Our coaches are the best in the industry, but it’s not because they’re trained in the science behind our strategies (although that’s important). It’s because they are truly passionate about helping other people get well, prevent disease, and live with energy. It’s because they care about being a force for good and creating change in the world. An incredible example of this is Coach Queena, who was recently certified to coach the FASTer Way.

She is on fire—it was so much fun to talk to her and soak in her wisdom and enthusiasm. We had a great conversation that we’re excited to share with you because everyone can learn something from this amazing lady.

What was your journey like prior to the FASTer Way?
I was working out and eating clean—I felt like I had everything going on! My husband and I had recently gotten married and we were ready to have a baby. I got pregnant right away and I continued working out during my pregnancy, but I was NOT eating clean anymore. I just wanted all the McDonald’s!

I put on about 60 lbs BUT I just knew that I was going to bounce back.

I ended up having an emergency c-section, which I was not prepared for mentally, physically, or emotionally. I was so happy to have my son arrive safely, but I was broken down. This was not what I was supposed to look like OR feel like. My body was in so much pain that I couldn’t even move. I felt like everything I had worked toward during (and even before!) my pregnancy was stripped away from me.

I had no idea how I was going to make it, so I just kept looking every single day to see if the marks, saggy skin, and bandages were still there, and yes, they were still there. I went to my OBGYN and asked her what was going to happen to me. When would all this go away? She said, “Queena, all you can do with it is diet and exercise.” I didn’t want to hear that! I already knew about diet and exercise and it wasn’t working for me. So then she said I could also get surgery. That was NOT an option for me—I didn’t want to have surgery! 

I remembered that when I was pregnant I watched a FASTer Way coach that kept talking about carb cycling and intermittent fasting. I had studied these things before I was pregnant, but I had never thought to put them all together. She was so passionate about it that I wanted to try it because I knew if I put them all together, it would work! So, I reached out to this coach and said, “Quincy, I want to be a coach!!” 

I didn’t think I needed to go through the program first, but she told me I had to. And I thank God that I signed up because I saw how everything comes together—how I trained my mind to learn about food freedom. Before the FASTer Way, what I knew about clean eating was that I needed chicken, broccoli, and sweet potatoes. And that’s what I was eating every single day because that’s the only thing I knew. But when I got educated about the different types of food I could eat and make it work for me, that was what really set me on fire and made me want to take the FASTer Way to the next level and have it become my own.

I fell in love with the program because before, I always felt like I was put inside a box and I had to starve myself. But with the FASTer Way, I was enjoying so many different foods that I was inspired to start cooking! Honey, before the FASTer Way, you couldn’t pay me to cook! But now I’m making all kinds of food I never thought I’d make and I enjoy eating them all. These foods are helping me hit my goals and I no longer have to starve myself.

And can we talk about the workouts?? Before I was pregnant, I was in the gym 6 out of 7 days every week. I didn’t make the 7th day because I was extremely exhausted—and even then, I felt like a failure. I felt like I had to be in the gym every single day in order to feel like I had accomplished something.

So when I was presented with the FASTer Way plan that told me to take 2 days off and only work out for 30 minutes on days I did work out, I was worried!! I thought I needed to be in the gym for an hour! It was really hard for me to let go of that, but once I did, I felt free.

I love that I can now rest and put my mind on other things. I can do yoga or just go on a walk. I appreciate that this program believes we just need time to take a breather.

I also love that the program focuses on progress, not perfection. I love that because I am a work in progress! I constantly need grace. Sometimes I eat too much hummus or natural peanut butter but my mindset is different—now I know what my plan is. I know that tomorrow I can use that food for fuel to take me through my next workout. Or I’ll just make sure I drink the water I need. I’m not a failure. I don’t have to feel like I fell off of anything. I just have to keep going!! That’s what I tell my clients. Just keep going and learn from it!! Life doesn’t have to stop.

Another aspect I love about the FASTer Way is the morals centered around God. I’m centered around my base and who I believe in, so when I hear everyone talk about giving back to your community and church, I know this company isn’t just about money. It’s really about helping people. That’s what let me know that this is where I needed to be.

I’m just on fire to encourage other people that YES, you can do this!

What kind of example do you hope to set for your kids, family, and community through your work as a FASTer Way coach?

I feel like that example is already being put into place! My mother is now asking me for advice instead of giving it because she sees that this is real. I love that I’m leaving the education behind with the people I talk to!

I hope the example I give is to empower women and men that they can be educated enough that they feel they can do this on a day-to-day basis. This is not something that only lasts for 30 days. This is something you can do for a lifetime. And ALSO giving yourself grace—that’s very important to me.

My goal as a coach is to TEACH you how to fish, not simply to give you a fish.

Ultimately, I want to ask three things. Can I educate you? Can I encourage you? Can I empower you? 

That right there? Honey, my job is done!

What goals do you have as a FASTer Way coach?

I want to take 300 men and women through this program by the end of this year. And by next year, I would love to double that. I would also love to have people fall in love with the program so much that they want to be a coach and help other people too. I want to help the coaches under me see what THEY can do as well.

What does coaching mean for your family?

Coaching is everything. This helps my family because my mother recently suffered two strokes. She found out she has hyperthyroidism, which is what lead to the strokes. So now we can take a look at what she’s eating and make sure she’s balanced so she doesn’t have to go through something like that again.

In my house we’re talking about protein, we’re talking about fat, we’re talking about carbs! My eight-year-old son is reading labels—he’ll tell me how much protein something has and we’ll decide if we should eat that or something else.

My husband and I are a great team. We help each other by cooking, I check his macros, and we keep each other accountable.

What would you say to someone who is considering becoming a coach but is hesitant because they don’t have all the experience?

You don’t need experience! But I get it! There are so many amazing coaches, and rightfully so, there should be. There are so many people that are called to this because it’s in their spirit and their heart and you see the passion that comes out every single day.

You wonder, can I do it? I say BE YOU. Be authentic because people love that. People want YOU. They don’t always want the most experienced person with every single degree and title. People just want you to talk to them like a human being and help them at their level.

Ask yourself this, DO YOU CARE ABOUT PEOPLE?


If you love people and you love the FASTer Way, you will be successful! It takes practice, but you have to put yourself out there. You will fumble and make mistakes, but life doesn’t end, just give yourself grace. People love when you’re authentic. Be real about it, correct your mistakes, and move forward.

What advice would you give to new coaches?

Put yourself in your client’s shoes. What do they need? What would YOU need if you were in their place? How can you meet them where they’re at?

Take the time to learn. Be engaged. Be involved.

You might not know everything, but just know that people have trusted you enough to sign up. It is your job to go above and beyond.

There are so many nuggets being dropped in our coach group that we just have to pick them up. We have to take a risk and apply it!

Don’t worry about how many people are signing up, just make sure you’re giving a message that represents the values of this company, and share what you’re doing and the strategies you’re living. People will come.


See what we mean? Coach Queena is one of a kind and we are honored to have her as a coach and friend. If you’d like more information about how to become a coach, be sure to join us for our next live coach event! We open this opportunity only once every three months, so don’t miss your chance to see what it’s really all about!