Juicing is a great way to support intermittent fasting and a great way to flood your body with incredible nutrition. Kimmye from the Weekly Juicery in Lexington, KY was so kind to chat with me about the benefits of juicing—particularly as it relates to intermittent fasting. Here are some of the highlights from our interview!

What makes cold-pressed juices so special?

When you drink juice that is cold-pressed, and use certified organic fruits and vegetables, you are getting all of the live enzymes from each fruit and veggie. One 16 oz juice is about a week’s worth of veggies! During the cold press process, the pulpy parts of the fruits and veggies are removed along with all of the fiber in those fruits and veggies.

What benefits are there to drinking cold-pressed juice?

Juicing gives your body an opportunity to heal itself. Incorporating such a massive amount of produce into your diet allows your body to get the nutrients it needs without making your digestive system work. Your digestive system has to work extra hard when you consume fiber. However, because the fiber has been removed from cold pressed juices, your body can be replenished with tons of nutrients, while remaining in digestive rest.

How does utilizing fresh, cold-press juices affect our gut health?

I’ve shared before about how important gut health is to burning fat (read about it here). When you drink cold-pressed, certified organic juices, you are repopulating your gut with healthy bacteria. These juices in their rawest state basically form a powerful elixir full of antioxidants, enzymes, and good bacteria. These good bacteria help your body store less fat and aid your metabolism in working more effectively.

How can I use cold-pressed juices while intermittent fasting?

Juices can be used to extend your fasting window. If you normally break your fast around noon, you can use a juice at that time, to aid in hunger and give you an energy boost, so that you can fast a couple of hours longer. That juice won’t start your digestive system because the fiber has been removed. Again, you’re getting all of the nutrients, while your digestive system continues to rest. This aids your body in fat burning without depriving your body of vital nutrition.

What kinds of juices should I drink?

Be sure that your juices aren’t treated with either heat or pressure. The best place to find juices like these are from a local juicery. You also want to make sure they are certified raw, organic juices. In addition, choose juices that are vegetable-centric, as opposed to mostly fruit. These take a bit longer to enjoy in terms of taste, but they are truly the best in terms of overall health benefits.

If you are new to intermittent fasting, or looking to increase your fasting window, I highly recommend you look into incorporating cold-pressed juices into your nutritional program. The incredible nutritional value found in juices will undoubtedly increase your energy levels, boost your immune system and aid in your weight loss efforts. So, whether you’re a member of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss or just looking to live your life in a healthier way, juicing will help you get there! To listen to the entire interview, head on over here!