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NicK Sherer

When we decided Nick should join the FWTFL through the first Men’s program, we thought it would just be a way to help support each other through the process, especially to provide additional accountability to avoid stress eating. Prior to the FWTFL, every time our son would have his quarterly brain MRIs, a follow up appointment, or a scary fall at daycare- we would immediately begin stress eating. The awful food choices started a cycle in which we would stress eat, feel gross because of the fatty processed foods, then go to bed, sleep awful, wake up and do it all over again. Our days were full of processed foods, large portions, and increasing displeasure in the way our bodies looked, especially at such young ages (26 & 30). After I had successfully completed 3 weeks of the women’s FWTFL with Amanda, Nick was ready to join the Men’s version so we BOTH looked better, and more importantly FELT better. During our FWTFL cycles, we faced our son’s one year “cancer-versary” along with his scan and follow up appointment. For the first time in the last year, we felt in control. Not just of our food, but of our lives, as we were always REACTING to bad news, bad days, etc. and now we were able to take control of our choices and especially our bodies. Yes, we have seen victories on the scale, and in the form of inches lost. BUT our non scale victories have been SIGNIFICANTLY more amazing and impressive. We have more energy to play with our three kids, we are in better moods, and are happier throughout the day, we don’t get “hangry” like we used to, and most importantly for us, we don’t eat out of stress. We eat to fuel our bodies appropriately for the right reasons. We are also saving money as a NSV, as we were eating out 3-4 days PER WEEK, and now we are cooking more than ever at home- and I. ATE. SALAD! I used to hate the idea of anything green, and last week I bought and ATE salad on my own. Nick is no longer drinking Energy Drinks (he used to drink 1-2/day for the last 10 years) and hasn’t had A SINGLE DRINK since starting the FWTFL, and doesn’t NEED the energy. I am no longer drinking soda, which I can easily say was an addiction, as I needed the caffeine in order to stay awake because my body was SO out of whack.

You are not just changing numbers on the scale, or helping people get a quick fix to get into a bikini. Your program is changing lives, and not just Nick and myself, but our children. We are now setting a positive example for them of what it means to take care of your body, and a lesson that hard work will always pay off.

Lee Tillery

Lee wasn't too hard to sell on the idea since he knew I would likely be meal planning, reminding him of our gym schedule and then agreeing to be his proxy on the facebook group (oh, and enter his food logs to MFP).

 Lee and I had started dating and I hated to run and didn't own a bike but loved to swim! Lee trained me for my first 5K and after I bought a bike it was on to sprints, olympics and 2 Half Ironmans. In between all the crazy races I dragged him to (Minnesota, Miami, all over NC) we completed 2 half marathons together. To say he is a good sport ant very supportive is an understatement.

Fast forward to our second wedding (we were both previously married to less than fit minded partners), two new jobs, new city, new house, new life - racing took a back burner but Lee and I continued to run together, swim occasionally and he finally took up cycling. We would go to the gym together or separate so I could body pump or spin, and I picked up barre, but the nutrition was waning since my mind thought I was still on a pass but my body wasn't agreeing. 3 years after working from home and a reduced "training" schedule, half my wardrobe no longer fit. A clear sign something needed to change. Add on turning 39 and that photo from our first 1/2 marathon that kept reminding me we needed to shape up.

Lee would agree that the weeks of training kept us in check, but he would also be the first to admit that 5am race days and 8-10 mile runs on the weekend wasn't his idea of fun together. He often ran in the morning or afternoon when I went to barre, and has also joined a tennis league. We cycled last summer but that too has dropped off some. He spent years prior to "us" just running and playing rec league basketball - I was with him for his goal to run a half for his 40th, but I was also there when he needed 2 knee braces just to play pick up ball on the weekend. He has done a little swimming and admitted the bike is easier on the joints, but would much rather hit the treadmill/road/court than do a weight circuit. After encouraging him that this program had real food, structure, and the chance for us to enter the challenge, he agreed. I also let him know that after reading an article from my integrative doctor supporting intermittent fasting I figured Amanda was pretty "legit" and not just another get quick program - I usually avoid all online weight programs, even taking all the info in my Health and Self mags with a grain of salt. If there isn't a real person behind it then it likely won't produce real results.

So what have we learned, I gotta get to the point! After 5 years of triathlon training both he and I have been consistent with EARLY morning workouts. I mean 5:30 or 6am when you're working from home (and have no kids) better mean an emergency or dog has to potty! Granted running in the south is better early, we would still suffer through at 6pm if we had to! We now actually plan our days out and getting in the morning gym trip saves our busy evenings. We even manage to get up without one another to get those workouts in - and after spending 3 years beating ourselves up about countless alarm fails, we now push each other to make it happen - not to mention an early bed habit has helped. We are able to support each other when one has a great workout and sees a notch on the belt get looser - but also as a couple we can encourage one another when we decide to sleep in for an evening session or those shorts I'm holding on to just don't fit yet. I have worked to not beat him up over food or his attitude as I do myself, and I repeat Amanda's mantra "progress not perfection" at least once a day!

We both agree, and me especially, that any group that has accountability (facebook, IG, live calls) far outweighs the "workout plan" almost anyone can pick up, try to start, and quickly fall off (though some super disciplined people make it work) but as with team sports, if you have other people rooting you on, picking you up when you miss a day/workout/meal and are actually checking in to see your progress, its like your own little fitness team. The facebook groups were full of people all working to achieve the same goals and there was only positive support from complete strangers. having Amanda and Brandon as the coaches was an added bonus. I get excited for each week or workouts, how to get creative with meals and not feel as though I'm depraving us AND how can I share what I'm doing to change my lifestyle with others.

6 weeks ago we did our first juice cleanse and Lee was "embarrassed" to take his juice to a meeting, now he's actually talking to his guy friends and sharing what we aim for with nutrition and workouts, (this is more often at the pool or when we meet up for dinner) I'm so happy he is telling people and not writing it off as another one of my crazy ideas. He also gets excited that his clothes fit better and has repeatedly said how much he enjoys the "structure" of the circuits - something he didn't have before. I can attest to his better sleeping (asleep as I submit this), and if you don't tell, his bicep flexing he loves to do now (LOL). Overall he ended the first round down 9lbs and 5.5 inches collectively. Mindful eating when I'm not around and accountability on his part have been a huge win.


Brian Lane

Loretta Barna (My Honey) and I (Brian Lane) began the partners challenge apart for prep week and for week one. Loretta came home (after 10 1/2 weeks of being apart 😃) in time for week 2. We were both doing well at this point in time. By week 3 we were on vacation in California for my sister's 60th Birthday. We had good intentions of working out, but with all the family around it just did not happen. We did do our best in trying to watch what we ate and still posted our macros. So by the time we got back home, we were into week 4 and 11 days absent of exercise. Back at it until the middle of week 5. At this point we had made Loretta's flight plans to go back home to Ohio to be with her mom who is in a nursing home. So knowing I had limited time left to spend with her I made the decision to sleep in with her next to me. I think I worked out once in that week and a half. I believe Loretta worked out a few times while I was at work in that week and a half. But knowing that she had been in 3 different time zones within 3 weeks she was tired. Not making excuses for her, just telling you how she was feeling. Loretta went home yesterday (July 8th). She will be submitting her final pics and numbers to Amanda.
In any case, my final numbers were not all that bad. I lost 5 pounds and 10 inches overall. 4 inches in my waist and 2 inches of my man boobs. Also an inch off of my butt, hips and thighs. So although not where I believe I could have been but very HAPPY just the same. And I got to spend time with my honey!!
A BIG THANK YOU to Amanda and Branden!! This program works!!! I am in better shape than I have been in years!! And I'm only 29! LOL. I will be sending pics and final numbers to Branden's email. Also looking forward to my 2nd round with better results in mind! THANK YOU again!! Brian Lane

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Dan Copeland

I have never really been into sports and I've definitely never been one to exercise or pay attention to my diet. That caught up with me in college and I ended up putting on a bunch of fat and never lost it because I didn't want to put in the work or change what I eat. 

My wife started doing FWTFL and I half-heartedly joined in the intermittent fasting and some of the dietary changes and saw some success. When I heard Brandon started the men's program I decided I should join, if for no other reason than to encourage my wife to keep at it since I knew it was something she believed in and enjoyed.

The accountability made the difference for me. I wouldn't have been able to stick with it for 6 weeks if I hadn't known I needed to report in to the guys. The advice and encouragement I got from Brandon was invaluable as well. I have stuck to the intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and the home workouts (which I have surprisingly enjoyed) and have lost a LOT of fat. In fact, I need new jeans and a smaller belt! And the icing on the cake is that I didn't have to completely give up the foods I like... for example, the icing on the cake. It's just that now I'm more aware of what and how much I'm putting into my body. 

My first round I have lost 19.5 inches and 10 pounds! Since beginning Intermittent Fasting with Emily in February I have lost over 30 pounds! 

Thanks to Amanda and Brandon I look better, feel better, and am stronger than I have been in a long time. I'll be sticking with the FWTFL lifestyle and recommending the program to friends and family because it's something that I believe in.

James Hoard

It is crazy to think about what has happened over the last 6 weeks. I have been a "relatively" healthy person for many years - workouts somewhat frequently, decent eating habits, not really out of shape - but my progress had stalled for several years. Weight would not change, body fat would not change and my overall appearance would not change. I was just average from my standpoint.

My goal with the Faster Way Program was to change the game - lose some weight (I don't have a lot to lose), reduce my waist size by 3 inches, increase muscle and become leaner and stronger.

The results I accomplished happened almost overnight, and were more than expected. Not only did I accomplished the goals stated above - reduced weight by 8 pounds, reduced my body fat from 15% to 11%, reduced my waist size from 35 to 32 1/2, reduced my weight from 183lbs to 175lbs and increased my lean muscle, but I realized some unexpected results. What was unexpected was the most compelling - slept better, became physically stronger - core especially, which allowed me to play better golf! In addition, I was able to focus more throughout the day and to become more effective in the tasks I chose to do.

Overall, my thoughts and actions towards what I eat, how I eat and how I workout have forever been changed!

I can't wait to see what the next 6 weeks look like! Thanks!


Then May comes around and Amanda and Brandon introduce the FWTFL Men’s Group. Yeah! I talked to my husband and he immediately agreed to sign up. My husband is a fireman and had just finished two months of non-stop studying for a promotional exam. He didn’t gain weight during that time period, but he lost muscle tone. I knew this program would be perfect for him to get back into shape. It has been so much fun to have my partner and best friend workout with me.
If you could only be a fly on the wall in our kitchen each night after dinner. We are both on My Fitness Pal planning our food for the next day and weighing and measuring our portions. It is fun to meal plan together. I make the meal plan on Sunday and my hubby prepares the majority of the food. Firemen sure do know how to cook! Maybe that is why I married him. 
We have taken several vacations over the summer and still counted our macros and completed our workouts. It is much easier to stick to the FWTFL when your partner is doing it alongside you.
After 4 rounds, I have lost 17 pounds and 18 total inches. After his 1st round, my hubby has lost 14 pounds and 9.5inches. We leave for a 5 day cruise on Monday and we are not dreading wearing bathing suits all week. FWTFL Win!

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