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Once Christmas is over and you begin thinking about goals for the coming year, you’ll probably do what most people do—focus on resolution-making that has everyone diving all-in on January 1st, only to give up on their resolutions by the end of the month. Promises to “eat healthier” and “exercise more” rank at the very top of common resolutions, but people rarely see any long term success in terms of living a healthier lifestyle.  

Here’s why so many people fail to reach their own goals when it comes to getting healthy: they are looking for a quick fix that magically melts fat away without any work. 

There is truly no way to get fit and healthy without tightening up your nutrition and doing regular, effective workouts. 

There is no magic pill to make you healthier… no wrap to melt away your midsection… no special shake that burns fat without a clean diet and intentional exercise… there’s truly no quick fix. 

But, there are plenty of people who do make a life-long change toward health.


Focus on a meaningful WHY. 

Set a long-term goal that has more to do with your overall health than with how you look. Focus on how you want to feel and what you want to be able to do, as opposed to what you want to look like. If you are fueling your body well and working out effectively, you will see the physical changes—but the non-scale victories are what help you to live a healthy lifestyle long term. 

Get accountability. 

Find someone who will keep you accountable to your resolution to live healthier lifestyle. That could be a spouse, a friend or a personal trainer. Accountability is an important ingredient in the secret sauce of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss! We have daily accountability because when you have to show up, YOU DO!

Come up with a sustainable action plan that focuses on lifestyle. 

Quit looking for the quick fixes and invest in something that will help you to make changes to your lifestyle. Focus on things that are sustainable. Intense workouts 6 or 7 days per week, and food stuffed into tiny containers is not something you want to be doing forever, is it??. Look for simple changes that can be made and sustained well past January. 

Be Realistic.

Set goals that are challenging but realistic. Don’t under-sell yourself, but do be sure that it is an actual possibility to reach your health and fitness goal in a healthy way. For example, it would not be wise to set a goal of losing 50 pounds by the end of January. While it is technically possible, it is incredibly unhealthy to have such rapid weight loss. Focus on the long term and set incremental goals along the way. 

Smart work in the gym and clean eating in the kitchen are the only things that will get you the results you are looking for. Supplements and shakes can certainly aid in your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, but they are not going to be a magic bullet that suddenly make you healthy and fit. They can only enhance an already healthy lifestyle! Quick fixes don’t exist…if they did, I’d be eating a whole lot more donuts, friend. But, real life change does exist. More than 100,000 FASTer Way clients have experienced it and YOU CAN TOO!