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Now that we’ve been able to certify our fist cohort of new FASTer Way to Fat Loss coaches, we wanted to catch up with a few ladies to let you know how they are using their new certification!

This week we are going to introduce you to Casey Ferkingstad. I met Casey when she went through the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, and I was truly amazed by her results! She was one of the first people to hop on board with the coach certification, and she even helps me run my own FASTer Way to Fat Loss groups in addition to running her new, growing business.

Here’s what she had to say about her experience with the FASTer Way to Fat Loss certification program!

Why did you decide to get certified?

I decided to become a certified coach because I was obsessed with the idea of how much sense this program makes! I literally had the most amazing journey as a client and I wanted to help other women find their way through the clutter of fad diets in today’s online fitness and nutrition world.

How did you enjoy the certification process?

I enjoyed the process of being able to work at my own pace! I do my best work super early in the mornings so having unlimited access was amazing! The workbook activities also force you to really think things through and not just rush and then feel overwhelmed during the implementation steps!  

After completing the process, did you feel fully competent to run your own programs?

I felt like I knew a secret that other industry professionals did not! It's not just about posting cute Instagram pics and video bursts of you doing a workout! Having the business and marketing knowledge that this program offers is the biggest key to starting a successful business of your own!

What is your main goal for running your own FASTer Way to Fat Loss programs? 

My main goal is to help women achieve and maintain optimal wellness while still feeling like they are living a balanced life! I hope to continue my success as a FWTFL coach so I can build a business that brings joy and purpose to my own life while helping others.

What would you say to someone on the fence about becoming a FWTFL certified coach?

I would say—yes, you can definitely become a "coach" with another program for less money! However, you will be one of thousands of professionals stumped as to why they cannot move beyond their inner circle of family and friends to reach more clients! This program truly teaches you to be successful with all the behind-the-scenes tools that other programs will never even mention to you! You won’t just know how to run a program, but will know how to grow a successful business!

Have you started your first group yet? If so, how is it going?

My first group started May 15th and I have 26 amazing ladies going through this first round of the FASTer Way with me! The amazing feedback I am already receiving, even though we are only in week 2, literally drives me daily! My 2nd round is already half full!


I am so excited for Casey and her new journey as a FASTer Way to Fat Loss coach. She is well on her way to building an incredibly successful and rewarding business that offers her flexibility and unlimited earning potential!

If you are considering a position as a certified, be sure to get your name on the waitlist so you’ll be the first to know when the next Live Coach Information Event opens . Casey had no prior fitness certifications upon completing our program, but more than half of our new coaches were already working in the fitness industry prior to starting this certification.

Whether you’d like to dip your toe into the online fitness world, or are looking to expand your current in-person services and online programs, this certification has everything you need!