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I am finally in the home stretch of this pregnancy! Baby girl is full term December 29th, but I am hoping for a January 5th delivery date! I have recently found an incredible new doctor that truly gets what a fit pregnancy entails. She is familiar with intermittent fasting and is completely on board with HIIT and resistance training during pregnancy. This is truly a huge blessing, as I have found it incredibly difficult to find a doctor who truly understands a fit pregnancy, like my previous doctor in Ohio did.


I have been sticking with whole food nutrition, and have increased my macros across the board. I am still fasting until around noon, and drinking lots of cold-pressed juices to flood my body with the vital nutrients it needs for a healthy, strong pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum period. I am listening to my body, and eating intuitively, even though the temptation is there to throw it all away, and gorge myself on ice cream.

Weight Gain

When I last went to my previous doctor, I had gained 21 lbs. My new doctor has not weighed me. She simply took my measurements, looked at me and said I looked great and that things were going really well. I am guessing that by the end of this pregnancy, I will gain between 25 and 28 lbs. which is pretty close to what I gained with both Cole and Emma.


I truly haven’t slowed down much when it comes to workouts. I still do HIIT workouts is regularly, and am still hitting the weights. The one modification I have made is that I have switched to high volume workouts with high reps of lower weights. In addition, I am working on strengthening both my core and my pelvic floor so that I will have a smooth delivery and postpartum recovery. The one major issue I’ve had is with my cardio, since baby girl is pressing on my lungs and bladder, big time. This has made even a quick walk quite challenging. Because of that, I have been doing a lot of spin to get my cardio in.

Overall, things have been going really well. I am thrilled to have found a doctor that truly understands a fit pregnancy, and even more thrilled to roll out my new Fit Pregnancy program!

The details of my current workout plan, including core and pelvic floor exercises, is laid out in Fit Pregnancy. This program is truly one-of-a-kind in today’s market and is full of effective, safe strategies to help you maintain your fitness level throughout pregnancy for a strong healthy baby and a fit, healthy momma.

Fit Pregnancy

There are three different phases to the Fit Pregnancy Program. Each trimester has its own 6-week workout plan that you repeat. The program is pretty in-depth with all of the appropriate modifications, a comprehensive guide, a rolling community group, specific pelvic floor and diastasis correction exercises,  and a modified version of the FASTer Way food cycle.  The cost for the Fit Pregnancy program is $99, and has a rolling start date.

Fit Pregnancy is for:

  • A fit and motivated mom who wants to maintain her fitness level during pregnancy

  • Women who were fit prior to pregnancy, are looking to thrive during pregnancy, and bounce back quickly after pregnancy

This program is NOT for:

  • Beginners who have not worked out in the past

  • People who had significant weight to lose prior to pregnancy

  • Those looking for a watered-down version of an online fitness program

If you are serious about staying in shape during your pregnancy so you are strong and healthy for delivery and postpartum then Fit Pregnancy is exactly what you need.