Please watch the tutorial below to get a quick look at using your Affiliate link. The tutorial shares how to add your link to your Instagram, LinkTree, and Facebook post. 

Please note: On Instagram, links are only clickable when they are located in your account under website. Links within the text of your posts will not work. 


Here are additional tips for using your affiliate link:

  • Share your "before and after" photo or feedback. This is extremely effective and will always help for marketing efforts. People want to see concrete evidence that the program worked for you. If you do not have a before and after photo, feel free to share a family photo or a simple photo of yourself with your testimony and experience through the program.

  • Hop on a LIVE video broadcast to share with your marketplace. Include a strong call to action to sign up at your affiliate link.

  • Link to your affiliate page in your IG profile, blog, or in the comments on a FB post. If you link directly to the affiliate page within the post description on FB, the post will be pushed out of the news feed due to the algorithm. Instead, include the link in the comments of your post.

  • Try a LIVE video testimonial with a strong call-to-action and link the affiliate link in the comments.

  • Create a schedule for posting on social media. Aim to post about the program 2-3 times a week on Facebook, Instagram, and any other platforms you have, like your blog. (One post is NOT enough if you want to be really successful!) Remember, most people don’t see your posts! They’ll need to hear about the FASTer Way program several times before they’ll seriously consider signing up.

  • Implement individual outreach with your friends and close followers. This is always the most effective way to market and build a genuine relationship.