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Medical emergencies often serve as a sort of wake-up call to better health. But for Courtney Schultz, a top FASTer Way to Fat Loss influencer, her wake-up call was drawn out over the course of seven years.

It all started in 2010. Between gaining a few newlywed pounds and 50 pounds of pregnancy weight in just one year, Courtney developed gestational hypertension during her first pregnancy. She worked hard to lose the baby weight, but eating for fuel and exercising with intention were not her focus. Instead, hitting the gym felt like a chore, and Courtney found herself feeling insecure and miserable even at her pre-pregnancy weight.

Courtney was pregnant again the next year and tried to be more mindful of weight gain, but again experienced gestational hypertension. Instead of adjusting her diet, Courtney treated her high blood pressure with medication.

Just three weeks after the birth of her second son, Courtney suffered a stroke that left her in the neuro intensive care unit where doctors determined that her extreme high blood pressure caused dissections in her vertebral arteries, which then led to multiple strokes in her cerebellum.

Something had to change, but Courtney wasn’t ready. The following months were spent in a depressed, drug-induced funk. Between pain medications, high blood pressure medications, and the fear of leaving behind two little boys, Courtney found herself in the darkest place of her life.

Another five years passed and Courtney experienced two more pregnancies. Finally ready for a new lifestyle after the birth of her fourth child, Courtney discovered the FASTer Way. She was ready to shed the baby weight once and for all and have a fresh start.

Not only did she reach those goals, but what Courtney discovered through the FASTer Way was even more life-changing:

“The FASTer Way has given me such power in my relationship with food! Food is something I am now PASSIONATE about and I truly believe in the power of healing and wellness through our nutrition because of the information and education provided by the program.”

Courtney spent years ignoring all the signs her body was giving her—like headaches, bloating, and high blood pressure—to signal that something was not right. Through the FASTer Way, she now knows how to use nutrition, rest, and exercise to give her body what it needs to thrive!

“They say if you know better, do better. Now that I know this way of living, and this level of care for my body, I can never go back to treating my body like a dumpster again. I still enjoy frequent treats, celebrations and indulgences, but my norm is whole food nutrition.”

Now as a FASTer Way to Fat Loss influencer, Courtney is using her story to help change the lives of her clients: “I’m forever grateful to have found this program and to have been able to lead others to it as well!”

You can follow along on Courtney’s journey by following her on Instagram or by visiting her website.

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