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We are constantly amazed at the coaches in our FASTer Way to Fat Loss® community.  The hard work, the dedication, the passion...we are so inspired every day by what these women are doing!

One of the best things about our certified coaching opportunity is that you DON’T have to wait years before you start seeing big growth in your business. Did you know that most small businesses aren’t actually profitable in the first year? In fact, it typically takes the average business 2-3 years to reach profitability.  Our coaches make a small investment and almost immediately start seeing a big return!

We’re SO inspired by Krystal Jones, a certified coach who joined us earlier this year.  Just a few months after certification, she made back more than 3x her investment! Krystal said, “I have made over $10k! Yes, ya heard that right! In two rounds, I've made over $10K. Never anticipated to make back the investment so quickly.”

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss program is changing our clients’ health, but the FASTer Way to Fat Loss certification is changing our coaches’ lives.  And that’s exactly why we get up in the morning!

Listen to what Krystal has to say about it!

Let me tell you, I wake up DAILY with this massive desire to do my job!  Nothing dreadful about it. My job has complete purpose, regardless of the money attached.  THAT is everything. I am held more accountable myself, and I LOVE that. I want excellence in my own health and wellness. NOT perfection, excellence. Being saturated in this lifestyle DAILY helps me make significant growth in my own education about what is BEST for my body.

When Krystal first joined the FWTFL as a client, she “LOVED” how empowered, educated and in control she felt. And she wanted to SHARE that with women everywhere.

Now, as a coach, Krystal says, “More than ANYTHING, I have helped EACH woman that I've trained grow either physically, mentally, or emotionally. I couldn't have done this without the FWTFL, without the team, without the coach group page. Endless amounts of gratitude.”

When we asked Krystal to describe the coaching community, she used these words:

  • Supportive

  • Understanding

  • Like-minded

  • Passionate

The best thing about this list is that these are the same traits Krystal (and all of our coaches!) brings to the table.  

These are strong, passionate women who come together to lift, support, cheer, help and connect with each other.  We have ZERO competition in our community because we’re careful to bring coaches in who share our abundance mentality.  This is completely unique in the fitness industry. We help each other succeed rather than see each other as competitors.

“What a company, what a team, what a mission and what purpose!  I'm blessed to be part of this and cannot wait to see where we go."

-Krystal Jones

To join the FASTer Way to Fat Loss coaching opportunity waiting list, visit our website!  Because of overwhelming interest, we open interviews only a few times per year, so be sure to get on the list now.


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