While most of my testimonials come from the women who’ve gone through my FASTer Way to Fat Loss program, I often get thank you notes from my client’s husbands.

Here’s the thing ladies...Your husband married you for a reason. He most likely thinks you look absolutely beautiful. Which is why most women are surprised to find out what their husbands actually thank me for in terms of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss outcomes their wives experience.  

Here are a few things my client’s husbands usually say about their wives after they’ve gone through the FASTer Way To Fat Loss.

Husbands tell me:

Their wife is more confident.

Again, your husband thinks you look just fine! He married you because he thinks you are beautiful. He wants you to feel confident in your own skin. The women who go through my program often experience a huge boost in confidence, and their husbands love it!

Their wife is more positive.

One of our main areas of focus during the FASTer Way to Fat Loss is mindset. Fat loss is the hook that brings women into my program. However, once you are in my program, we start working on your mindset! As women, we often count our defeats and losses more than our wins. During the FASTer Way, we work hard on changing that, and husbands take note of their wives positivity as a result!

Their wife is more ambitious.

The women in my program see progress towards their goals. That often causes women to be more focused and ambitious in every area of life. They have more energy, are feeling good, so they start setting and hitting more and more goals. Many husbands find this incredibly attractive!

Their wife gives them more action.

More energy = more love = a happy husband...need I say more?

Ladies, the FASTer Way to Fat Loss will absolutely help you reach your fat loss goals. However, you don’t need to be thin to like yourself or to be happy. Being thin doesn’t make anyone nice, positive or happy. What you need is the proper mindset, and progress and passion towards your goals. The FASTer Way to Fat Loss gives you all of that, in addition to the fat loss results you will see. Your husband, friends and family will undoubtedly notice those changes just as much as they notice your physical changes.

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