Generosity isn’t just something we appreciate in the FASTer Way to Fat Loss.


It’s something we DO.

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss is so focused on generosity that it’s actually become one of the core values of the company.  We believe in it. We practice it. We love it. We live it.

Our certified coaches are all in when it comes to our FASTer Way core values, and they truly exemplify our mission to take Bold Action, move forward with Excellence and Integrity, and practice Generosity as part of their everyday lives.

Our coach community is extraordinary and so very inspiring!  They aren’t just changing lives through bettering health with the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program, they’re changing lives by generously giving part of what they earn to causes dear to their hearts.

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A perfect example is our very own FASTer Way to Fat Loss Marketing Director Lindsey Murray.  She lives in Florida near the area affected by Hurricane Michael. She wanted to do something to help.  She felt called to do something beyond donating money, so she got to work!

She utilized her gift of teaching to offer an online class on a donation-only basis.  As of this writing, she has raised nearly $8,000! She received donations from many people, but much of that was raised by members of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss family, especially the Coach Community.  

She used these donations to buy much-needed fuel, supplies, and necessities for the linemen and those displaced. She bought locks and tarps so people could secure their generators and items in their homes. Lindsey and her husband took 2 truckloads of food, clothes, goods, and supplies to people who needed it most.

The most important donation came in the form of fuel. A local business owner built 3 large diesel fuel tanks, knowing that many people would need gas to power generators, chainsaws, tractors, skid steers, etc.  Lindsey has been able to purchase the gas to fill these tanks with more plans to purchase additional fuel, deliver food, clothes, blankets, and toys to displaced families living in tents.

I am truly inspired by this incredible act of generosity, not just from Lindsey, but from everyone who donated to support her idea and further her cause.  Incredible!

Our coaches are consistently inspiring each other as well. We celebrate our wins every Friday in our coach community, and oftentimes they will share their excitement over the generous donations they’re able to make. Here are just a few examples of the impact our coaches are making!

  • Melissa Mattingly said, “My biggest win was donating 15% of my earnings so far to a nonprofit group in KY called Carin for Nurses!”

  • Stacy Davis said, “I was able to donate to TWO of my clients’ nonprofit organizations! Makes my heart feel so good to give back to what they believe in! One being a local pregnancy crisis center and the other a cancer benefit for a young girl—they ride bikes across the country to raise money and spread awareness! So awesome! Thank you, Amanda Tress and team, for giving me this opportunity!”

  • Adrian Mamikonian shared, “My biggest win will be later today when I announce I’ll be donating 50% of my commission from my next round to Girls on the Run, an organization I’m involved in as a coach and a parent. I’ve also done an interview for them on how the program has given consistency and confidence to my daughter as we move with the Navy. They are so grateful and have agreed to do a Live video with me to share about GOTR and how our values are sooo similar! Let’s start building our girls up EARLY!”

  • Shannon Hyem said she’s, “...making a donation from my first round to the local tennis team for a summer camp they wouldn’t have been able to fund! Life is fantastic!!”


This is such a powerful win-win-win situation and I am truly inspired with each and every win I read!  Our coaches are having a real impact. They are creating change in the world, and it’s not just benefiting the people they’re helping… it’s incredible for our coaches as well!

Ashley Johnson has been able to give more than just money to help her favorite cause.  She said, “I’ve been able to give back to my community with my earnings from my first round! I chose to give not just a monetary donation to the EMMA House, but also donate my time because, oddly enough, I have a bit of that to give these days. The EMMA House is a Christian-based house for homeless pregnant women or women fleeing from domestic violence. I am also a car seat technician and I have offered to volunteer my time to do a car seat safety presentation. What a great feeling to give back!”

It’s so exciting to see our coaches give to their favorite community organizations, but we also love seeing them donate to their churches and even their friends’ religious endeavors.

Robyn Lee told us, “I have a friend going on a mission trip. She helped spread the word about the program and I loved being able to donate $75/person who signed up to her trip. Generosity is probably my top favorite thing about being a coach with this program. Amanda is a great example of what she has done for us as coaches. Pass it along.”

If you’d like to see what this movement is all about, join the coach waitlist to be notified of our next Sneak Peek event!  Lives are being changed in so many exciting ways.

What will YOU do to make a difference?


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