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Most people start a new year with vague goals to eat better and exercise, which usually results in a few more salads at lunch and a handful of early-morning workout sessions. The average person will keep this up for a couple of weeks—before sliding back into old habits and without seeing any progress.

As you look ahead to YOUR goals, you need two things in place to ensure you meet them.

The first is an effective, intentional plan. This can be tricky if you’ve already been eating clean and exercising for years, because in theory, you’ve been doing all of the right things. However, once you’ve hit a plateau with your clean eating and exercise regimen, it’s time to change up your plan and move in a different direction. One with intention, effective strategies. 

Once you’ve got a good plan in place, the second thing you need is accountability. Any kind of change, in terms of diet and exercise, requires a bit of encouragement and usually a bit of a kick in the pants, at times. That kind of accountability needs to be both kind and strong if you really want to form new habits. Finding the right person or group to hold you accountable is a crucial piece of meeting your goals. 

Both of these are foundational components of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss because they truly help you meet your goals—and we have more than 100,000 clients that agree!

“They say that the definition of “insanity” is doing the same thing, yet expecting different results.  When you trust in Amanda’s program, you do something different….and get some amazing results!!!” —Amy S. 

“I have never been one to lift weights regularly and was very hesitant in my ability to commit to a 6 week program due to the amount of travel I do for work. I became competitive with myself very quickly after seeing and feeling results after the first week. I began this program as I had been making poor food choices for quite some time. It took a few weeks to get in the swing of understanding what I should eat and when depending on what I was trying to accomplish with macros. I can’t wait to participate in a second round.” —Morgan A. 

“When I started the Faster Way to Fat Loss Program, I was not exercising regularly, eating terribly, and had been slowly and steadily putting on weight over the last 18 months.  My biggest problem was finding a program with a structure that worked with my life and my schedule and that I could stick to long term.” —Katie

“I can’t say enough about this program!  Yes, I have lost over 10 lbs and inches to boot, but I have gained so much confidence, knowledge and strength in return.  If you are on the fence, or worried this will be another failed attempt to get in shape, don’t hesitate to sign up.  You will not be disappointed!” —Claire

We have thousands of success stories… will yours be next?

If you’re ready to re-write YOUR story and share your success with a supportive group that truly cares about you, then join us for the next round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss. Your only regret will be that you didn’t start sooner!

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