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Over the last year, the ladies in my FASTer Way to Fat Loss program have seen such incredible results that reach far beyond a scale, that I have grown more and more committed to getting this program out there to as many women as possible.

So this month, I set a goal to run 500 women through the program. This goal felt really big at the time, and while I had an intentional plan and strategy, and a ton of confidence, there was still a tiny piece of me that wondered if we could really pull off something that big.

Well, I am pleased to say that last week we enrolled our 500th client for the month, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Obviously, as a business woman, it is important for me to run a profitable business and this  helped me hit a huge revenue goal. But ultimately, this goal had little to do with money and  more to do with helping as many women as possible feel their absolute best so they can be catalysts for change in their homes, churches and communities. That is truly at the heart of my mission and the foundation for everything I do through my fitness business. Ending the trend of obesity is something I am passionate about, and equipping women to live healthier lives is a key component to seeing that become a reality.

Honestly, this goal feels like a huge milestone for me but it leaves me wondering what else is possible. I truly believe that with the right strategies and support, anyone can get healthier, leaner, and stronger. The FASTer Way to Fat Loss is committed to helping women everywhere do that. I’ve got big plans moving forward, and will continue to evaluate and improve upon FASTer Way so my clients continue to see progress and the program’s reach continues to grow.

One of my greatest joys working in the wellness industry is when my clients see success because of my program. That’s when I know I have truly enhanced their quality of life in a big way. I am thankful to be able to serve so many amazing women in their pursuit of a healthier, more whole life. It is not something I take lightly and I will continue to dig into research to ensure that I remain at the top of my game, so my clients always get the very best cutting-edge strategies available.

The sky’s the limit this year for my FASTer Way program and for my clients! If you are interested in joining us for an upcoming 8-week round of the program, I promise you will not be disappointed. Head on over here to read more and sign up!