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The FASTer Way to Fat Loss has literally changed more than 100,000 lives. This cutting-edge program has helped women across the country burn fat, increase energy, and feel more in control of their food choices. There truly is no other program on the market that has gotten the consistent results the FASTer Way has.

Because I know this program is so effective, I want to do everything I can to simplify it for my clients, which is why we put together our first cookbook chock full of recipes to make the FASTer Way even easier.

That cookbook turned out to be a huge hit...so, we’ve decided to make another, and this one is just a bit different.

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss Cookbook 2.0 was created by my personal chef, Chef Donna. She has put together 30 deliciously simple, FASTer Way compliant recipes that feed my family on a daily basis. People always ask me how and what I eat as part of the FASTer Way lifestyle I live...well, my friends, this is truly what I eat on a daily basis.

Just like our first cookbook, there is a three week meal plan that matches the FASTer Way food cycle. In addition, each recipe has macro counts, and has been added to My Fitness Pal for ease of tracking.  


The FASTer Way to Fat Loss Cookbook 2.0  includes:

  • 6 Chicken recipes, 6 Beef recipes, 6 Pork Recipes, 6 Seafood recipes, and 3 side dishes

  • A 21 Day Sample Meal Plan

  • An overview of Intermittent Fasting, Carb Cycling, Macros and Effective Exercise Strategies

The Cost of the FASTer Way To Fat Loss Cookbook  is only $24.99


Order the FASTer Way to Fat Loss 2.0 Cookbook and Sample Meal Plan now!

As a business owner, personal trainer, wife and mother, I know how difficult it can be to plan and prep healthy meals for you and your family. With everything you juggle, thinking through meal plans can add an extra layer of stress to living a healthy lifestyle. That’s why I want to make the FASTer Way program as streamlined and straightforward as possible.  

We created a cookbook full of amazing meals to make the FASTer Way Lifestyle easier to live.

You loved that cookbook and asked for more recipes.

So, we are giving you more recipes. The ones I eat, every. single. day.

You know the effectiveness of the FASTer Way Lifestyle.

You've seen results and have fumbled your way through the first few weeks of counting macros and figuring out our food cycle.

Now, you can eat the same way I do, and make this already flexible lifestyle even easier!

What are you waiting for friend?

It's time to grab your copy of the FASTer Way Cookbook 2.0 and start cooking your way lean!