Science-Backed Intermittent Fasting Program Leading to a Healthier, Happier Life

Living the FASTer Way lifestyle will be easier than ever with our all-new FASTer Way Meal Plan and Cookbook! We are thrilled to offer a practical, easy-to-follow four-week meal plan along with all the tasty recipes for each meal. 

These recipes are wholesome, delicious, nutritious and simple, and you’ll feel fantastic when you eat them, but the real power in this book lies in incorporating this meal plan and the corresponding recipes into a FASter Way lifestyle. Living the FASTer Way has changed thousands of lives, and it’s not just about the weight loss. It’s about the fat loss, increased energy, boosted confidence, stronger bodies, balanced hormones, better sleep and feeling incredible!

What’s in This Book

By purchasing the FASTer Way Meal Plan and Cookbook, you’ll receive:

  • An overview of intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and macro tracking

  • Easy-to-follow four-week meal plan

  • More than 50 delicious FASTer Way recipes created with whole food nutrition in mind

  • Kitchen tips and tricks

  • Food swaps

  • Portion control tips

We can’t wait for you to pair the FASTer Way Meal Plan and Cookbook with our nutrition cycle and intentional workouts designed to help you transform your life!

Meet Amanda Tress

Meet Amanda Tress, author and creator of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, the premier virtual intermittent fasting fitness and nutrition program. Through cutting edge nutrition and exercise strategies, Amanda has empowered thousands of clients to transform their lives through the FASTer Way. In her new book, The FASTer Way to Fat Loss, Amanda makes the program concepts more accessible than ever. Amanda believes in taking bold action to lead the way in a noisy industry. Driven by excellence, integrity, and generosity, Amanda’s mission is to mobilize men and women all around the globe with the tools they need to experience lifelong health and wellness.  

The FASTer Way Meal Plan

“After years of straddling the fence between feeling healthy and experiencing near-debilitating health problems, I had cracked the code. I knew I had to share it.”  

“Everything I tell you in this book is not only backed by science, but countless success stories. Men and women are transforming their lives with a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. I want you to be successful. I want you to have an incredible transformation, fulfill your purpose, prevent disease, have great energy, and change the world.”  

“It can be uncomfortable to make a significant lifestyle change. But like I tell my FASTer Way clients, maybe it isn’t about your comfort. Maybe implementing the FASTer Way lifestyle and becoming healthy once and for all isn’t about you. Perhaps it’s about those you will impact.”  

The FASTer Way Phenomenon 

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Amanda launched the FASTer Way in January 2016 with just eleven clients. She tested her strategies that incorporated whole food nutrition, intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and macro tracking paired with effective and intentional workouts. By the end of the bootcamp, her clients were thriving.  

In 2017, Amanda’s vision expanded to include a coach certification program that equipped and empowered other men and women to train their own clients in the FASTer Way bootcamps while earning significant incomes. The FASTer Way has been gaining traction ever sense, and became the fastest growing fitness and nutrition program on the market. Because it works.  

Join the phenomenon. Order your copy of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss Meal Plan and Cookbook today!

This book is not medical advice nor is it intended to replace medical advice. We encourage anyone to seek help with a medical professional where issues deem it necessary. The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the statements contained in any information in the book. Your results may vary.