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Seeing our clients reach their health and fitness goals is truly the very best reward of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss! So, because I’ve had so many women go through this program with such incredible results, I’ve decided to highlight some of them!

Today’s featured client is Jennifer Flaim. Jennifer is in her mid 30’s, and is one busy lady. As a wife, mom of 2, and physician, Jennifer knows a thing or two about trying to balance healthy living with a truly full life.

We asked Jennifer about her experience with the FASTer Way to Fat Loss...here’s what she had to say!*

What are some other diets and weight loss strategies you’ve tried in the past?

I've counted calories, cut carbs, cut sugar, and generally tried to eat 'clean' unprocessed foods—nothing really regimented before. I've always been very athletic and active—running, mountain biking, yoga, swimming, rock climbing.

Sometimes it can be difficult to adjust to a new way of eating. What is it about this plan that made it easier to adjust to?

I'm not sure any one thing made it easy. For me, skipping breakfast on weekends was a challenge because that's a very social experience in our family. During the week it was a pretty easy adjustment. If I'm being totally honest, I cheated on a few weekends and had a regular (albeit pretty healthy) breakfast, but just like in all things, a little cheat can make you feel satisfied and keep you on track the other 99% of the time. Those small breaks are probably what made this sustainable for me.

How did this plan compare to other plans you've tried in the past?

I never really did a structured plan before this but I have tried cutting out various food types or counting calories. I hated those and always ended up feeling deprived or hungry. I found this plan pretty easy as I could eat the same things as my family, I could eat out at restaurants, I could have the occasional drink or sweet treat. And food logging became very second nature and takes all the annoying calculations away.

Overall, what was your hunger like on this plan?

So day 1 I was hungry until lunch then I felt stuffed until supper. I found the first 2-3 days of skipping breakfast were the toughest where I felt hungry. After that, I upped my fluids in the morning and felt totally fine. A bigger issue was feeling too full after I finally broke my fast but after a week or so I felt better adjusted.

Did you find this plan was easier to stick to than others you've tried?

I have never done a structured plan before but I found this very easy to stick to, 90% of the time.

We’d like to give readers some tips on how to make the program easier. What advice would you pass on to those going through the FASTer Way to Fat Loss in the future?

Hmmmm, good question.  I downloaded a timer app that made my sprints more about working out and less about looking at the clock.  I found that pre-planning meals was especially useful on the low-carb days. I found that giving myself grace to slip-up once in awhile and having the support of other participants really helped me. Honesty is the best policy here—if you bust your carbs or calories tell the group and let them support you and help you get back on track. And take the before and after pictures!!!!! My pics were so motivating!!!

Besides fat loss, what other health benefits did you notice?

My complexion got clearer, decreased PMS symptoms, more energy, and even improved mood.

Were you surprised by your results?

I was. I'm a pretty accomplished athlete and felt like I was already doing everything I needed. I was surprised at how much leaner I got but also how much my athletic performance improved. This program is great even if you don't have a lot of weight to lose.

Why is this a plan you’d recommend to family and friends?

I actually recommended this to my mother-in-law and she's just about to start her first round. I'm doing it with her. I think that the early results you see are very motivating. I think the diet portion is reasonable and pretty easy to stick with. I think the support of the other participants and the accountability are key. I loved my experience and my results and it made me enthusiastic to share that feeling with others.

What words of encouragement do you have for readers who’ll be trying this plan?

Lean on the other women in the group and be the woman who pulls up the ones who are struggling—that's why we do it together.


Jennifer shared some super helpful info for those joining an upcoming round of the FASTer Way! We are so proud of her for completely rocking it during the FASTer Way! If you’d like to crush your goals and feel fantastic, sign up for the next round today!