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Our FASTer Way to Fat Loss coaches get certified because they’re passionate about the program and want to share better health with others, but they love coaching the FASTer Way because it provides so much more than just a paycheck.  

FASTer Way coaches aren’t simply getting certified and then running a solo operation.  Our coaches are joining a supportive team that not only helps them grow their business, but is there to answer questions, offer advice, and provide a space where coaches connect as colleagues.  Many of our coaches have formed strong friendships with each other, and we LOVE seeing them meet up and expand their influence!

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The FWTFL community is like having a hundred women (and men) with the same goals cheering you on, wanting you to succeed and providing help when needed!
— Sarah Widener

Running an online business can get lonely, but our coach community solves that problem.  There is always someone there to help, answer questions, support you on a hard day, and rejoice with you when you succeed!

Being part of the FWTFL Coach Community is being part of a tribe of women with hearts of gold looking to spread love, encouragement, and health with the world around them.

The FWTFL team works hard to ensure that we have all the tools we need to succeed as a coach, and is quick to help and encourage us when we need it.
— Christy Cabán
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So even though being a FASTer Way to Fat Loss® certified is coach is so much more than a paycheck, I don’t want you to think that we don’t focus on helping you earn a significant income. We absolutely do! I truly believe this is the most powerful way to change the world—to equip and empower people to earn a significant income that they can recirculate to family, church, and community.

Just this year alone, I have been able to reach over 1000 women all over the world.

Being a FWTFL Coach has provided financial freedom. In this last year I have 10X my business and it continues to grow. I am so excited for what the future holds.

It brings me so much joy and purpose.
— Jenny Mire

One of the core values of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss is generosity, and we take it seriously.  We truly want to change the world by allowing more people to be generous themselves, and support other businesses.  That’s why we offer an incredible compensation package that is truly changing lives!

In less than two months, I earned back my coaching certification investment. I have been able to bring over 50 clients through the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program and have seen these clients achieve amazing results. I have gained an increased knowledge of digital marketing, especially within the social media platforms. I have also increased my confidence as a personal trainer with my new training and skills acquired as being a part of the FWTFL program. I have also seen significant financial gains that help allow me to stay home with my two boys.
— Marissa Corra
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This is exactly what gets us up every morning.  The FASTer Way to Fat Loss isn’t just changing our clients’ lives, it’s changing our coaches’ lives, and I’m so inspired every day by the amazing things that are happening in this community!

The earning potential as a FASTer Way to Fat Loss Coach is exponential.  I am on target for a six-figure income this year!
— Vivian Gill

If you’re interested in learning more about the coaching opportunity, then be sure to add your name to the waitlist.  We open certification just a few times a year, so if you think it’s a good fit for you, don’t wait to sign up!

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