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What do fitness, twins, and entrepreneurship have in common?  From the sound of it, not much, but if you ask Ali Brown, she’ll tell you that they have everything to do with each other!

Let me explain.  

My dear friend and business coach Ali Brown had never heard of me or the FASTer Way to Fat Loss before I approached her last year about becoming a business coaching client.  (Ali is an incredible business mind… she has been featured on,,,, Business News Daily, The Huffington Post, Smart Business Los Angeles, and many more!)

Interestingly, she had never heard of Intermittent Fasting, but when she saw the explosive growth of the FASTer Way, she was definitely intrigued!  

It wasn’t just the business end of the FASter Way that got her attention, it was the  nutrition strategies as well. Ali had given birth to twins and, despite her background and passion for fitness, she wasn’t able to lose the pregnancy weight.  Ali says, “Since having my twins, I kind of settled into my new weight, thinking I would have to suffer incredibly to get back to my previous size, so I wasn’t interested in any of it.”

She decided to try some of the FASTer Way strategies and after two weeks she could already tell a difference.  Three months into it, she’d lost 25 pounds. She realized that she didn’t have to suffer in order to reach her goals!  That’s the magic of the FASTer Way, it’s accessible to everyone and the lifestyle is completely sustainable!

The FASTer Way was helping thousands of women become super fat burners by way of a proprietary system that combines intermittent fasting with Paleo eating, carb cycling, and rotating workouts (even for beginners). If it sounds intimidating, it was at first. But even doing most of the recommendations — I literally saw my body changing in the first two weeks! And I’m still going strong.

You can hear more about Ali’s incredible story in our podcast interview.  It was such an honor to be on her show, and I’d love for you to listen!

Ali and I will hold a special Zoom meeting (listen to the podcast for all the details!), so be sure to register so you can join us.  Together, Ali and I will answer your questions so you can jumpstart your new health journey!  You’ll leave this meeting excited and inspired and ready to CRUSH your goals!