A delicious collection of FASTer Way approved plant-based recipes to help you meet your goals and stay on track.

Finally, a cookbook created especially for a plant-based lifestyle!  You’ll find mouth-watering lunches, dinner, appetizers, and healthy desserts!

But there’s so much more to this amazing book!

You’ll also get:


Nutrition Strategies

Learn how to practice intermittent fasting, carb cycling & macro counting


Meal Planning Tips

To save you time and money, so you can eat well and stay on track


Food Swaps

New to a vegan lifestyle?  You’ll get a list of swaps so you know what to eat



What Makes The FASTer Way Plant-Based Cookbook Different?

The feedback from the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive!  One thing we noticed popping up were requests for more vegan recipes to fit into the FASTer Way lifestyle.

Our clients are busy women with many responsibilities.  They are raising families, running companies and organizing events.  They don’t have time to research new recipes, they need something done for them and ready to go.

That’s where the FASTer Way to Fat Loss Vegan Cookbook comes into play!  These recipes are tried and true, and we know you’ll love them as much as we do.

But we haven’t stopped there.  You’ll get an overview of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program, including instructions for intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and macro counting.  You’ll get meal planning and prep tips.  You’ll get a food swap list.  You’ll even get tips for a successful low carb day.  We’ve included everything you need to rock the FASTer Way lifestyle!

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This program has put me back in control of my relationship with food. I can eat the foods I like, not foods that are dictated in a meal plan. That’s the best part! It’s a feeling of freedom.
— Gabbie
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For only $24.99 you can...

  • Enjoy mouth-watering recipes for lunch, dinner, appetizers, and healthy snacks

  • Learn how to cycle your carbs and implement intermittent fasting

  • Learn how to count your macros

  • Get tips for surviving low carb day when you don’t eat animal protein

  • Start meal planning like a pro so you can simplify life

  • Learn simple food swaps so you always know what your options are


Not sure if the FASTer Way to Fat Loss lifestyle is for you?

Get your FASTer Way To Fat Loss Vegan Cookbook TODAY so you can start enjoying delicious new plant-based recipes AND SEE WHAT THE FASTER WAY IS ALL ABOUT!