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A six week fitness program is not enough.

I can say that because I run an incredibly successful 6 week fitness program, The FASTer Way to Fat Loss, and I can tell you one round is NOT enough to keep you healthy for life.


It is a great start. With one round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, clients see incredible results: they lose weight, get stronger, increase their energy levels, improve their digestion and get better sleep. Those results are consistent and they are amazing, but I highly recommend my clients don’t stop there.


  • Because a lasting lifestyle change takes more than six weeks.

  • Because unless you’ve reached your goal, you need to continue working toward it.

  • Because at the end of the day, even the most motivated people need some accountability and encouragement.

So, 6 weeks will give you skills, knowledge, and results—but won’t be enough to last you a lifetime.

It’s a common myth that creating a new habit takes 21 days. However, research has actually shown that on average, it takes people 66 days to create 1 new habit 1. That’s a little over 9 weeks! Those going through a program like FASTer Way are changing a number of habits all at once. So, going through at least 2 rounds of a 6-week program makes a lot more sense than just 1 round.

What about after that?

Some people feel as though they no longer need the support and accountability of a program after participating in a round or two. However, many love their results so much they want to learn more, get stronger, and keep seeing results in terms of their health, fitness level and performance, even after reaching their goal weight. Those who continue to adjust their plan as they become more advanced continue to see results, while many who opt out of accountability and the next level, find themselves sitting at a plateau, or going back to their old ways.

Finding accountability, encouragement and a continued plan that gets gradually more difficult is critical to maintaining your health and fitness long term.

That is why I created my FASTer Way To Fat Loss VIP program. I knew that the ladies coming out of a round or two saw incredible results and built some great habits...but I knew they needed more.

  • These women needed workouts that were more challenging.

  • They needed to continue to have accountability.

  • They needed the continued support of an online group.

They needed more information about more advanced health and fitness topics so they could make better decisions and continue to grow.

These women needed an ongoing option that allowed them to continue seeing progress, alongside other like-minded women.

So, I figured out a way to provide that and the results have been incredible.

The women in my VIP group have been through at least two rounds of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, and are continuing to get leaner and stronger. They are getting new workouts each month, daily accountability and TONS of fantastic training on everything from turning macros into meal plans to details on adrenal health.

They have full access to me, my team, and their monthly mentor, and are experiencing amazing results.

6 weeks is not enough to last a lifetime. It can be an incredible start. There are a few who will continue the lifestyle on their own after the 6 weeks are done. However, most will need at least 2 rounds of a 6 week program and continued support thereafter.

If you are interested in starting to change your lifestyle and get leaner and stronger than ever before, my FASTer Way to Fat Loss is the best program on the market to help you do just that. If you have already been through the program once and want to join again, email me about a discounted rate for returning clients. If you have gone through the FASTer Way twice and want to continue the lifestyle, while learning and growing alongside other women pursuing the same thing you are, then check out my FASTer Way to Fat Loss VIP program!