facebook prep week community group

By now you should have received an invitation to the Facebook prep week community group. We will utilize this group to communicate important information during prep week. We also host live video events in this group throughout your seven week experience. Your ability to post in this group will be limited due to the high volume of clients we serve. We kindly ask for you to remain patient with questions until you are in your smaller Facebook accountability group.


During prep week you will receive a Facebook accountability group invitation from your FASTer Way client specialist. This will be your small group throughout the program where you will post your daily macros, learn and grow with other clients, and receive helpful hints and feedback from client specialist. Rest assured that our entire FASTer Way team is available and ready to help support you in your journey. We will be checking groups daily to respond to questions and offer support. You can expect to see a response to your question within 24 hours (and typically, much sooner!).

conduct guidelines

We routinely hear from past clients about how much they enjoyed the community and accountability they experience in the FASTer Way. We request that you focus on remaining positive in your interactions and support of others within the Facebook communities. If you have a question or concern that you believe needs special attention, please reach out directly to your client specialist. Our goal is to see every client make progress and achieve their personal goals. Remember, “Progress over Perfection”.