When women sign up for my FASTer Way to Fat Loss program, I let them know upfront that while many women see huge results in the first week or two, MOST will not notice any major changes until about 6-8 full weeks of living this lifestyle. It then takes about 12 weeks for others to really notice the changes in your body. That slow progress is completely normal and should be expected. Many of us spent years damaging our metabolism with processed foods, crash diets, over exercising and under eating. It only makes sense that it would take some time to repair the damage we’ve done.

While 99% of my clients see incredible results after their first and second round of my FASTer Way program, there is an occasional one or two whose results are minimal. For those that stick to the program as it’s designed, but don’t see real results, there may be some underlying issues going on that need to be addressed.

4 Reasons You Aren’t Burning Fat

You are not getting enough sleep.

Sleep is absolutely critical to burning fat. I’ve written a whole blog post on this topic so I won’t spend tons of time here, however, it is absolutely critical that you are getting as much sleep as possible. Sleep helps your body recover, repair and restore. You can’t get and stay lean if you are not getting enough sleep. This looks different for everyone. Some need 8-10 hours, some 6-7 hours. Figure out what works for you and then do whatever you can to get the sleep you need. This will help get your body in an optimal fat burning state.

You have chronic stress.

When you’re stressed, your cortisol levels become elevated. When cortisol levels are high every day, your body will store fat, specifically in the midsection. When you are chronically stressed, you won’t see results like those who aren’t as stressed.

While it obviously isn’t possible to eliminate all of the stress from your life, eliminate as much stress as you can. One practice I’ve recently implemented that has decreased my stress level each day is to think through things I’m grateful for each morning. This helps me get into a more positive, relaxed mindset for the day. In addition, I’ve started to put my phone on airplane mode in the evening, and don’t check my phone first thing in the morning to avoid the stress that comes from the constant dings, emails and notifications.

You don’t have healthy gut flora.

I’ve shared a little about gut flora before, but it could truly be holding you back from burning fat. Your gut flora is what tells your body how much fat to store, and has a direct effect on your metabolism. In order to stabilize your gut flora, you need a an effective probiotic. My favorite brand is Just Thrive because of its strength, effectiveness and bacterial strands. If you are following the FASTer Way program by the book, but aren’t seeing the results you want, consider integrating a probiotic into your nutritional routine.

You may have hypothyroidism.

This is one of the most common things holding women back from burning fat. So many have hypothyroidism but don’t know it because they’ve been tested and nothing’s shown up. Usually that’s because they have subclinical hypothyroidism which is mild thyroid failure. This doesn’t show up on tests because generally, hormone levels are in the normal range but the main stimulating hormone is slightly elevated, which hinders fat burning.

If you follow my FASTer Way plan, and have none of these issues going on, you will undoubtedly burn fat and get leaner by the end of 6 weeks in the program. If you are following the plan, but aren’t seeing results, go through this checklist to see if any of these items might be an issue you can address. If you are unsure, contact me and I can recommend some specific tests to ask your doctor about to see what might be going on behind the scenes.

If you are interested in joining my next round of FASTer Way to Fat Loss, I’ve got another round starting February 13th. The women who go through my program see incredible results in terms of fat burning, increased energy and improved digestion, sleep and mood! If you would like to begin to implement cutting edge strategies so you look and feel your best, don’t wait...my programs fill up quickly! Sign Up Here!