At the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, we don’t believe in deprivation. That’s why we designed our food cycle to allow our clients to enjoy their favorite treats on Leg Day, totally guilt-free. We work out a large muscle group—our legs—which results in a ramped up metabolism, turning our bodies into fat-burning machines all day long.  

Our weekly food cycle builds up to Leg Day, and trust us, we love it as much as you do! But is there anything worse than feeling like your Leg Day is a flop?! To help you avoid a “Leg Day let down,” here are a few tips to make the most of it.

Crush Your Workout

You probably know that we’re serious about our donuts, but we’re even more intentional with our workouts. Leg day isn’t the time to skip your workout or to “get through it” half-heartedly. Whenever possible, schedule your Saturday around your workout. Prioritize hitting the gym or your home exercise area before you enjoy your treat. Can’t stand the thought of spending 45 minutes of your Saturday exercising? Make it fun! Grab a friend to workout with you, or move your weights outdoors and enjoy the view.

Leg Day is the perfect day to push yourself. Whether that means increasing your weights or graduating from the low impact workouts to the gym or home exercises, give 110% of your effort. Remember, you’re not working out to “earn” your treat, but don’t let that stop you from challenging yourself.

Be Intentional with Your Macros

A common misconception about Leg Day is that it’s a cheat day. Our weekly food cycle includes low carb days and regular macro days, but note that there’s no mention of a cheat day.

Being intentional with your macros on Leg Day is the major difference. Take time to pre-plan your macros. Enter your planned treat first, and fill the rest of your macros with balanced whole foods. This will help you stay on track through Leg Day and avoid letting one treat snowball into a day of bad choices.

It’s also important to be intentional with your treat of choice. There’s nothing worse than indulging in a treat just to see something you’d rather enjoy later. Being choosy with your treats will keep you from mindlessly grazing throughout the day.

Progress Over Perfection

We get it—life happens and leg day treats can get out of hand. If your leg day ends up looking like more of a cheat day, don’t beat yourself up! Learn from your mistakes, and get right back on track the next day. That’s the beautiful thing about the FASTer Way lifestyle; you can pick up right where you left off. Remember, our motto is progress over perfection. Every day is the opportunity to make progress in our health and fitness goals.

Let’s hear it, how do you make the most of your leg day? More importantly, what’s your favorite leg day treat? Comment below!