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Now that the first round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss coaches certification program has launched, I can confidently say the growth of the FASTer Way lifestyle has hit a huge tipping point. I could not be more thrilled with the continued interest in not only the program, but in women wanting to begin their online fitness business through the FASTer Way.

While we have not opened another round of certification yet, I know there are many of you interested in joining the FASTer Way to Fat Loss coaches certification in the future. If that’s true of you, here are a few things to keep in mind for the coming months.

The purpose of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss coaches certification is twofold: To spread my reach through the FASTer Way program and help women like you build a successful business. This month I took on 500 new FASTer Way clients. I simply do not have the bandwidth to continue growing at this pace. Having several other coaches who are certified to run the FASTer Way means more women will experience the freedom and results the FASTer Way brings. In addition, the business accelerator portion of the curriculum will give coaches everything they need to build a successful business around the FASTer Way to Fat Loss. This is completely in line with the mission behind my agency and coaching services: to help female entrepreneurs earn significant income to recirculate back into family, church and community.

The course curriculum is heavy on both science and marketing. It is critical that you not only learn the science behind the program’s components, but that you learn how to successfully market and grow your program. This certification is unique because it gives you both the science and business sides of running an online bootcamp. This truly is a business in a box!

You must first go through the FASTer Way to FAT Loss prior to becoming a coach. The next round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss begins May 22nd. In order to be considered for the coaches certification program, you must be a FASTer Way alum! It is important to me that all coaches fully believe in the power of the FASTer Way and the lifestyle it promotes. The only way to be sure this program is for you is to go through it. So, if you are thinking of doing an upcoming round of the certification program, and haven’t gone through the FASTer Way as a client, sign up for the May 22nd round!

Once certified, you will have the rights to run the program and earn 100% commission ($199 per client). In addition, you will have access to all program assets. We do ask that coaches keep our branding, logo and food and workout cycle so there is consistency and equality for clients going through the FASTer Way to Fat Loss. Other than that, you are free to use the program as you see fit.

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss is truly the most effective program on the market today. I am so thrilled to be able to expand its reach and help more women through the coaches certification program!

If you are interested in joining us for the next round, and want to join the waiting list to be notified first when the certification program opens up again, sign up here!