I am officially out of my first trimester, which is truly a good thing! My nausea has finally subsided and I am feeling worlds better. Since this pregnancy was so unexpected, there have been some definite adjustments made on the fly, but overall I am feeling pretty good.

My workouts have been…

Consistent and intense. Despite traveling a lot, I have been able to do two-a-day workouts. I am doing one heavier strength training workout in the morning and then a 2-3 mile walk in the afternoon/evening. Honestly, I have kept this so tight because I feel best when I am working out. My time in the gym is truly one of the times I feel most energized. So, we are squeezing in workouts every day!

Since I am hitting the gym so hard, I am also hitting my naps so hard. Two a day workouts call for two a day naps. Every. Single. Day.

Nutrition has been…

Rough, but is getting better. I was so sick for the first few weeks that the thought of most foods made me incredibly nauseated. To add to that stress, I was traveling a lot and ended up eating a super carb-heavy diet. This went on through about week 9, and I have since started to get back on track. I enjoyed my breakfast sandwich phase in weeks 6-9, as did Brandon, and am now focused on eating a clean whole-food diet for the remainder of my pregnancy.

I had been giving myself a lot of grace with dairy, wheat, and grains during the first few weeks of pregnancy, but am tightening things back up and plan on finishing out this pregnancy with everything in check.

I am still fasting daily, but have been a bit more flexible with the start and end time of my eating window.


This pregnancy has gone really well. My biggest struggles have been nutrition and exhaustion. My nutrition is back on track, and I am hoping that will help increase my energy levels a bit. I tend to feel a lot more energized and comfortable when I am dairy free and gluten free, so whole food is the way to go for me for the rest of my pregnancy.

The exhaustion has been hard to work around. Thankfully, I have a fantastic team that can pick up some slack for me. However, I am so ready to get my energy back so I can hustle like I normally do. Business has been incredible for the last two months, but it has been hard for me to keep up with the growth due to my exhaustion. I am hoping to feel more like myself in the weeks to come!

In the meantime, I am developing a FASTer Way to Fat Loss Fit Pregnancy program for women who were fit before they got pregnant and would like to remain that way. I can’t wait to roll this program out for you ladies here shortly! Stay tuned.