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As the testimonials for the FASTer Way to Fat Loss continually roll in, we are honored and humbled to be part of the journey for so many. What we love most is hearing that people finally feel like they are in control of their own food choices. For so many, this is truly a struggle and one that we are committed to helping women overcome. I truly believe that we have the ability to care for our bodies in a way that allows us to operate with optimal mental clarity and energy—all day long! The responses that continue to pour in tell story after story of women who are doing just that.

Today we are featuring one such woman who CRUSHED it during her round of the FASTer Way! Kim Ray is a mom and fashion blogger. Juggling life with 5 kids and an online business, Kim knows that staying healthy is incredibly important to doing life well. We asked Kim a bit about her experience with the FASTer Way program, check out what she had to say!

How many inches did you lose and how long did it take?

I measured my waist at roughly 3 1/2 weeks and lost 3 inches, so it’s probably even more now!

What are some other diets and weight loss strategies you’ve tried? What were your results with those?

Eating every 3 hours a lean protein and good carb. I did this after having my kids and it was effective but I felt bored and it was time consuming. I didn't have any help on how to mix up my foods so the good ole chicken breast and rice got really old.  I gained about 8 lbs over the last year and I just couldn't bring myself to do this one more time...so happy for the FASTer Way program!

How did this plan compare to other plans you’ve tried in the past?

I just felt like I had freedom to eat during my feeding time. I also felt so great the minute I cut out dairy and gluten—I have had headaches every day for the last 2 years, and the minute those were gone I was so encouraged to keep up with this plan!

What was your hunger like on this plan?

I never felt hungry... I will say I craved certain things, but never felt  truly hungry!

Did you find this plan easier to stick to than other plans you’ve tried?

Yes I felt the workouts were totally doable; that has always been harder for me than following an eating plan.  If the workout is too hard for me I usually just give up. This workout regimen was completely doable.

Would you say that you’ve struggled with midsection fat? If so, how did this program help?

Um yes!! After having 5 kids it took a toll on my midsection. I had been contemplating having a tummy tuck because I am very self conscious about my stomach. I have Diastasis Recti and so I was under the impression that it might not look any better. After this program it has improved a lot and that is HUGE to me!

What tips would you give to those about to start the FASTer Way?

My best tip for anyone is to be prepared.  My husband travels all week and my kids all eat different things, so for me it was unrealistic to cook a bunch of healthy food just for myself each night.  I would spend part of the day on Saturday / Sunday cooking things that I could eat all week.  Having things readily available with minimal effort was huge for my success.  I would prepare things like meatballs and jalapeño turkey burgers in advance, so I could just cook them as needed!

Besides fat loss, what other benefits did you notice?

More energy and fewer headaches!

Would you recommend this program to friends and family?

Yes! I believe it works really well and I also believe with a little determination it is a totally doable and sustainable lifestyle. This is not just a diet but a lifestyle change... this is it!

What kinds of encouragement do you have for anyone going through the FASTer Way program?

Just stay committed even when you cheat... start right back up again.  Just because you eat 1/2 a pan of Rice Krispie treats (I didn't do that), doesn't meant you can't be successful the rest of the day or week!!

You can find Kim on her gorgeous blog, Instagram, and Facebook. Be sure to follow her for all sorts of amazing fashion inspiration!

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