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Cutting through the noise online in the health and wellness industry can be incredibly challenging...so let me save you some trouble:

You DO NOT need pills, shakes or wraps to get lean, fit and strong!

In fact, most of those things are a complete waste of time and money when it comes to long term health and fitness results.

While there are absolutely some supplements that will help you maximize the benefits of a healthy diet and effective workout plan, they will NOT get you lean and fit on their own. Which is why my FASTer Way to Fat Loss program requires zero pills, shakes or wraps to see amazing results. Instead, the FASTer Way lifestyle focuses on whole foods based nutrition, intermittent fasting and carb cycling. The foundational program will teach you how to eat the right foods, for the right reasons, at the right times. In addition, you will learn how to pair nutrition with exercise for maximum effectiveness without wasting time and energy!

If you haven’t gone through the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program and are looking to turn your body into a fat burner, so you can get lean, fit and strong then the January 1st round is a perfect place to start. There truly is no better program on the market today, and there are just a handful of spots left! Due to baby girl’s coming arrival I am shutting down registration a little earlier than normal, so be sure to grab your spot ASAP! This program will truly revolutionize your life and give you the support and knowledge needed to live with maximum energy ...for the long run!

If you are a previous FASTer Way client, and have been through two rounds of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, then you have two options for January 1st. You could sign up for the FASTer Way 6 week program on the 1st for a $70 discount OR you could join my VIP Membership. I am often asked about the difference between the FWTFL and my FASTer Way VIP Membership, so here are the details regarding the two programs:

  • The FASTer Way to Fat Loss is a 6 week program. The VIP Membership is a monthly subscription.

  • The FASTer Way to Fat Loss is going to give you the foundational principles needed to live the FASTer Way lifestyle. The VIP membership will help you take things to the next level. You will do a deep dive into health related topics and learn how to maximize your results beyond the basics of the original program.

  • The FASTer Way is open to everyone who wants to get lean, strong, energized and fit. The VIP Membership is ONLY for clients who have been through the FASTer Way twice.

  • The FASTer Way program is run by me and my coaches. While I interact often, I am not nearly as plugged in to the FASTer Way groups as I am to my VIP ladies. VIP ladies are a priority for me, and I love planning incredible things for them to learn and work through.

Both of these programs will help you live a flexible, simple lifestyle that keeps you lean and energized. Both of these programs provide you with support, accountability and cutting edge strategies that work...without pills, shakes and wraps!

If you are a previous client who hasn’t been through the program in a while and feel like the original FASTer Way is where you need to start, grab your spot here! If you are a former client who’s been through two rounds of the original program, use the code BACKONTRACK to grab a sweet discount on the VIP Membership!

If you’ve never been through the program and are ready to take control of your health and fitness in 2018, join me for the FASTer Way beginning January 1st, here!