring our portions. It is fun to meal plan together. I make the meal plan on Sunday and my hubby prepares the majority of the food. Firemen sure do know how to cook! Maybe that is why I married him. 
We have taken several vacations over the summer and still counted our macros and completed our workouts. It is much easier to stick to the FWTFL when your partner is doing it alongside you.
After 4 rounds, I have lost 17 pounds and 18 total inches. After his 1st round, my hubby has lost 14 pounds and 9.5inches. We leave for a 5-day cruise on Monday and we are not dreading wearing bathing suits all week. FWTFL Win!*



When we decided Nick should join the FWTFL through the first Men’s program, we thought it would just be a way to help support each other through the process, especially to provide additional accountability to avoid stress eating. Prior to the FWTFL, every time our son would have his quarterly brain MRIs, a follow-up appointment, or a scary fall at daycare, we would immediately begin stress eating. The awful food choices started a cycle in which we would stress eat, feel gross because of the fatty processed foods, then go to bed, sleep awful, wake up, and do it all over again. Our days were full of processed foods, large portions, and increasing displeasure in the way our bodies looked, especially at such young ages (26 & 30). After I had successfully completed 3 weeks of the women’s FWTFL with Amanda, Nick was ready to join the Men’s version so we BOTH looked better, and more importantly FELT better. During our FWTFL cycles, we faced our son’s one year “cancer-versary” along with his scan and follow up appointment. For the first time in the last year, we felt in control. Not just of our food, but of our lives, as we were always REACTING to bad news, bad days, etc. and now we were able to take control of our choices and especially our bodies. Yes, we have seen victories on the scale, and in the form of inches lost. BUT our non-scale victories have been SIGNIFICANTLY more amazing and impressive. We have more energy to play with our three kids, we are in better moods, and are happier throughout the day, we don’t get “hangry” like we used to, and most importantly for us, we don’t eat out of stress. We eat to fuel our bodies appropriately for the right reasons. We are also saving money as a NSV, as we were eating out 3-4 days PER WEEK, and now we are cooking more than ever at home—and I. ATE. SALAD! I used to hate the idea of anything green, and last week I bought and ATE salad on my own. Nick is no longer drinking Energy Drinks (he used to drink 1-2/day for the last 10 years) and hasn’t had A SINGLE DRINK since starting the FWTFL, and doesn’t NEED the energy. I am no longer drinking soda, which I can easily say was an addiction, as I needed the caffeine in order to stay awake because my body was SO out of whack.

You are not just changing numbers on the scale, or helping people get a quick fix to get into a bikini. Your program is changing lives, and not just Nick and myself, but our children. We are now setting a positive example for them of what it means to take care of your body, and a lesson that hard work will always pay off.*



When I signed up for this program, I was in a pretty dark place. I was using all kinds of unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with (hide from) hurts and insecurities that had piled up over the last few years. I was approaching my highest pregnancy weight—and I wasn't even pregnant. Every day was a struggle, and my poor habits were spiraling out of control. I didn't like or recognize the shell of a woman who looked back at me in the mirror. Something had to change, for myself, and also for my husband and 3 kids. They deserve better.
Knowing that this program had a focus on a healthy mindset, I decided that it was going to be crucial to keep my mind clear. I resolved that I wasn't going to use alcohol as a coping mechanism anymore, and didn't have a single drink for the duration of the program.
With my mind in a better place, I was able to buckle down and really learn about and change my approach nutrition. I didn't feel deprived at all, actually just the opposite! Some days I was too full to even finish all my food. The workouts were excellent. I loved that I could do them at home, and I actually look forward to working out and challenging myself now—a new sensation to say the least.
The support of the Facebook accountability group was incredible, those women kept encouraging me and cheering me on. They became friends and confidants, and I'm so blessed that they are part of my story.
At weigh-in this morning, I had to check twice... I lost 19.4lbs, and 18.5 inches. I gained confidence and a clear mind. I am so motivated to keep going with this completely sustainable lifestyle, I seriously feel better than I ever have in my adult life. Thank you Amanda for this program. Thank you for introducing me to the women in our group, and to this way of life.*


Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 9.08.29 AM.png

After having my baby six months ago, I worked hard to slowly restore and heal my body. I did exercises to heal my ab separation and gradually got back into working out. It was not until the FASTer Way that I began to see fat loss. In the past six weeks I have seen my body shape and size begin to return to "normal." My postpartum goal has not been to get my body back but to build a new, fit body. I finally feel fit again! I'm excited to continue to see progress through this lifestyle!*




I've had years of practicing self-loathing techniques in workouts. My thought process on what I'm eating and how I'm working out have been so unhealthy, as far as the way I talk to myself and see myself. I feel my biggest transformation has been in my mind and seeing myself as beautiful and going with confidence. Romans 12:2 has been a theme to my workouts and eating. Thank you.*



I have been following Amanda and her program for about the last year or so, but never was willing to invest in myself and pull the trigger to start her program. In January, I decided that I would start investing in myself. I registered for Amanda's program in January and started Intermittent Fasting. I immediately began seeing results. Even with working out and eating well prior to starting the FWTFL, I wasn't truly taking care of myself. I realized that I was under-eating and over-exercising and damaging my body. I had been struggling with tailbone pain, and after several failed injections, had surgery to remove my tailbone in February. This delayed my being able to begin the program in January, but I did not let myself get discouraged. I began the slow process of recovering and decided that this would be a great time to join Amanda's program. I signed up for the first round I could safely complete. I needed to get stronger and I needed the structure. 
I started my first round in March, just a few weeks into recovery, and the results I have seen are incredible. My doctor could not believe how well I healed and how fast I was able to bounce back. Amanda's program truly made that possible. I feel so much better about myself. I have so much more confidence. I'm not nearly as stressed, and I have more energy. Before I started doing Amanda's program, I was obsessive about the scale. I would get on the scale several times a day. I would work out because I thought I was gaining weight. That first day when I took my measurements and then got rid of my scale 14 weeks ago, I had a burden lifted off of me. It has been absolutely liberating. Realizing that there is more to me than a number on the scale and seeing my results in a different light has been one of the biggest successes of this program. I have had so many non-scale victories. 
I lost over 70 pounds 4 years ago and my weight has been stable, so my goal was to get strong and shed inches. I have lost 28 inches through 2 rounds with 12 of those inches coming from my midsection!
This has truly become a lifestyle for both myself and my husband. He started out with me in January just doing the intermittent fasting. He lost almost 20 pounds focusing on just IF and some nutrition. After some not-so-subtle nudging, he agreed to join me in round 2. It has been absolutely incredible for our marriage and for our health. We were able to spend so much time together doing something I enjoyed (and he does too, secretly). 
For the first time in the ten years of our marriage, my husband and I are working out together and spending time together connecting on a level that has done nothing but strengthened our marriage.*



Where do I begin... this is the first time I have completed a program thinking I WANT to do this again. Because it actually worked. Through life, and emergencies, and vacations... it still worked. Unlike so many programs that make you use silly containers and a complicated meal plan with expensive shakes and promises of change in 21 days (that actually left me feeling depleted and hangry) I felt a difference in this program the first week with just an adjustment and understanding of IF. Coupled with carb cycling and specific workout routines, I found that I was not looking forward to the END of this program like so many that I've tried. I have no intention of stopping IF. My digestive system is finally working! TMI? Sorry ;) I have celiac and hypothyroidism (so low I've been tested for Hashimoto’s) but my energy levels are relatively high, leading to more even temperament and better sleep. I'm tempted to get my thyroid levels tested again just to see how drastically things have improved! I love so much about what this program has done for my body internally, I forget to notice what it's done externally. Which is over 7" and 8 lbs lost, down a pant size, and strength and stamina I didn't have before! What has made me a probable lifer of the FASTer Way (and forever fan of Amanda's) is that this works with life. We have had birthdays, holidays, vacations and unforeseen medical issues arise and I didn’t worry about not being on track. Normally things like this, especially emergencies and medical problems, would rock me off my workout program, but I never felt like that with the Faster Way. My toddler had a huge accident on a bike which did occupy a lot of my time for a couple weeks while he healed, and I wasn't able to get a few workouts in for a couple weeks, but it didn't make me quit the program. I kept up with the diet recommendations and when my life allowed, I jumped back into the physical activity. Considering I wasn't able to commit 110% with what life threw at me the last few weeks, I'm still SO happy with my results and I know it's because of our new eating lifestyle. This is the first time I've ever been able to get my husband on board to do a workout program with me. While he seemed to be a little dramatic about food tracking, since he could see what his normal grabs would contain, he rocks at making great meal plans for us now. He is the first one now to rant and rave about our fasting lifestyle because he feels GREAT, and while we are healthy eaters (organic and whole foods 99% of the time), he doesn't feel limited or restricted if an occasion arises where he wants to indulge. And he was the first one to say, "We need to do this again!" If we were to do this program during a slower season of life, I know our physical results would be amazing. But considering our life has been chaos (cross country move, starting a new business, homeschooling, traveling, dental emergencies, sickness, sleep deprivation etc,) and we still had great success, I'm happy to do this during any season of life. Thank you so much for the education and support around intermittent fasting and the benefits of getting our bodies on a schedule. While the program itself has ended, we are still going. Much love. xo*



Loretta Barna (My Honey) and I (Brian Lane) began the partners challenge apart for prep week and for week one. Loretta came home (after 10 1/2 weeks of being apart 😃) in time for week 2. We were both doing well at this point in time. By week 3 we were on vacation in California for my sister's 60th Birthday. We had good intentions of working out, but with all the family around it just did not happen. We did do our best in trying to watch what we ate and still posted our macros. So by the time we got back home, we were into week 4 and 11 days absent of exercise. Back at it until the middle of week 5. At this point we had made Loretta's flight plans to go back home to Ohio to be with her mom who is in a nursing home. So knowing I had limited time left to spend with her I made the decision to sleep in with her next to me. I think I worked out once in that week and a half. I believe Loretta worked out a few times while I was at work in that week and a half. But knowing that she had been in 3 different time zones within 3 weeks she was tired. Not making excuses for her, just telling you how she was feeling. Loretta went home yesterday (July 8th). 

A BIG THANK YOU to Amanda and Brandon!! This program works!!! I am in better shape than I have been in years!! Also looking forward to my 2nd round with better results in mind! THANK YOU again!!*

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 9.28.13 AM.png


I feel like a different person. I am stronger and happier than I was before. I know I have a long way to go but this program has supported me in ways I didn’t think were possible. Thank you Amanda Tress and all of the coaches. You and our team saved me.*

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 9.29.01 AM.png


After my first round, I lost 11 lbs and 2 inches. This program changed my perspective on nutrition and working out. I watched all of my friends participate over the winter with fabulous results but was still reluctant to join. I was attempting to do my own thing but struggled to get results. I ran 3-4 days a week and did classes at the gym 3 days a week with restricting my calories with no results. Once I joined this program, I have transformed my body over the last 6 weeks. My belly pooch from 3 cesearan sections is almost gone. It's amazing to see how working out less and eating more has transformed my physique. I still have work to do but excited about the possibilities with this program.*

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 9.25.21 AM.png


This program has really been amazing for me and my family!! The results that I have seen after 6 weeks is better than anything I have ever experienced. I feel so much better than I have in ages, my mood has regulated (my husband thanks you for this!!) I'm sleeping so much better and have lost weight and feel more fit as an added bonus!!!*



This is our partners transformation story after I had been social media stalking Amanda for a month or so and decided to just jump into the FWTFL program! Needless to say I was super excited (though not sure Lee was) about Brandon announcing a men's group for the first time that would coincide with my first round. Lee wasn't too hard to sell on the idea since he knew I would likely be meal planning, reminding him of our gym schedule and then agreeing to be his proxy on the facebook group (oh, and enter his food logs to MFP). Honestly, I enjoy being in charge (not control, haha) of these adventures so we were both okay with it all.

I'd like to think I'm pretty athletic and on the higher end of competitive, rounding out my high school and college days on swim team and playing soccer my freshman year of college—continuing as I got older, I was a gym regular for at least the last 10 years, if not more, mixing in countless rec soccer leagues, kickball, and flag football teams as a boost to what I considered my "fitness routine." 5 years ago I got the crazy idea to start triathlons and quickly immersed myself in the sport—Lee and I had started dating and I hated to run and didn't own a bike, but loved to swim! Lee trained me for my first 5K and after I bought a bike it was on to Sprints, Olympics, and 2 Half-Ironman races. In between all the crazy races I dragged him to (Minnesota, Miami, all over NC) where we completed 2 half marathons together. To say he is a good sport and very supportive is an understatement.

I felt like I had a pretty good grasp on nutrition, but what mid 20-30s female doesn't suffer from constant pressure to be as skinny and fit as possible!? My first marriage was falling apart when I decided to pick up racing, and the training was a good escape. I had managed to get a little more fit with P90X but I really enjoyed my YMCA family more than Tony and sweating it out in a garage. Plus, I grew up in the south and truly enjoy experiencing food wherever we are (my mom should have been a pro, but my little brother is a chef! We really love to eat.). I managed my fitness with Y memberships and what I thought was "balanced eating" but even in triathlons I needed a racing coach and a separate nutritionist. I know I was guilty of the "I rode 40 miles and ran 10" I can eat what I want mindset and luckily my mid 30's seemed to allow for that! Even though I experienced success and thought that the racing got me into the best shape I had been, I still felt all over the place with fitness and nutrition. Add in migraines, less an less "quality" sleep, fatigue and a metabolic panel suddenly all over the place, I was ready for something that was consistent, manageable, and did a lifestyle improvement rather than a quick fix.

Fast forward to our second wedding (we were both previously married to less than fit-minded partners), two new jobs, new city, new house, new life—racing took a back burner but Lee and I continued to run together, swim occasionally and he finally took up cycling. We would go to the gym together or separately so I could body pump or spin, and I picked up barre, but the nutrition was waning since my mind thought I was still on a pass but my body wasn't agreeing. 3 years after working from home and a reduced "training" schedule, half my wardrobe no longer fit. A clear sign something needed to change. Add on turning 39 and that photo from our first 1/2 marathon that kept reminding me we needed to shape up.

Lee would agree that the weeks of training kept us in check, but he would also be the first to admit that 5am race days and 8-10 mile runs on the weekend wasn't his idea of fun together. He often ran in the morning or afternoon when I went to barre, and has also joined a tennis league. We cycled last summer but that too has dropped off some. He spent years prior to "us" just running and playing rec league basketball —I was with him for his goal to run a half for his 40th, but I was also there when he needed 2 knee braces just to play pick up ball on the weekend. He has done a little swimming and admitted the bike is easier on the joints, but would much rather hit the treadmill/road/court than do a weight circuit. After encouraging him that this program had real food, structure, and the chance for us to enter the challenge, he agreed. I also let him know that after reading an article from my integrative doctor supporting intermittent fasting, I figured Amanda was pretty "legit" and not just another get quick program. I usually avoid all online weight programs, even taking all the info in my Health and Self mags with a grain of salt. If there isn't a real person behind it then it likely won't produce real results.

So what have we learned, I gotta get to the point! After 5 years of triathlon training both he and I have been consistent with EARLY morning workouts. I mean 5:30 or 6am when you're working from home (and have no kids) better mean an emergency or dog has to potty! Granted running in the south is better early, we would still suffer through at 6pm if we had to! We now actually plan our days out and getting in the morning gym trip saves our busy evenings. We even manage to get up without one another to get those workouts in - and after spending 3 years beating ourselves up about countless alarm fails, we now push each other to make it happen—not to mention an early bed habit has helped. We are able to support each other when one has a great workout and sees a notch on the belt get looser—but also as a couple we can encourage one another when we decide to sleep in for an evening session or those shorts I'm holding on to just don't fit yet. I have worked to not beat him up over food or his attitude as I do myself, and I repeat Amanda's mantra "progress not perfection" at least once a day!

We both agree, and me especially, that any group that has accountability (Facebook, IG, live calls) far outweighs the "workout plan" almost anyone can pick up, try to start, and quickly fall off (though some super disciplined people make it work) but as with team sports, if you have other people rooting you on, picking you up when you miss a day/workout/meal and are actually checking in to see your progress, it’s like your own little fitness team. The Facebook groups were full of people all working to achieve the same goals and there was only positive support from complete strangers. Having Amanda and Brandon as the coaches was an added bonus. I get excited for each week or workouts, how to get creative with meals and not feel as though I'm depriving us AND how can I share what I'm doing to change my lifestyle with others.

6 weeks ago we did our first juice cleanse and Lee was "embarrassed" to take his juice to a meeting. Now he's actually talking to his guy friends and sharing what we aim for with nutrition and workouts, (this is more often at the pool or when we meet up for dinner). I'm so happy he is telling people and not writing it off as another one of my crazy ideas. He also gets excited that his clothes fit better and has repeatedly said how much he enjoys the "structure" of the circuits—something he didn't have before. I can attest to his better sleeping (asleep as I submit this), and if you don't tell, his bicep flexing he loves to do now (LOL). Overall he ended the first round down 9 lbs and 5.5 inches collectively. Mindful eating when I'm not around and accountability on his part have been a huge win.

For me, I am working on a total mindset shift—"not comparing my week 3 to someone's week 20"—as one of the FTWFL coaches recently posted in a video. Have I seen the start of results from improved cleaner eating habits/balanced meals, tried new foods to be gluten-free, dairy-free, and all but drinking my coffee black (oh the humanity!), embraced those weekly small non-scale victories and begun a lifestyle change? Yes! Have I ended up with those long desired abs, wearing all those shorts and skirts that are a size down and ditching all my bad food habits after just 6 weeks? No, but I am down 4 lbs of my goal of 10 lbs, seeing improved upper body definition, and a loss of a few inches overall. A few things fit better, friends and family have noticed, and I don't beat myself us AS much as I used to. I enjoy cooking and trying new foods so the cookbooks and idea/meal sharing have been such a plus. Moreover, when I share this program and journey I am constantly telling people that the coaches are REAL people, with emails, Facebook, videos—with families, activities, cute tops from TJ Maxx, and a shared love of donuts! I know we have room to improve and room to grow, but this is manageable as a couple and a lifestyle that I plan to keep. I know as a couple we have each other’s backs and selfishly we want to stay in shape and sexy for each other—but I also know we want a healthy mind and body to enjoy that time together. I'm glad I didn't keep scrolling blindly through the posts I found, and have had the chance to grow in my fitness journey with plans to continue with Amanda after this next round. If I can inspire and change the lives of 1/10 the number of people you all have reached I will consider that a huge win.*


Before I started The FASTer Way to Fat Loss I had tried several different workout & eating plans. “Whole” this and “watchers” that ... and nothing stuck. I tried DVD workouts, running, group classes and doing cardio until I wanted to throw myself off the stair master. Amanda’s program is easy to follow and the way it’s paired with a support group is truly brilliant. The camaraderie and encouragement I found in the group was a great tool to help me with any questions, struggles, set backs or victories in my daily workouts. Logging my meals and sharing my progress with my group was an awesome way to stay accountable and check-in. The positive feedback from Amanda & my group was paramount when I felt like it was getting tough or I wanted to stray from the plan. The workouts were challenging but I could finish them from the beginning, which motivated me to keep going. I’ve grown to LOVE lifting weights and enjoy being in the gym with a plan and a schedule every week. 

The most important thing I’ve taken away from completing this program has to be the amazing sense of accomplishment I now feel. I’ve quit countless programs in the past and was left feeling lazy, unmotivated, undetermined and like a quitter. This program showed me that I’m absolutely capable of following a challenging and detailed program when it’s the PERFECT fit. This is more than a program; it’s a lifestyle. And more importantly it’s a lifestyle that I can definitely see myself continuing with now that my 6 weeks have ended. Even aside from my amazing results (10 pounds gone & 12.5 inches lost!!), I have found so many other victories through this program. I lifted heavier than I ever thought I could, I stuck to daily and weekly gym sessions and I FINISHED STRONG! Amanda has truly created a program that is a game changer and I am so thankful for the changes it’s sparked in me not only physically, but emotionally as well. I am stronger both inside and out because of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss. Thank you, Amanda!*


I have struggled with my weight and binge eating my entire life. Finally, at 49 years old, I have found a lifestyle—the FASTer Way to Fat Loss lifestyle—that works with me and my busy life. I am a busy full-time professional and I travel quite a bit. Never knowing where I am, I am able to do the workouts and eat following the guidelines of the plan from anywhere. I knew I had experienced a major mindset shift over the weekend when I came across an old bottle of prescription diet pills I had been hanging onto as a crutch. I no longer need those and never would consider taking those now that I have taken control of my body and changed my mindset. Eating real, whole food and moving my body consistently has led to this transformation from a size 10-12 to a size 6. I'm wearing clothes I haven't worn in years. Most importantly, I don't have a deadline to get weight off or see a certain number on the scale as I used to. I am trusting that my body will continue in its transformation until I lose this excess body fat. I am halfway there, and I know I'll be successful. I no longer have the mindset that I have to be perfect in my eating. I used to fall off the wagon and literally binge for three days and then feel horrible. Progress, not perfection. Thank you for that mantra, Amanda, and for creating this wonderful program. I am so thankful that I discovered this program and can continue to enjoy it with VIP membership now that I've completed two 6 week cycles.*

Joanna Eckley

All I can say is WOW! I knew when I started this program I was ready to change. This program has changed the way I live, how I think about nutrition and how I feel about myself. Almost immediately I had a noticeable uptick in energy. I was resting better and living life to the fullest even just in my day-to-day tasks. In the 6 weeks, I lost 19 pounds and at least 10.5 inches.

Due to evacuating Hurricane Harvey I only have a few of my initial measurements recorded. I am sure I lost inches in the other places that I no longer have my initial measurements for. Thank you for showing me how to have my life back!*

Jennifer Harphant

Life-changing and life-saving. Bill and I both have more energy and sleep much better. We have a 10 1/2 year old son and we are "older" parents, both mid-40s. We started this challenge with the goal of feeling better and trying to keep up with him. The weight loss and the loss of inches (and in some places gained inches (yea!) are just a bonus. We are now planning our meals and spending our leg day working out together as a family and encouraging each other! The past 6 six weeks have been a challenge, but we did it! We are ready for Round 2!!

The flexibility of this program and the support staff are both amazing!*