Most women are making 3 common mistakes that keep them from burning fat and seeing the results they want in their health and fitness. Dr. Steven Cabral is sharing what these 3 mistakes are and what to do about them in order to start burning fat and feeling better!

I was fortunate enough to do a quick split screen interview with Dr. Cabral, where we chatted all about these mistakes. He’s not only a good friend, but he’s also a Board Certified Naturopathic doctor. He really knows his stuff and has helped countless people find the health they thought was lost forever.

If you are making these 3 mistakes, it’s time to make a few changes to see results!

1. Estrogen Dominance

I recently struggled with headaches and getting rid of some water weight. I realized this was largely due to the birth control I was using. I have since made a change, and have seen a huge improvement. I asked Dr. Cabral to share a bit about that in this interview.  He explained that this was due to something called estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance can happen for a number of reasons including: holding onto extra weight, toxicity, constipation, and of course, birth control. When the body is in a state of estrogen dominance, you may feel irritable and overwhelmed, experience brain fog, and develop breakouts around the chin and on your back. You may also experience various types of digestive issues about 5 days before the end of your menstrual cycle. The test for this is a simple saliva test. You can ask your doctor, a local naturopath or visit Dr. Cabral’s site if you think this might be an issue for you!

To address estrogen dominance you will likely want to do some type of cleanse or bodily reset to remove toxicity.

2. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Dr. Cabral shared that if you are not getting at least 6-7 hours of good sleep each night, then your resting blood sugar levels will be elevated when you wake up. When blood sugar levels are higher, your body struggles to burn fat. In addition, when your body is sleep deprived, it is operating in a state of survival. When in survival mode, your body lowers its metabolic rate, raises thyroid production and cortisol levels, and causes you to go into estrogen dominance. Sleep is incredibly important when you are trying to turn your body from a fat burner to a sugar burner.

3. Not Eating Enough

A major mistake many women make is not eating enough. It is important to eat enough of the right macronutrients from whole foods to keep your metabolic rate elevated. Macronutrients ensure that your body has enough energy and fuel for the day.

For women on low carb diets, you should consider cycling your carbs as opposed to cutting them out so your thyroid regulation isn’t decreased and your metabolic rate isn't slowed down. Dr. Cabral also mentioned how critical it is to eat foods that are rich in nutritional value, not just foods that fit your macros. This is key because your body needs the micronutrients found in whole foods to function optimally. If you want to think clearly, have clear skin, burn fat and feel energized, micronutrients are just as important as macronutrients. So, while a Snickers bar may fit your macros every day, it is important to ensure you are getting the proper nutrition from the foods you eat.

Dr. Cabral shared a ton of other helpful information, went more into the science, and shared a bit about his Greens product. To learn more, listen to the entire video here! Also, be sure to check out Stephen’s Instagram account and give him a follow. He’s got tons of helpful info to share!