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As a business owner, personal trainer, wife and mother, I know how difficult it can be to plan and prep healthy meals for you and your family. With everything you juggle, thinking through meal plans can add an extra layer of stress to living a healthy lifestyle. That’s why I want to make the FASTer Way program as streamlined and straightforward as possible.  

We’ve created a cookbook full of amazing meals to make the FASTer Way Lifestyle easier to live. This cookbook has 21 FASTer-Way-approved recipes, a grocery list, sample meal plans, and lots of information about carb cycling, intermittent fasting, and macro counting.

The dinner recipes you see in this cookbook were created in partnership with FASTer Way to Fat Loss client and friend, Allison Davis. Allison is a chef at Wild Thyme Cooking in Lexington, KY.

Order the FASTer Way to Fat Loss Cookbook now!  

  • 21 FASTer Way Approved Meals

  • Sample Meal Plan

  • Bonus Recipes

  • Smoothie Recipes

  • Bonus side recipes

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Allison Davis, KY native & founder of Wild Thyme began cooking in her grandmother’s kitchen at an early seven years of age.  She developed an appreciation for food which led to her entrance into state cooking competitions where she nearly won every event! This early success inspired her to finish her undergraduate degree in business and enroll in the first Culinary program at Sullivan University-Lexington where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. Her love for food and business has led to the development of Wild Thyme where it's all about cooking up fun, teaching others the joy of cooking and sharing a communal meal together!


Allison is a mother, wife, and business owner. In 2011, Allison opened Wild Thyme, the first culinary school and open kitchen in the state of Kentucky. Soon after opening, Wild Thyme was featured in Paula Deen’s magazine as one of the top five cooking schools in the South. In 2014, Allison was awarded the most distinguished alumnus award from Sullivan University for her success as a chef and female entrepreneur. In 2016, Allison won the highest award at the annual Crave food festival featuring over 60 chefs from central Kentucky. In 2017, Wild Thyme was featured in Harper’s Bazaar magazine for their excellent catering services at a chic southern Kentucky barn wedding. Allison is a food blogger, television host, emcee and aspiring cookbook author. She is known for her creativity in the kitchen, commitment to healthy cuisine, and enjoys sharing her passion each day.