Photo courtesy of Kim Stringfellow

Photo courtesy of Kim Stringfellow

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all the incredible moms in our FASTer Way family! Since the start of the program, countless women have turned to the FASTer Way to hit their postpartum goals and ultimately learn to love their bodies in the process.

We’ve had a front-row seat to watch many of these women turn their love for the lifestyle into a life-changing career as a Certified Coach. To celebrate, we asked some of our coaches to share what they love about the FASTer Way, and how their careers have impacted their roles as moms.

Photo courtesy of Chloe Lane Olliges

Photo courtesy of Chloe Lane Olliges

Check out what Chloe has to say about practicing self-control through the FASTer Way:

“Self-control… it’s got quite a weight to it. I went from under-eating for 5 years, and living off of caffeine to now having full control over my food and how I fuel my body. I was unable to perform the bedtime routine for so long and my family got the brunt of mommy always being too tired! I needed to have self control and learn a new way of living.

With the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, I have learned of goals to reach, how to fuel my body, and how to have self control! I gave myself wholeheartedly to those first 7 weeks of my first round, and I gained my entire life back! I will always be grateful for this the lifestyle and how it has taught me how to have a game plan!”

-Chloe Lane Olliges, Certified Coach

Courtney is using her FASTer Way career to teach her daughters about reaching their full potential. Here’s what she has to say:

Photo courtesy of Courtney Van Horn

Photo courtesy of Courtney Van Horn

“My husband and I have been blessed to build, manage, and sell several urgent care clinics in Atlanta. I'm so grateful for this blessing in our life but I had such a strong desire to do something dynamic for my family. I want to build an empire for my daughters and for them to see that I, their mom, did it. Not Dad. One night I was putting my oldest daughter to sleep and I said, ‘Mommy is going to earn $1,000,000 for our family one day.’ She said, ‘You can't do that, you are a mommy.’ I knew right then and there that it was up to me to CHANGE the dialogue for my girls. I will show them that we can do it all. We don't have to choose and what better way to earn a living than helping others achieve their health goals!

I'm so grateful to the FWTFL for this opportunity to build a lucrative and ethical business while setting an example for my daughters that I can be proud of!”

-Courtney Van Horn, Certified Coach

Hear more from our community below!


April Formo

“Thank goodness for the energy surge from the FASTer Way! My day is now getting started! We have competition cheer Sunday and Monday nights for a couple of hours. Our cheer gym is an hour away but we LOVE it! We have karate three nights a week too! I am thankful to have a program that helps me stay fit, promotes health, and provides money for me and my sweet family. I get to do what I love, make a great income, and be with my family. That’s a win, win, win!”


Lauren Glynn

People ask me all the time how I juggle being a mom of 3 kids under 5 years old, working part-time outside of the home, and running my FASTer Way coaching business. I always tell them, there's no way I could do it without following the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program! It gives me so much energy!! Before the program, I couldn't go a day without a nap, and now I am the energizer bunny getting everything done to run a successful business outside of my home! FASTer Way to Fat Loss has changed my life in every way possible! I am forever grateful to Amanda Tress and her team for giving me this life-changing and life-giving opportunity!'


Jamie Davidson

“Finding the FASTer Way was just what I needed during the busy-ness of being a mom. It’s so easy to forget to take time for yourself but it is so necessary! Sometimes I work out with my little man by my side (or crawling all over me), sometimes I sneak away to the gym while hubby is home, and sometimes I squeeze in my workout at home while my little man naps. I make time to take care of myself so I can be a better mom! I love being able to show my little man from the very beginning that health, fitness, and nutrition is something I value! #momlife is the best life and becoming a FASTer Way to Fat Loss coach has allowed me to follow my passions while staying home with my boy!”


Katie Preston

“Certified FASTer Way to Fat Loss Coach, Registered Nurse, Military Wife and most importantly a mom. I can’t even tell you how much my quality of life has improved since starting the FASTer Way last June. Almost immediately my energy shot through the roof and my anxiety disappeared. A few weeks in and my confidence and sense of accomplishment soared. Can I tell you that in the beginning I actually felt guilty for taking the time for myself?!? Ridiculous really because I have become such a better wife and mother. Such an awesome program and I know I am (as is my family) eternally grateful to have found it! ♥️♥️”


Lindsey Lam

“I joined the FASTer Way and I have since learned how to find balance with nutrition, fitness, motherhood, and workflow. I don’t rely on coffee; whole food nutrition now fuels my energy. I feel so in control of my body. I have lost over 25 inches and I am falling in love with my new body composition. Most importantly, I am setting an example daily for my Mini-Me. She watches my every move and copies all that I do. I am #winning every time I hear her request fruits/veggies (especially broccoli) over junk foods. I am #winning when she asks to go on a walk. I feel so proud that I get to set this example so early on in her life and lay the foundation of a healthy, happy, and fulfilling lifestyle."


Kelly Cousino

“Anything worthwhile takes time & effort! And I am still a work in progress as I navigate the busy world of being a mom. But I do know for sure, that if I take care of myself and ‘work on me’ then I, in turn, can be the very best version of myself to my husband, children, extended family, & friends. Life as a Mom is crazy busy but we’re all in this together! FASTer Way To Fat Loss has helped me become a better version of myself, and I am so grateful!! Thanks from the bottom of this busy mama's heart!! <3”

We know that mommin’ ain’t easy. That’s why we’re passionate about empowering women and men to change their lives by becoming FASTer Way to Fat Loss Certified Coaches—those life-changing results will affect every area of your life! Interested in learning more? Be sure to register for our next LIVE coach information event!

How has the FASTer Way made you a better mom? Drop a comment below so we can celebrate with you!