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FASTer Way clients see incredible results in terms of fat loss and lean muscle definition, but they regularly report significant non-scale victories that are truly the point of the program.

We get it! More often than not, that’s why people initially come to the program. However, once they see a major increase in energy, a major decrease in bloating and stomach discomfort, and more stability in their moods, they are hooked and hungry to continue living a healthier lifestyle.

That’s the heart of the FASTer Way to Fat Los. We want to help you find those abs and shed those unwanted pounds, but mostly, we want to help you live the healthiest life possible. When you are full of energy, confidence, and strength you are able to take on the things you’ve been called to take on with passion, focus and intentionality.

Here are just a few of the testimonials from happy clients—and there are thousands more just like these!

“The FASTer Way to Fat Loss program has changed the way I look at food and exercise. Intermittent fasting makes sense and works. I have more energy and have become mindful of what I am eating.” -Cindi Steinheimer

“I love this program! It is the perfect combo of diet and exercise with the accountability of others going through the program. I'm only 10 days into the program, and I already feel firmer and more toned—is that possible?! Seriously, can't wait to continue the program for greater results!!” -Nancy

“I started FASTer Way to Fat Loss three months postpartum with the goal of losing my baby weight and fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes again. I am on Day 8 of the program and my "pooch" is noticeably smaller + I am wearing my favorite pair of pre-pregnancy pants today! I feel more energized and in control of my life than ever before. The weekly plans for meals & workouts make the program very simple to follow. I highly recommend this program!” -Lauren

“I am halfway through week 2 and I am loving it! I feel great, I have energy and I feel the workouts! I didn't have a goal to lose weight during this program but to get healthy and re-tone! I have a very active lifestyle but not the "gym" kind of active! I actually don't feel that my schedule allows for the gym. Amanda’s program is nice because when you are presented with a weekly plan she gives you workouts that you can do at home or the gym! This has also created more time for my husband and I to be active together, meal prepping and planning the night before. I absolutely recommend the commitment to this new lifestyle!” -Loren

“I had been dabbling in different workouts and eating plans with little success. This is the first that I have seen results. And I've been working out less and eating more! “ -Mary

“I really needed to hone in on HOW to eat. I knew what the options were, I just had no clue how to use food as fuel and to achieve results with better nutrition. I love how specific and easy to understand this program is! Within days I noticed less bloat and my jeans fit better! “-Caitlin

“It's week two, day 12 to be exact and I'm amazed that already I'm seeing, and more importantly feeling, a difference. To be honest, when I signed up I was curious and skeptical. Now I'm straight up pumped! In the short amount of time, not only am I seeing results, we're talking definition and strength, but I'm feeling SO good! My energy is up and the sleep...oh, the sleep. I attribute this to the intermittent fasting. Game changer! Amanda, thank you for giving me the tools and support I needed to make a much needed lifestyle change. I look forward to the seeing what the measurements say come week six.” -Stephanie Anderson

There is nothing we love more than reading testimonials like these. The investment you make in your health today is what will make a difference in the quality of your life 20-30 years from now. It’s okay to want to look great in your bikini, but if you aren’t getting there in a way that optimizes your health, you are doing your body and your future a huge disservice. The FASTer Way to Fat Loss will get you both fit and healthy, because I truly believe you don’t have to give up one to have the other!

We believe in so much more than just getting lean. If you want to live your best, healthiest life, the FASTer Way has everything you need, or your money back! Sign up here!