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I’m inspired every. single. day. by the incredible women and men in the FASTer Way Coach Community. These coaches are great leaders and experts at what they do. They hustle hard and strive to provide incredible service that empowers their clients.  


Working with these women and men is one of my greatest passions, and empowering them to earn significant income is what the FASTer Way coach certification is all about.

One of these amazing coaches is Tessa Guevara.  Tessa is a FASTer Way To Fat Loss Coach and a CRNA (that’s a nurse anesthesiologist…it’s okay, I had to Google it, too), and is currently studying to be a Functional Nutritionist.  She is crazy passionate about helping women be or discover the best versions of themselves, and getting healthy from the inside out.

Here’s another reason Tessa is so inspiring.  She is passionate about female hormonal changes, which is one of the many reasons she loves being a FASTer Way coach.  She says, “The program is 100% hormone-healthy and supportive of women just like me. I also love the focus on whole-food nutrition, which is vital to feeling great and energetic.”

Tessa has done an incredible job growing her business. Here’s what she has to say about working with my team:

“I cannot say enough about the FASTer Way dream team and how their support has helped me be a better person in so many ways. They have helped me to stand up, be heard and be seen. To speak regardless of whether people listened, to think about the issues of others, and they’ve pushed me—waaaaayyyy out of my comfort zone—to solve the issues, because they knew I could. Their belief in me has made me believe that I can make a difference and influence the health of others. I could not be more grateful. In fact, I daily think of the team and how grateful I am to be in contact with them.”

I’m grateful for incredible clients like Tessa, and I LOVE watching her succeed!

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