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The “F” word can be scary for a lot of people! And by F-word, I mean fasting, of course! While fasting seems extreme to some, our clients in the FASTer Way to Fat Loss know that it is an incredibly simple and effective way to turn your body into a fat burner!

Since the FASTer Way is based on intermittent fasting, we are often asked questions about how to implement this nutritional strategy. Today we’re answering the most common questions that pop up regularly so you have a go-to resource for all your questions about IF!

During the FASTer Way, you have clients fast everyday. Why and how do they do this?

During the FASTer Way, we shorten our eating window to 8 hours per day. Typically this looks like breaking our fast around noon, and eating until 8pm. The reason we use this style of intermittent fasting is because it gives the body time to rest and reset each day, keeping insulin levels low, and your metabolism working. This type of fasting allows us to burn fat while building lean, calorie-burning muscle, and optimizes mental clarity while curbing sugar cravings!

How Important is it to eat enough on training days?

During the FASTer Way program, we have two heavy training days each week. On these days, it is incredibly important to fuel our bodies sufficiently. Because our eating window is shortened, this can sometimes feel like a lot to eat. While it is so important to eat well to fuel our bodies, I generally recommend eating until you are about 80% full. Because we focus on getting lots of protein and healthy fats in throughout this program, you will often feel satiated with less. Eat until you are almost full, then stop!

What do you do if you are hungry before you break your fast? Does your body adjust to the shortened eating window?

Yes, you will adjust after a few weeks as your body moves from being a sugar burner to a fat burner. If you are feeling hungry before you break your fast: drink lots of water, have some coffee or tea, or drink some BCAA’s. If you have a schedule where you need to eat earlier in the day, that is totally fine, just move your eating window up, and stop eating earlier in the day.

Can you juice during your fasted window?

Yes! In fact, we’ve created a FASTer Way juice cleanse to support IF and even an extended 24-hour fast. The key to juicing during your fasting window is to focus on green juices. Cold pressed juices have the fiber removed during the juicing process, so our bodies are able to soak in the nutrients while remaining at digestive rest; which is important for us to see maximum results. You can also use a cold pressed juice when you would normally break your fast (around noon) to extend your fast a couple more hours.

When can I use BCAAs?

I drink my BCAAs during my fasted period on low carb days. I also use them prior to and after my strength training workouts. BCAAs are not required for the FASTer Way, but can make fasting a bit easier!

The benefits of intermittent fasting are incredible when it comes to fat loss, energy levels, and mental clarity. If you haven’t given it a try just yet, join us for the next round FASTer Way to Fat Loss. We start soon, so don’t miss out and lose your chance to be part of the movement that’s sweeping the nation!