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The FASTer Way to Fat Loss is the best program on the market today. It will get you leaner, stronger, and healthier than anything else out there. However, I am often met with criticism when I say this. People are quick to point out that there are other ways to get lean, and that the FASTer Way is not the only option.

They are right. There are PLENTY of ways to get lean.

You can go low carb, hit a CrossFit Gym, and live a competition prep lifestyle to get lean. You could hire a personal trainer to work with you 3-4 times a week, and follow a strict meal plan to get lean. You could go Paleo, Keto or Vegan and get lean. There are tons of ways you could get lean. However, most of those ways require significant amounts sacrifice, planning, and time.

My clients are willing to plan, hit the gym, and make sacrifices, but they also want to live their lives. They want to eat donuts on the weekend, and enjoy a night out without feeling guilty. They want to work out for a few hours per week, not a few hours per day. They want freedom and flexibility without sacrificing their results. They want a program that is sustainable long-term and that won’t have a negative effect on their hormones, energy levels, and mood. These women are busy. They can’t spend hours meal prepping and obsessing over tracking every morsel of food that goes into their mouths. They are interested in getting lean, yes, but they are equally interested in feeling more confident, sleeping better, feeling more energized, and improving their overall health.

These are the clients for whom the FASTer Way was created. The people who have eaten clean and hit the cardio for years, without seeing the results they really want. The people who want to repair the hormonal damage that occurred because of years of dieting. The people who want to go to the gym, without competing. The people who want to wake up every morning feeling energized and confident, not sore, depleted, and overwhelmed by their meal plan. The people who want to get lean and eat their donuts too. These are my people. These are the 100,000+ whose lives have been changed by the FASTer Way. For these men and women, there are plenty of ways they could get lean, but only ONE FASTer Way to Fat Loss.

One comprehensive program that gives them health, strength, flexibility and freedom...in addition to getting leaner.

I hear the critics, and I agree with them. The FASTer Way is not the only option, but for my clients, and the type of people this program was created for, it truly is the BEST option!