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If I could, I would come to your house right now and throw away your scale.

Seriously, it’s time we had a talk!

The scale is truly a liar.

The scale lies and tells some people they are “healthier” than they truly are.

The scale lies and tells some people they are not as “healthy” as they “should” be.

The scale lies and tells some People they aren’t enough.

The scale lies and tells some people they are too much.

I’ll say it again...

The scale is a liar and I wish I could throw them all away!

Steve Maraboli sums it up perfectly when he says, “... the scale can only give you a numerical reflection of your relationship with gravity. That’s it. It cannot measure beauty, talent, purpose, life force, possibility, strength, or love.” (Maraboli).

Did you catch that? The scale measures your relationship with gravity. It doesn’t measure your energy levels, your strength, your endurance, your cholesterol, your blood pressure, your confidence, or your commitment. The scale can’t tell the difference between a 110lb “skinny fat” person who eats fast food all day, or a 110lb fitness pro who eats clean and lifts all day. The scale can’t tell the difference between a 130lb woman with high blood pressure and fat around her midsection, or a 130lb woman who is lean, toned and incredibly fit.

If I showed you pictures of women who were truly healthy and fit, you would probably be incredibly surprised at their actual weight. While a pound is a pound, whether it’s fat or muscle, a pound of muscle looks a whole lot smaller and leaner than a pound of fat!

Not to mention, the number of things that can throw off the scale are insane.

Try a little something for me: step on the scale and weigh yourself. Then, drink a glass of water and step on the scale again. I bet you “gained” some weight. Obviously, you know that’s not true, but a tiny thing like a glass of water, or weighing yourself before you pee, can move the scale up to a pound! Some people’s weight will shift up to 3 pounds from evening to morning. That’s crazy, people!

We’ve GOT to stop defining our worth and our success by the number we see on the scale. We’ve GOT to stop doing unhealthy things just to see that number get smaller. We’ve GOT to get rid of our scales and start pursuing health, energy, strength and progress. We’ve got to get off the “weigh-in” roller coaster and start working hard at the gym and eating to fuel our bodies!

While I would love to come over to your house right now and get rid of that scale, I can’t. But, I can tell you to stop the madness, friend! Don’t live by the scale. Get rid of the scale. Be DONE with the scale.  

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