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The FASTer Way to Fat Loss works for all active lifestyles, including running! So I asked former FASTer Way client and run coach Samantha Tackeff to shed some light on the subject.  She and I answered some specifics regarding this topic on a recent live video. Here are the highlights!

Can I incorporate training for a race into the FASTer Way to Fat Loss?

Yes! The workouts in the program are a perfect balance to most run training schedules. Focusing on strength and resistance training will help you build muscle that makes you faster. In addition, following the workouts in the FASTer Way, in addition to doing some long runs, will keep you from those annoying overuse injuries that are so common among those training for a race.

How can long runs be incorporated into the FASTer Way program?

You can add a long run into the FASTer Way program pretty easily each week. Those doing long runs will not do any low macro days, so as to be fueled well for their runs. However, the schedule of 5 workouts per week + 1 long run will have you in optimal shape for your next big race. The FASTer Way workout schedule will leave you some flexibility to squeeze in at least one long run per week.

Can I run with the same intensity during the FASTer Way Program?

During your long runs, your focus is on distance, not speed. However, The FASTer Way is an ideal program for those looking to increase their speed, because speed-burst training and resistance training really help you build the strength needed to get faster. So, it’s not necessary to go all out during your long run because you are doing lots of work to get faster throughout the rest of the program.

Can I still train for a race and lose weight on the FASTer Way Program?

Yes! The FASTer Way is all about teaching your body to burn fat effectively. The combination of intermittent fasting, carb cycling, strength training, HIIT, and balancing your gut flora will make your body a fat burning machine. While many gain weight training for an upcoming race, those in the FASTer Way program will still see weight loss results if they follow the program as it is designed for runners.

A few other things to keep in mind:

  • It isn’t necessary to stick to your run program exactly as it’s laid out. The FASTer Way leaves plenty of room to help you reach your running goals, so be flexible with your training schedule. Those who go through the FASTer Way to Fat Loss experience fewer overuse injuries, hit their PR’s, and are getting much stronger along the way.

  • You shouldn’t have to feel that, in order to train for your race, you need to drop everything else. While you may have cycles throughout the year where you focus on either run training or strength training, it is important that you do both, on some level, all year long.

  • Listen to your body. Runners are notoriously bad at pushing through and not listening to what their bodies are telling them. However, when you overtrain, you’re placing unnecessary stress on your body. If you feel like you’re getting sick, haven’t slept well, or are just not feeling up to an intense workout, it’s okay to miss a day of training, or to skip a long run. Excessive stress increases cortisol levels and makes it incredibly hard to burn fat. So all of you type A, over-achieving runners out there need to relax and really learn to listen to your body!

Moving forward, the FASTer Way program will have some specific guidelines for those training for a half marathon, a full marathon, or a triathlon. These guidelines will be spelled out for all FASTer Way participants in our comprehensive guide and there will be plenty of support for those going through the program while training for a race.

If you’d like to join us for the next round of the FASTer Way, head on over here to sign up! The results absolutely speak for themselves. If you want to become a fat burner, especially while training for a race, then this is undoubtedly the program for you!