Hi, I’m Amanda Tress. I am a digital marketing consultant, mom of three, and personal trainer. 

I am passionate about inspiring, empowering, and uplifting women. I have trained clients for over 10 years in an effort to help women lose weight, learn how to exercise properly, gain confidence, and transform their lives (and the lives of their family) for the better.

In addition to my fitness business, I own a business coaching company and full-service digital marketing agency for female entrepreneurs in the wellness industry called The Agency Side. My purpose is to help female entrepreneurs be successful in both career and life. For years I’ve mentored women through my Business Accelerator Program™. I am an expert in social media marketing and offer a brand new online business accelerator workshop.

On The Agency Side I focus on equipping and empowering female entrepreneurs to earn significant income because a woman will spend 90% of her salary on family and community. Conversely, men will only spend an average of 30-40% on family and community. I believe that helping women earn significant wealth is the most important way to solve problems in the world.

My Family:

I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 10 years. Brandon is an accountant and the best friend I could ever ask for. We have 7-year-old daughter, Emma, a 5-year-old son, Cole, and 6-month old, Lily.   I believe that it is possible to have the best of both worlds – a successful career and a thriving family life.  

In my “spare time” I enjoy listening to podcasts, working out, and taking trips to the beach.