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The success of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss online program has truly been unparalleled in the fitness industry. Through the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, thousands of women have shed unwanted fat, increased their energy and improved their overall health. Time after time, woman after woman, the results speak incredible volumes about the effectiveness of this program, and its ability to change lives.

Because of the success of the FASTer Way, I simply could not keep this program to myself. Enter the FASTer Way to Fat Loss coaches certification. This certification program was created because I wanted to empower other women, interested in building their own fitness business, with the skills and content necessary to be successful. Since creating the certification, I’ve already had over 70 women pass the exam and begin building their FASTer Way businesses.

And now...if you are a certified personal trainer or group fitness professional, you can earn CEU credits toward your recertification! I just got word that NASM/AFAA have approved the FASTer Way coaches certification for recert credits. This accreditation only further solidifies what thousands of women already know to be true...the FASTer Way to Fat Loss works. It is based on real science. It gets real results in a truly safe way. NASM and AFAA agree that the information provided in the FASTer Way Certification is not only valid, but holds an important place in the fitness industry and today’s wellness landscape.

If you are a certified trainer who has always wanted to take your business online, the FASTer Way to Fat Loss cert would be a perfect fit for you. Upon completion of this certification, you are the owner of your very own FASTer Way to Fat Loss business. You keep 100% of the profits from your FASTer Way programs. You run your boot camps when you want to. You are in the driver’s seat...with ALL of the support and content you need to be successful. You don’t have to worry about programming, tech or any of the bootcamp materials. As a coach, you have full access to all of that.

This program will without a question, get your clients results. The certification process will help you grow as a professional, while giving you everything you need to run a successful online fitness business.

If you are interested in learning more about the certification, it’s requirements, and whether or not you would be a good fit for the program, sign up for a free consult here. I am very selective with my certification program. I want to ensure that it is truly in the hands of those who want to improve people’s lives while earning a significant income to give back! If that sounds like you, let’s chat. My slots are limited, so grab one today!