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As I sit here on the beach in Cancun, I could not be more thankful for the FASTer Way lifestyle. While the diet industry preaches low-fat, low-calorie, restrictive diets that are incredibly rigid, the FASTer Way offers incredible freedom while moving towards our goals.

Our clients see results in every season, and in every stage of life. This has become even more evident to me as I sit here enjoying my vacation, buffets and all, while sticking to the program.

I’ve enjoyed plenty of dessert, a few cocktails, and some delicious meals, all without any guilt. I didn’t have to crash diet before my trip, and I won’t have to crash diet after. I’ve simply made a few simple adjustments to the FASTer Way lifestyle and have been feeling incredible during our time away!

Here are a few ways this highly effective program offers my clients and me flexibility.

My eating window is flexible.

While on vacation, I can move my eating window/fasting window to suit the day’s activities. If we are going to enjoy a big dinner, than I shorten my eating window and eat dinner guilt-free. If I’m feeling like the breakfast buffet looks too good to pass up, I move my eating window up a little earlier. I can tweak my schedule while on vacation so I never feel deprived, but never get off track.

My daily cycle is flexible.

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss is based on a 7-day cycle that includes low carb days and regular macro days. Each day has specific guidelines regarding macro counts and workouts. While on vacation, I can arrange my days to best suit our vacation plans. This brings huge amounts of freedom, and once again allows me to enjoy my trip while keeping my nutrition and workouts tight.

My workouts are flexible.

The FASTer Way provides at-home workouts, gym workouts, and sprint workouts, not to mention a fantastic on-demand library filled with fantastic workouts you can do at home or on vacation! They are simple, straightforward, quick, and effective. Even a hotel gym can provide enough of the needed equipment for the FASTer Way workouts. Plus, the workouts never take more than 40 minutes, so I don’t have to miss out on any of my precious beach time to squeeze a workout in!

You simply don’t have to spend hours in the gym following a rigid plan that dictates every single calorie. You can live your life, vacations and all, while sticking to your goals. The FASTer Way is so effective because it allows you to eat the things you love, and adjust the program to meet your needs.

While there is a significant amount of science and intentionality behind the design of the program, it also offers lots of wiggle room. You don’t have to go through seasons of crash dieting to meet your goal before a trip or event, only to find yourself bingeing once that trip or event arrives. Instead, you can live a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility while feeling completely in control of your food choices and crushing your goals.


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