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Have you ever been to the gym and seen people doing moves that didn’t just look unhelpful, but actually dangerous? As a personal trainer, I’ve seen this too many times! And unfortunately, it often comes from unreliable sources (like Instagram) rather than a certified professional.

The truth is, there’s a lot of iffy information floating around the internet—usually more of a show than a necessity when it comes to your workouts. A great workout doesn’t need to look sexy on your Instagram feed. A great workout is well-planned, simple, intentional, and most importantly, safe. 

True training isn’t always flashy and fun. While EnterTRAINment may look impressive on an Instagram feed, it is imperative to stay away from moves that might be dangerous. Injury doesn’t affect your motivation to work out, it affects your ability! Our TOP priority in the FASTer Way workouts is safety + effectiveness.

This is why we work with industry leaders to create our FASTer Way workouts. We have seasoned professionals who help with writing our exercise programming, demonstrating how to safely (and effectively!) perform different moves, not to mention a whole library of on-demand workouts! We offer HIIT boxing, yoga, barre, spin, and so much more! All taught by fitness professionals who are passionate about keeping you safe while seeing incredible results.

We may not participate in enterTRAINment, but since true success is our goal, you can stop worrying about the questionable move you saw on Instagram.

In the FASTer Way, our exercise cycle will help you reach your goals much faster than any program you’ve used in the past. This is because we 1) don’t waste our time on workouts that don’t give results (no more endless miles on the treadmill!!), and 2) we pair our workouts with our nutrition cycle to maximize our ability to burn fat!

More than 100,000 clients have learned how to burn fat, sleep better, increase energy, improve mood, and feel like they knew they could. Our vision is to equip and empower YOU to transform your life so you can get well, prevent disease, and fulfill your purpose with energy! Join us for the next round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss!