What is the FWTFL Influencer program and how does it work?

The Influencer Program is a service that allows past or currently participating FASTer Way clients to earn commission on sales sent to Fasterwaytofatloss.com using a custom link that is provided when you sign up.

After you apply for our program and are accepted as an Influencer of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, you may use your custom links on your website, social media platforms, or emails. When your reader clicks your custom link, that reader is tracked within a cookie until they register or place an order. When they become a client, the order is associated with your custom link as the referring source and your account is credited a commission for the order. So the more readers, friends, and clients you refer to the FASTer Way to Fat Loss and become clients, the more you make.

How do I become an Influencer?

Sign up here:

Who can become a FASTer Way to Fat Loss Influencer?

Clients who have participated in the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program can apply to be an Influencer.

What commission levels does the FASTer Way to Fat Loss Influencer program offer?

You can click here to view our current commission rates.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a piece of data that is transferred to a computer in order to mark it for a later transaction. When clients click the custom affiliate link, it will track the clients and purchases so you can get a commission.

What is the cookie length?

Does it cost anything to become an Influencer?

No, it is free to join our Influencer program, and there are no minimum sales or other requirements to stay active.

Can I refer myself?

No. If you join our Influencer program and use the Influencer link to buy for your own personal gain, you will not receive a commission.

I'm outside the USA, can I still join your program?

Yes, you can sign up for our program from most countries.

WHO do I contact if I have questions about the Influencer program?

Contact our Influencer coordinator directly via email: