While we all know that the deficit between what you expend and what you take in is where weight loss occurs,  there is a lot more to shaping your body, burning fat and getting lean than just cutting calories.

Carbs aren’t the enemy...but you do need to use them wisely.

Diets that are completely carb free are not the answer. Your body needs carbs for energy. Using them wisely to fuel your workouts are a necessity. Eating clean carbs, at the right time, is incredibly important for your overall energy levels. However, eating too many carbs, even if you are under your calorie limit, can keep you from building lean calorie burning muscle, affecting your overall body composition.

Protein is your friend.

In order to recover well from your workouts, and build lean muscle, you need a big portion of your calories to come from protein. Protein is like food for your muscles and for most women, something they are deficient in. Upping your protein intake is something you need to focus on, but do it slowly as it can have an effect on your digestive system.

Fat is good for you.

There are naturally occurring, healthy fats that are crucial to your body’s overall function...including brain function. These fats are found in nuts, oils and meats. While fats are an important part of fueling your body well, you do need to be careful with them as they are more calorie dense than carbs and proteins.

You need to eat enough.

Part of why I love carb cycling is that it naturally ensures you are eating enough each day. There are some days when you will have a higher carb/calorie allowance, and other days when you will have a lower carb/calorie allowance. Then we have days with discretionary calories where we get to enjoy all kinds of fun treats (hey, hey, hey...donuts)! Overall, you need to ensure that your body is getting enough of all three macronutrients to ensure optimal performance and burn fat effectively.

To say that food is fuel is truly an understatement. Without giving your body the nutrients it needs each day, you will be low on energy and will likely slow down your metabolism. In order to increase your body’s ability to burn fat, it is absolutely critical that you fuel it properly. Carb cycling with intermittent fasting and macro counting are the foundation of my FASTer Way to Fat Loss Program. This program is all about giving your body exactly what it needs, when it needs it. If you’d like to join the hundreds of other women who are burning fat, while getting leaner and stronger, sign up for my next round before spots fill up!