HIIT/ Tabata


As prescribed in given workout


The goal of HIIT is to use maximal effort followed by rest within the time frame given, not complete every set or repetition listed. If your body reaches fatigue before the time is up, stop and recover. If there is time left in the interval start again. During the rest period, wipe down and get a sip of water. If you have not recovered in the time period given, let the clock keep running and skip the next effort and allow your body to finish recovering. Do not workout longer than 25 minutes (excluding the warm up, core and stretch) just to complete every set or repetition. Think of the the sets/reps in each HIIT workout as a buffet where you take the serving your body needs.

Week One

Tri-Sets and Combined Sets


Perform the requested number of repetitions in order for the three exercises in each Tri-Set. Perform three (3) sets of each Tri-Set. For a combined set, do the two moves back to back.

Rest 60-90 sec between each set.


Tri-Sets save time and raise metabolism. A single Tri-Set can be a total-body workout in itself.

These Tri-Sets are designed so that you can move quickly between exercises in one spot. Perform the requested number of repetitions (lower repetition means heavier weight) in order for the three exercises in each Tri-Set. Perform three (3) sets of each Tri-Set for the Wednesday and Thursday workouts. If you have time and want more, you can do four (4) sets on Wednesday and Thursday as well. Rest 60-90 sec between each Tri-Set. On Thursday, don't forget the Bicep "21's" at the end.

Week Two & Three

Single Straight Sets


Do a set of one exercise, rest, repeat. Complete all sets of one exercise before moving on to next exercise.


Performing straight sets is the standard method for arranging your weight training workout. Straight sets require you to perform a number of sets using the same number of repetitions and using the same weight. For example, you may perform three sets of 12 repetitions using 40 pounds for a particular exercise and two sets of six repetitions using 75 pounds for another.

Week Four & Five

As many reps as possible (AMRAP)


Start with heavier weight for sets that are 8-10 reps, then decrease weight for AMRAP set


AMRAP a strength and conditioning (muscular endurance) training technique. The goal is to perform as many repetitions (“reps”) of an exercise movement as possible in the final set. You drop your weight slightly for the final set but keep it heavy enough so that you go to failure without doing 30 reps or more.

What does failure feel like? You begin to lose technique and spinal alignment as you recruit other muscles to assist, namely arching though your spine, in order to complete the rep.