*Disclaimer: results may vary.

The truth is, if you are in the FASTer Way to Fat Loss then we will provide you with everything you need to be successful. Except for one thing…

The proper mindset.

That’s one thing we can’t provide you with.

If you are just beginning the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, then your main goal is maintaining the right mindset.

That means:

You are focused on progress not perfection.

The end goal is important... but ALL progress is a step in the right direction. Forward movement is always a good thing and is super important to building a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

You celebrate daily wins and small steps in the right direction.

The little victories each day add up to huge results over time. Maintaining a proper mindset means you are less focused on your missteps than on your daily wins.

You don’t compare yourself to others.

Everyone has different goals, different macros to hit, different PR’s in the gym, and different circumstances surrounding their journey. In order to maintain the proper mindset you’ve got to keep your eyes on your own paper.

You celebrate the non-scale victories just as much as the scale victories.

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss will help you burn fat effectively—but that’s not the point. The point is a better quality of life. The point is greater health, strength, and confidence. The point is so much more than lean legs and six pack abs, which is why you need to focus on the non-scale victories like more energy, better sleep and less stomach discomfort. Those matter in the long run!!!

The FASTer Way can turn your body from a sugar burner into a fat burner with the right combination of intermittent fasting, carb cycling, macro counting, weight training, and speed burst training. However, you’ve got to work on setting your mind on the positives, the successes, and the baby steps.

If you are continually focused on everyone else, the place where you’ve messed up and your limitations, you are going to struggle through the entire program, and honestly, through most of life. The FASTer Way to Fat Loss can give you the tools necessary to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle. It’s your job to work on your focus to solidify a truly positive mindset!