Personalized Macro Calculations with Emily Field


After completing a questionnaire, you will receive:

Two sets of macros for each type of FWTFL Day with gram targets for protein, fat and carbohydrates:

  • Low Carb Day — which is meant to be paired with HIIT workouts as prescribed by the FWTFL program

  • Regular Macro Day — which is meant to be paired with strength training workouts as prescribed by the FWTFL program

Each set will include include information on:

  • How to use your macro calculations

  • How to measure progress

  • How to fine-tune your own macros, should you need to, based on food preferences

  • When to modify your macros, because your health status or situation is anticipated to change

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Hormone Health Consult with Ali Damron


50 minutes of personalized attention with Ali

  • We will go over your goals, health history, current symptoms being experienced, lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and supplements/medications

  • I will give you my recommendations based on my expertise on how to get you to your goals including lifestyle, sleep, nutrition, exercise, supplements, herbs, referrals to your doctor or other healthcare professionals that I see as necessary or beneficial.



FWTFL Success Planner



FWTFL Supplement Collection

Amanda’s Top 3 Supplement Choices