Last week I had the privilege of doing a live split-screen interview with Dr. Karen Wonders.  Karen is the director of the Maple Tree Cancer Alliance, a nonprofit organization that provides exercise rehabilitation to men and women with cancer. She is also a wife, mom of 7 (yes, 7!), and FASTer Way To Fat Loss client.

A common question I come across for those interested in joining the FASTer Way postpartum is, “Will it affect my milk supply?” My response is always the same, “When you eat the food God’s intended for us to eat, your body will be able to do it’s job optimally.”

I asked Karen to chat with me because she began the FASTer Way to Fat Loss 5 weeks postpartum with her 7th child. She has seen phenomenal results—34 lbs in 4.5 months—all while maintaining her milk supply. Karen is proof of the body’s ability to work optimally when fueled properly and has some great tips for postpartum moms who want to go through the FASTer Way.

How does intermittent fasting affect supply?

Because you are still eating the same amount of calories each day, intermittent fasting doesn’t have a negative effect on milk supply. Your milk supply is most commonly affected when you restrict your caloric intake. However, through the FASTer Way, we will set your daily calories and macros to a level that is more than sufficient for both you and baby. The fasting aspect of the program should not play a significant role in your milk supply.

How does carb cycling affect milk supply?

Since our carb cycle requires you to focus on the specific macronutrients you take in every day, you are going to be eating more of the essential nutrients your body needs than when you just track calories. The carb cycle also allows your body to get plenty of each macronutrient, without completely cutting one out. This, again, is eating the way God intended, and fueling both your body and baby’s body well!

How does going gluten-free and dairy-free affect supply?

Women in the FASTer Way do this to varying degrees, however, I highly recommend going through the first 8 weeks gluten and dairy free. Because gluten and dairy are both highly modified during food production, they can be inflammatory for many people. For those who don’t go completely gluten and dairy free, they typically end up cutting way back on both gluten and dairy and still see phenomenal results. Kim found that this greatly improved her quality of life while having no effect on her milk supply. In fact, most new moms are told that too much dairy is likely to cause some gas and discomfort for baby, so this type of lifestyle is truly beneficial for both mom and baby.

What kinds of things should you pay attention to when breastfeeding on the FASTer Way?

Kim recommended a few ways to keep an eye on your milk supply including

  • regularly checking baby’s weight and rate of wet and dirty diapers

  • monitor baby’s weight gain and number of wet and dirty diapers

  • if you pump, you will be able to keep a good eye on your milk supply (and make adjustments as you see fit)

As Kim shared, the FASTer Way isn’t a diet, but a flexible lifestyle that helps women in all seasons of life feel healthier, stronger, leaner, and more in control. If you are a breastfeeding mom, I highly recommend you give the FASTer Way to Fat Loss a try. We do make some slight modifications to the food cycle for those postpartum, but overall the program is completely doable at any stage of life. My best advice is to monitor your milk supply throughout those 8 weeks and if you see things changing (many have seen an increase in milk supply!), make note so we can make adjustments!

Everyone’s results will be different, but Kim’s insight and experience may be helpful to some of you who are concerned about how the FASTer Way might affect your milk supply. To listen to the entire interview, head on over to my Facebook page!

The next round of the FASTer Way starts soon, so if you’ve been on the fence because of breastfeeding, rest assured that we will take care of your modifications and you will THRIVE through the program! Sign up today to join us for all the fun!