Chief Operating Officer

FASTer Way to Fat Loss, LLC is a leading online fitness program, certification, and marketing company.  We created the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® online fitness bootcamp that has enrolled tens of thousands of clients across the country and over 200 certified coaches. We also have The Agency Side, a marketing agency that helps health and wellness professionals with their business. Our core values include bold action, excellence, integrity, and passion.

Our growing company is seeking an experienced Chief Operating Officer (COO) who can collaborate with independent contractors to create processes and develop business plans. The COO will also be responsible for helping to update and develop corporate policy. The ideal candidate for this position possesses proven leadership skills, as well as a strong ability to problem solve and make sound decisions that encourage corporate growth. This position requires an individual to be extremely organized, have a keen attention to detail and the flexibility to work with different aspects of a business.

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss COO will assess the needs of the organization and take action to improve them.  They will communicate and work with Amanda Tress (CEO) on a daily basis to implement and enforce company systems and processes. The COO will ensure quality control over all aspects of the business.



Florida - Virtual, must reside in Tampa, FL area


How to Apply

Email résumé and cover letter to


Chief Operating Officer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work with CEO to discuss and execute strategic planning for the business

  • Improve the business processes for each department through analysis and collaboration

  • Oversee the implementation and on going success of customer relationship management best practices - including but not limited to - oversight of company software tools, sales processes and customer retention strategies

  • Plan and manage multiple sectors of the business

  • Oversee and direct daily business operations for optimum efficiency

  • Analyze financial data and work to maximize revenue and reduce costs

  • Help develop and manage the overall mission of the business and ensure practices are in place to enforce this mission from the top down

  • Work to execute and fulfill strategic business plans presented by CEO

  • Communicate with management teams to direct and confirm execution of company processes

  • Supervise independent contractors by providing feedback, positive reinforcement and/or suggestions to improve productivity

  • Follow and help implement organization policies and regulations

  • Understand and abide by industry set laws and standards

  • Frequently evaluate and analyze business productivity and performance

  • Look after internal and external corporate accounts and relationships

  • Consult with and report to CEO and executives about company operations


Chief Operating Officer Requirements and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or related field (MBA preferred)

  • 10+ years’ experience in a leadership role

  • 5+ years’ experience in the marketing sector

  • Strong verbal and written communication abilities

  • Effective decision making skills

  • Experience with developing budgets and writing business plans

  • Excels working across multiple departments

  • Excellent time-management

  • Ability to delegate tasks and implement changes appropriately and effectively

  • Can manage stress with ease

  • Outstanding communicator, both orally and written

  • Creative problem solver extraordinaire

  • Analytics expert

  • Strong computer skills and knowledge of a range of business software programs

  • Confident and effective decision making skills

  • Works well with a diverse range of people

  • Fantastic motivator

  • Strong business acuity with solid knowledge of finance, marketing and employee management

  • Highly skilled in the art of negotiation

  • Diligent and proactive results-driven personality

  • Ability to coordinate, plan, manage and oversee many aspects of a company for optimum productivity

  • Confident using business management software

  • An influential and effective leader willing to work side by side the CEO to improve, implement and achieve company goals and vision

  • Models and demonstrates servant leadership

  • Person of impeccable character and integrity