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The FASTer Way to Fat Loss is spreading quickly because once our clients experience incredible results through this sustainable lifestyle, they’re hooked and can’t get enough!  Not only that, our clients love to talk about how they did it and how others can see the same amazing results.

Even bloggers are jumping in with both feet and sharing what they love so much about the program!  I am truly honored and humbled each time someone shares the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, and I never get tired of seeing the amazing success my clients are having!

It’s not just the fat loss that gets me so excited, it’s the non-scale victories.  When my clients tell me they finally have the energy to play with their kids or grandkids, they’re fitting into clothes they never thought they’d wear again, they’re discovering a liberating new way to eat, and especially that they feel like themselves again… I feel so much gratitude!  I absolutely love hearing that my clients are doing such amazing things and living life the way they truly want to live it!

Have you ever had questions about the FWTFL?  Maybe you’ve wondered...

  • I'm busy/have toddlers/work a lot/have health issues/travel for work/etc... will this program work for me?

  • Is there a meal plan that I need to follow with this program?

  • What exactly is the membership? If you can 'learn' the program in one session why pay for ongoing coaching?

  • Are treats, ice cream, sugar, wine, and beer out forever? What about dairy and gluten?

  • How do I successfully eat out or travel while doing the program?

Then be sure to check out the adorable Jill from Good Life For Less! She’s sharing her experience, answering your questions, and sharing her progress photos!

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If you’re thinking, “I don’t need to sign up for this, I’m doing great on my current plan!,” then you might want to check out what Amy from A Cup Full of Sass has to say: “...before starting this program I thought I was in really good shape. I was eating healthy and working out at least 3 days a week. It wasn’t until starting this program that I realized I wasn’t at all what I thought I was.” I hear this all. the. time. from my clients.  They discover a whole new level of fitness they didn’t know they could achieve!


The FASTer Way to Fat Loss isn’t a quick-fix gimmick that will depress hormone function, mess with your insulin, and end with rebound weight gain.  It’s not a diet or a calorie-restriction plan. It’s a lifestyle that will actually improve your health as you lose fat and weight. Since it’s a lifestyle, not a quick fix, you can keep it up forever without feeling deprived or frustrated!  Click here for more information or to register for the next round!  Better health starts now, join us to accelerate your success AND your health!

And it’s not just my younger clients like Jill and Amy.  It works just as well if you’re a little more “seasoned” than the average client.  Beth is the perfect example! At age 59 she decided to give herself the gift of health and wanted to be in the best shape of her life by the time she turned 60.  She has done AMAZING things, so be sure to check out what she thinks about the program and see if she’s reached her goal!