Partners Challenge Entries


Partners Challenge Entries

partner's challenge .001.jpeg

Mark Lost - 17 lbs + 21.375 inches
Lori Lost - 11.5 lbs + 8.25 inches

“We travel through life as a team, but our weight-loss struggles have been frustrating and lonely.

Lori had a classic case of doing too much at the gym; it was not uncommon for her to do group training and followed by a tough spin class and repeat this several days a week. She is also a vegetarian and despite consulting with a variety of nutritionists, various vegan and vegetarian weight loss programs, and every technique she could find (coffee enema anyone?) - she simply could not lose weight. Nothing worked no matter how hard she worked and how little she ate. Of course, now that her life has been transformed by the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® program, she understands that nearly everything that she was doing before…was wrong.

Mark is a stress eating meat-a-tarian. He used to play rugby, run, and hit the gym for group classes, but admits he's not a fan of exercise. Mark leans on the assertion that weight loss is 90% diet. Perfect. Mark successfully lost over 100 pounds a few years ago doing WeightWatchers. It will come as no surprise to anyone reading this, that he gained 75% of that weight back when he stopped doing WeightWatchers. Mark’s waistline was lost in a barrage of stress eating that resulted from leaving his career at forty to start law school two years ago. The stress of studying away from home during the week, learning torts and contracts, and existing in a highly-competitive academic program, Mark gained 50 pounds. He has had to buy new suits, shirts, and underwear just so that he doesn’t have to attend lectures and his internships in his birthday suit…no one wants to see that! Then, he learned the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® program.

Mark had a vasectomy before he started law school. Just over a year later Lori and Mark were blessed with a beautiful baby girl…a month before finals…after his vasectomy failed. If ever there was a reason for Mark to stress eat, an unplanned (seemingly impossible) pregnancy was it. For Lori, this was a tough pregnancy. Preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, sickness throughout the entire pregnancy, significant weight gain, and swelling that precluded her from wearing anything other than very tight flip-flops…in winter. She was eventually put on bed rest and was helpless in her fight against what she felt was a deluge of weight.

Here's their account of what happened next: 
It was in the wake of all of this that we decided that it was time to join our hands and figure out a way to attack our respective weight loss challenges together. FASTer Way to Fat Loss® seemed like the perfect option. When our friend Erica Copeland suggested that we try the partners challenge, we were hesitant, but had seen the amazing transformation that Erica had experienced through the program. We were cautiously optimistic when we took our collective first steps into "Prep Week" seven weeks ago. Our lives have changed so dramatically over the last few months and will never be the same. Through this program, we have finally learned that EVERYTHING we were doing was wrong. We have embraced Intermittent Fasting, Carb Cycling, and attacking our fat with tailored exercises, to fit the macros we consume on each day. We are so excited to share that this program has truly changed our lives. We are happier, more empowered, and even closer each other because we completed this journey together. We love each other so much, and through this program, we found news ways to support and encourage each other.

We have both experienced success on the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® program. Together we have lost 28 pounds and over 30 inches!
This isn’t a diet, it is a new way to live – one that we will embrace for the rest of our lives. We are new ambassadors of the program, because we tell everyone we meet about how amazing it is, and how much it has fundamentally changed our lives.
FASTer Way to Fat Loss® is how we will live the rest of our lives…isn’t it time for you to take that first step too?

partner's challenge .002.jpeg

Brian Lost = 24 lbs + 7.5 inches
Shannon Lost = 6 lbs + 6.5 inches

My husband and I joined FASTer Way to Fat Loss® to get healthier as a family. We have changed our eating habits and incorporated regular exercise into our daily routine. Not only have we lost over 20 lbs and 14 inches, but we also sleep better, have more energy, and overall both feel better. We are so thankful to FWTFL for getting us back on the right track!

partner's challenge .003.jpeg

Janae Lost = 7 lb and 12.25 inches
Harvey Lost = 12 lb and 8 inches

Our pantry looks totally different! Even though we ate healthily before the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® our portions have changed and our plate is now tipped more toward veggies rather than heavy carbs. We are very grateful and excited to continue practicing what we have learned through the program!

partner's challenge .004.jpeg

John Lost = 21 lbs + 4 inches
Stacy Lost = 5 lbs + 7 inches

When we started the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® program we were in the middle of a job relocation to a new state.  
During stressful times - trying to find a new home, new schools and spend time with our four children - health and food quickly fell to the bottom of our priority list.  FWTFL gave us something to focus on during this transition. Instead of our health and weight gain being an added stress it became a positive. The benefits of doing the program together also allowed us to focus and help each other.  Most people come out of large changes in life and have to regain their health; we are coming out of our challenging time and are excitedly ready to move forward on our next adventure.

partner's challenge .005.jpeg

Matt lost = 7 lb + 3 inches
Logan Lost= 3 lb + 9 inches

FASTer Way to Fat Loss® has changed our entire family.
We have always worked out but after having two kids, our healthy eating habits declined.
With this program, we now have more energy and enjoy the workouts as well.

partner's challenge .006.jpeg

Jared Lost = 6.5 lbs + 6.25 inches
Kelly Lost = 2 lbs + 0 inches

These last 6 weeks of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® have really brought the two of us together on our fitness journey.
Even though we spent time separated, had separate goals ,and different journeys,
we really communicated and supported each other better than we have in the past.
Our victories this round have been more about our relationship and our overall health than anything a scale says.

partner's challenge .007.jpeg

Jamie Lost = 14 lbs + 24.5 inches
Justin Lost = 21 lbs + 17 inches

My husband and I just completed 6 weeks following the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® lifestyle. We are extremely happy about our results and  have decided to do another 6 weeks! I lost 14 pounds and 24 1/2” and my husband lost 22 pounds and 17”!! How awesome is that?! My husband and I were in a place in our lives that we felt very tired all day, ate all the wrong foods, and we ate out constantly because we were too tired to cook and deal with dishes in the kitchen.  We have tried eating right and exercising many times on our own but never succeeded. We never made it longer than a week before we would revert back to our bad habits because we felt deprived.
With the FASTer Way we never felt deprived. We were not perfect the whole 6 weeks but felt progress, and it was great knowing that we could still have some of the things we enjoy. We love this lifestyle change and we plan to do this forever!!
We feel so much better mentally and physically. This has changed our lives in so many positive ways. We are even happier!!! We love that the FASTer Way is easy to follow and is so flexible. Thank you to Jenny Mire for your dedication and hard work to us and for holding is accountable. We could not have done this without you! We are looking forward to continuing with you and can not wait to see what the next 6 weeks brings! Thank you FASTer Way for changing our lives and bodies!! Hands down, best lifestyle change EVER!!!

partner's challenge .008.jpeg

Paula Lost = 13.2lb and 18.5 inches
Andrew Lost = 20.4lb and 18.25 inches

I had seen Allie’s transformation on the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® and knew I had to try this. So after a handful of months of watching, I decided it was time. The transformation in just 6 weeks has been life changing. I pay so much more attention to what I’m actually putting in my body. Whole food nutrition has made me feel so much better.
And just because the program is over, doesn’t mean I’m done with this lifestyle!

partner's challenge .009.jpeg

Heather Lost = 12 lbs + 9.75 inches
Don Lost = 13 lbs + 9 inches

FASTer Way to Fat Loss® has helped us both gain control of our out of control eating habits.
We are enjoying the side effects of increased energy and confidence in our appearances.
The program has given us an easily repeatable nutritional way of living.
We’re thankful that we tried it.

partner's challenge .010.jpeg

Heather Lost = 10 lbs + 14 inches
Michael Lost = 6 lbs + 5.25 inches

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss® program is amazing! It has helped us gain a better grasp of what to eat and when.
The support has been wonderful and the teamwork has been a great driver for both of us.


Our FASTer Way to Fat Loss® story needs to start with my story. This was my 4th round! Yes my fourth round. Literally I am the billboard for "Progress not perfection", a slogan which hangs on my refrigerator door. It took me till this round to really dial in my eating style versus my workout style and the results are in the pictures. I've never felt better inside and out. This is not a diet. This is education on how your body works and how you can transform it into a FAT burning machine. If you take Amanda's knowledge and apply it, it will work.

Now for our story. First, thank you for offering your knowledge to partners and at a discounted price. What were you thinking, LOL!
The rewards of this program for us both outweigh any financial cost. My husband, aka greatest man on earth, had been working out at least 5 days a week for a year and a half and not seeing the improvements he had hoped. After seeing the changes in me after the first round he encouraged me to keep at. Fast-forward to Mother's Day. As a gift to me he decided to sign up for the partners challenge. He was so adamant about NOT doing this "fasting" thing. I encouraged him to at least give it a try and see that his body would indeed adjust and be better for it. I said "you can do anything for 6 weeks." Well he did and his dad-belly shrunk almost 4 inches.
Not only has this been the best round for me but also for us. I never, ever thought I would enjoy working out in the gym with my husband. We both look forward to leg day as we have kind of turned it into date day! We get up and go get our leg workout done at the gym and then we head out for wherever our treat takes us. The FASTer Way, you, and your coaches have changed us forever! Thank you for creating an environment of encouragement. Yes it is an online program but I never felt like I was alone in this journey. I know I'm not alone now because my husband is truly convinced its the best program out there, and you have changed our lifestyle to the best it has ever been.

It took me four rounds to get dialed in and, of course I will have to tweak going forward, but sometimes I got so discouraged because it seemed like all of you were young moms in 20's and 30's with hormones and cycles still well cycling. I questioned whether this was really for me but I kept going back to your initial video, and why we do sprints and the science of it all made perfect sense to me.
Just a suggestion but maybe going forward address some issues for the ladies that are midlife and beyond.

You truly have created the best program out there (I will never call this a diet). And the best part is you succeed at it because of your truly giving heart! Thank you again for blessing my family with your passion and might I say your spiritual gift!


Almost exactly a year ago, our daughter (Julie Wagner Giove) began her journey with FASTer Way to Fat Loss® after gaining weight with 3 pregnancies in about 4.5 years. She had amazing results that were truly life changing. She encouraged us to discover what she had discovered. Neither of us had much weight to lose, and while we were supportive of her lifestyle, I couldn’t imagine measuring and weighing everything we ate. I had tried doing IF before, but without the other components, it didn’t give me results. I (Terri) have eaten fairly healthy for about 30 years and tried to keep John on a similar path, but he loved his sweets and carbs. Even with that, he ate healthier than most people. He had developed borderline diabetes, often did not sleep well, and had high cortisol levels as a result of a very challenging job. He did walk regularly and upped the distance from 2 miles to 6.

After retiring from 44 years of teaching high school, we spent the winter months in Arizona where we enjoyed the winter sun, stayed active all winter with hiking, walking and golfing. I also took an exercise class 3 times a week. When we returned to Ohio, we weren’t able to stay as active and gained a few pound back. We try to eat a modified Paleo diet, but being busy, life got in the way and my meal planning suffered.

I had considered the FASTer Way for a while, but never acted on it. Julie kept seeing great advances in strength and eating healthy, as did many of her friends. In early May, I finally decided I had to do something to improve how I was feeling. I hoped John would do it with me but I knew he never liked the idea of working out and thought walking was enough. When we got home from AZ, we had wanted to stay more active and I had suggested joining our local Y, but he didn’t think he would enjoy it. I told him how I wanted us to be strong and healthy as we edged past our mid 60s toward our 70s. We were about to celebrate our 45th Anniversary so I encouraged him to join me by saying that I wanted him here with me, healthy and active for as long as the Lord would allow. I must admit that there were tears as I shared the desire to work together to get healthier. The tears were emotional, not manipulative, and they told him how important it was. John agreed to join me!

Well, he is now an outspoken advocate of the FASTer Way program and tells anyone who notices the difference in us all about how we are doing it. John was not one to greatly limit his choice of what he wanted to eat at times. Dinner planning was a challenge because I would need to wait till close to meal time to see what he was in the mood for. ALL of that has changed. Now he says to make what we should have. He doesn’t complain about portion sizes or avoiding things that aren’t wise choices. He has expressed great appreciation for the time and effort that goes into meal planning and prepping. Even my routine of cooking, clean-up and organization have improved. We shop differently and don’t buy as much as we used to. We have learned how to eat out and make better decisions without having to weigh and measure, although we still do at home.

As far as the workouts go, like daughter, like father. Julie had never enjoyed going to the gym with her husband, but now looks forward to working out. John now enjoys it too. At first he couldn’t do much and used light weights, but during the 6 weeks, he has gained strength and confidence. He sees a difference in his endurance, balance, and energy. He was determined to do better, little by little. He wasn’t afraid to work out around people who had spent a long time in the gym and looked it. He recently had a checkup and his doc was thrilled with the changes. His A1c went down so that he is no longer considered pre-diabetic, his bloodwork was improved and his vitals were great. He is going to need new clothes soon, but looks better in his current clothes. Two of the most important changes were greatly improved sleep and loss of cravings.

I have always enjoyed exercise, and along with eating well, I have been able to stay within a range of size that I was mostly comfortable with. I am under 5 feet tall and have weighed from 102 to 127, averaging around 115, in the past 20 years. I always felt best at around 105-107. Ten pounds makes a difference in how I feel. This program has given me better results than anything I have ever done. I am back into my smaller clothes and some of the new things I bought this winter are too big. In the gym, I have done things I never imagined being able to do. I moved from “beginner” to “gym” workouts in week 4, quite by accident. I haven’t looked back and while I still am using fairly light weights to be able keep my form, I have increased from where I began. I have mild osteoporosis and have known I need to do weight bearing exercises, but never did it. With FWTFL, I am now doing all those things to improve bone and core strength…and am enjoying it. I can’t wait to see what my next bone density shows. I have less joint pain, need fewer supplements, and my holistic chiropractor is thrilled with the changes she sees.

Our outlook is different. We have more energy and feel younger. We have just about met our goals, but we plan to continue this lifestyle. We want to continue to get stronger and healthier together as we encourage others.

We have discovered that there is freedom in boundaries. Eating and living within healthy limits gives us the opportunity to be the best we can be. So thank you Amanda, Brandon (and our daughter) for all the encouragement and guidance.

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After having 2 babies in a little over 2 years, I felt like a completely different person. And not in a good way. I was tired ALL the time, had no energy, was eating poorly and not exercising. This was not me. Through my first pregnancy I ran (even a half marathon!) and stayed active. After our daughter was born, I had complications from my c section that kept me out of exercising for a looong time and I could just never get the momentum back.

I also felt like my husband and I were just going through the motions with each other. It was all about the kids. We weren’t making time for our marriage or ourselves. When I saw this FASTer Way to Fat Loss® Partners Challenge I knew it was time for a change and I was excited to make it together. I’d been following Beth’s journey from Seersucker & Saddles and knew the Partners Challenge was the time to pull the trigger!

We have had so much fun doing this together. We are working out together in the mornings, cooking and meal planning together and enjoying some healthy competition between us! We are more engaged with our children, can keep up with them and are SO much more patient with them and each other. I will eternally be grateful for this program and the reset and learning we have gained for our little family! We are both down inches and pounds but have gained so much more in our lives and marriage!
Thank you FWTFL community for everything!

Lastly... funny story. I was out running sprints last week and saw a hot guy running towards me whom I hadn’t seen running in our neighborhood before. So as we all do I straightened up and ran a little faster. As we got closer together, I realized that hot guy was my hubby!! So thanks again for making me realize how handsome my hubs is!!


Life happens.... Things, events and people come in and out of our lives that mold and shape us... or in our case out-of-shape us. Yes we had become couch people. Oh we knew something needed to be done but had become numb to the excuses of buying larger size clothes. Then I started going to the gym. A two or three day a week thing that made me feel like I was doing something. My wife was in quiet desperation because she had tried so many things to overcome "THE PAUSE". Nothing worked! The internet, doctors, meds... nothing worked. Prayer even seemed to be silent. My wife followed a fashion blog by Cyndi Spivey and heard about FASTer Way to Fat Loss®. She saw Cyndi's transformation and decided to check it out. There was a bubbly little lady Amanda who seemed to have a curious hypothesis. If skepticism was an Olympic sport my wife would have scored a 9.5. She started reading and following Amanda for several months. Thats when hope and nerves snuck in. She started asking herself if this could work for me and can I do it. She finally started showing me some of the information. Of course I'm a supportive husband so I said thats nice. After a few more weeks she said she wanted to sign up. I thought it was great because I had been going to the gym for about a year and a half and had started seeing minimal changes. She asked me to help her and I was excited that she wanted to do something. When she told me how much it cost to join I couldn't imagine what would make it worth $199.00. But hope had turned into faith for her so I was all in. And the journey began... I was willing to help her in the gym but not willing to do anything that would take my sprite and ice cream away! One week after another came and went and we both got better at helping each other. Around the fourth I began to notice a visible change in her body and her attitude. She was sleeping better, had more energy, her clothes had become loose and I became excited because she was getting her confidence back and she seemed happier. We even had a date night celebration and bought her new pants that were a size smaller! Fast forward to the end of the six weeks and she had started re-sculpting her body and lost 10 inches in body mass. I was so impressed I decided to join her in the next round. That was huge for me because I knew I could give up sprite but... ice cream.... that remained to be seen. Then a ray of light appeared when Suzanne said on leg day I could have a treat. ICE CREAM: Amen.

So we began our round together. It became fun semi-planning our food and joking about what I couldn't have to eat. She was already tuned in on the food plan and I was a willing newbie. It took me three weeks to realize that according to the plan I wasn't eating enough yet I felt like I was over eating. My coaches kept asking me if I was eating enough and I still felt like I was over eating. Suzanne kept telling me to trust the process. (The coach was already coming out in her) So I did it but not without some grumbling. Four weeks into the program I got my first compliment, someone actually came up to me and told me I looked thinner! I couldn't really see it in myself but what I could see was that it was working more in Suzanne. Man, what a difference so I knew it had to be working in me. Fast forward to the end of our six weeks together and we can see the change in each other but more importantly we are committed to continuing this lifestyle... This better life... Where the couch and food don't rule us. Now when people see us they see the change and want to know what we did. We are excited that we have something to offer people to change their lives the way FWTFL has changed our lives.

Oh and about the $199.00... That's less than $5.00 a day to change your life! It's so worth it!!

before + after banner names.001.jpeg

Before my wife and I began our Faster Way to Fat Loss® journey, I didn't know what to expect. I was hesitant, but after some conversation and doing some research on the program I thought that this might be the change we were looking for. Personally, I've always enjoyed working diet has been my biggest obstacle. The FWTFL program does a great job leading people of all abilities (beginners - advanced) through 6 weeks of detailed diet & exercise. The program explains the science behind it & gives every client the knowledge they need to know the right type and amount of food to eat every day. This was the game changer for me. Following the detailed daily dietary guidelines and exercises provided, I could feel the positive changes taking place in my body. The 6 weeks flew by, but in that short time I made big strides. The FWTFL program helped get me on the right path & has equipped me with the knowledge I need to stay on that path moving forward!



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